The Hunt Is On  by Joe Conason
  Same hunters, new target - Kerry

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 Whatever doubts I might have felt about the current relevance of "The Hunting of the President" -- the new
 documentary based on the book of the same name by Gene Lyons and me -- were abruptly dispelled last
 Tuesday evening, after the movie's premiere screening in Little Rock, Ark.

 As I was leaving the auditorium, an older gentleman approached to shake my hand and offer his generous compliments.

 "I'm a Vietnam veteran," he said. "I served with John Kerry. I'm supporting him for president, I've campaigned for him
 -- and I want to tell you, they're trying to do the same thing to him that they did to Bill Clinton." He explained that in
 recent weeks, a private investigator has contacted many of the vets who served on the Navy's swift boats with Kerry.
 According to him, the investigator asks insinuating and sometimes outlandish questions about the former lieutenant's wounds,
 decorations and military operations. Exactly who hired the Kerry-bashing detective is not yet clear, but his queries echo
 accusations promoted by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a Republican-backed band of Kerry-bashing veterans.

 To anyone familiar with the hidden history of the Clinton era, such news sounds grimly familiar. From billionaire Richard
 Mellon Scaife and the American Spectator magazine to the Paula Jones legal team to Kenneth Starr's Office of Independent
 Counsel, all of Clinton's most determined enemies employed squads of private investigators to delve into the president's
 financial and personal affairs. They were determined to prove that the Clintons were at the apex of a criminal syndicate
 involved in every kind of corruption from drug trafficking to murder. What they eventually discovered was the far more
 mundane story of a middle-aged man's adultery.

 Yes, they're going to make Kerry out to be the same lying, evil murderers that Clinton & Gore are.
 The networks will back them up because they can make more money lying then telling the truth.

 Tim Russert, Wolf Blitzer, Cathy Crowley, Lisa Myers and certainly FOX whore News and every talk radio Nazi
 will put their reputations on the line again that every slur against Kerry is true and every fact mentioned about Bush
 is just a lie in a liberal plot to help Osama destroy America.

  "Hi, we're the Republican National Committee Truth Squad!  Trust what we tell you!"

 Did Limbaugh cheat on ANOTHER wife?
    by Jackson Thoreau

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 Here’s a conservative who often harps on "family values," who once called himself "your epitome of morality
 and virtue, a man you could totally trust with your wife, your daughter, and even your son in a Motel 6 overnight."
 Then he goes through almost as many wives as the Gabor sisters did husbands, admits he watches pornography
 and doesn’t even father a child.

 Would you trust Limbaugh with your son or daughter or wife in a Motel 6? I sure as hell wouldn’t. For one thing,
 what is a multi-millionaire doing in a Motel 6 - besides watching porn? For another, why did he say "even your son?"
 That implies that Limbaugh considers your son more sexually tempting than your wife or daughter. How weird, and
 far from the typical conservative’s vision of "family values," is that?

 Here’s a conservative who once said, "If people are violating the law by doing drugs….they ought to be convicted
 and they ought to be sent up," and "Too many whites are getting away with drug use. The answer is to....find the ones
 who are getting away with it, convict them, and send them up the river." Then he admits to smoking marijuana and
 enters a drug rehabilitation program after saying he was addicted to painkillers. He also uses his show to lash out at
 prosecutors who are doing their jobs by investigating whether Limbaugh illegally bought prescription drugs.

 Shopping in the Bart Store

 I had never shopped there before, because I heard it was ...a little pricey.
 But just this once, I thought I'd spend a little money, and I was not disappointed.
 I bought three items, so as to save on shipping.

 I bought a large "Good Morning" Chinaco Anejo Mug,

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 I was very pleased with the quality of this item I purchased from The Bart Store.
 I leave the mug in the East window so the rising sun warms it just so...
 When I get up, around noon,'s nice and warm.
 Mmmmm, boy, ...twelve ounces of Chinaco Anejo and I'm ready to go take on the day!

  Next, I decided I needed a bad-ass black  baseball cap.

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 I was very pleased with the quality of this item I purchased from The Bart Store.
 It's a cut above a regular cheap-ass cap - the logo feels laminated and the curve of the
 awning/poker croupier thingy seemed to have starch in it, or maybe it was on a 4-hour Lavitra jag...
 I'll wear it to Pokerfest Chicago, but only indoors.

 Finally, as soon as I saw it - I knew I had to have it.

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 A first-run, ...but limited edition ...of the Disaster Monkey Lunch Box!
 Trust me, Dad didn't get what he wanted for Father's Day, and this was his second choice.

 We're only going to sell 1,000 of these and then they will be more!
 Do you have any idea what this lunchbox will be worth someday?
 As an investment, a hundred of these would be a sure-fire, long term gainer for you.,
 Note: Some Beatles memorabilia goes for five times what the original buyer paid for it.

 I was very pleased with the quality of this item I purchased from The Bart Store.

 When Bad Journalism Met Government Lies
  How 'bout them cowboys!!

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 The nominations are in, and in the category of worst correspondent working for a major newspaper,
 the anti-Pulitzer goes to Judith Miller of The New York Times. From The New York Review of Books
 to New York magazine, Ms. Miller has gotten ripped for her role as the War Witch who sold America
 on the existence of weapons of mass destruction.

 The Times, more than any other publication, is the Osservatore Romano of the government and of the
 most powerful groups in the society, the semi-official voice of the United States. Hence, its Op-Ed pages
 are festooned with dull, ghostwritten articles
 by important figures saying dull, repetitious things.

 These dull articles reveal another Times function, that of reinforcing and propagating what the TV yappers
 call "conventional wisdom," or the reigning set of opinions held by most of the ruling class or classes—that is
 to say, the big-money, big-job, high-prestige people. The processes by which an opinion becomes conventional
 is not well described in any place that I know of, but the processes obviously exist, and obviously The New York
 Times is a place where you can read them—or, if a member of one of the ruling elites, where you get your clues
 and cues as to what to think.

 In other words, The New York Times is a whore newspaper.  They printed every lie Karl Rove gave them
 and they promised us they were telling the truth. They lied to get more money and more power.
 Now they're caught like rats in a trap and they want to say, "mistakes were made?"

> Bart's Law #2
> Any time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts extra money (or power)
> in their pocket, expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again.

 The NY Whore Times didn't get "taken in."
 They lied for more money and more power because that's what whores do.

  Care to comment?

 The Pentagon - Spying in America?
   from Newsweek

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 Without any public hearing or debate, NEWSWEEK has learned, Defense officials
 recently slipped a provision into a bill before Congress that could vastly expand the
 Pentagon's ability to gather intelligence inside the United States, including recruiting
 citizens as informants.

 "This... is giving them the authority to spy on Americans," said Kate Martin, director
 of the Center for National Security Studies, a group frequently critical of the war on terror. "
 And it's all been done with no public discussion, in the dark of night."

"It would be a lot easier if I was a dictator..."

  Care to comment?

 The Paul Johnson situation

 I don't mean to pile on the guy who was just murdered, but as a tangent to our ongoing debate,
 Paul Johnson chose to work in a place where they murder people like us/him. It was a fatal error.

 The reason you and I haven't been beheaded is because we chose not to work/live in Arabland
 I think this bolsters my argument. Crazy religious hate will never be defeated.
 All you can do is put space between you and them.

 I have a friend in Iraq and one in Saudi Arabia.
 I'd sure like to see back back on American soil.

 GOP Hypocrite of the Week: Ronald Reagan
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 The Gipper has landed.
 Last weekend, Ronald Reagan was finally put to rest. He must have been tired.

 For a week his body was flown around the country, in a funeral extravaganza
 that was breathlessly covered like a mini-series by the media.
 And that's just the way the "B" actor wanted it.

 For Ronnie and Nancy, life was about performance, not results. They were creatures
 of Hollywood, a world of fantasy, where the goal is to never have reality intrude onto
 the silver screen.  And that's how Reagan dealt with reality as President. He just ignored it.

 From: David Leonard

 Subject: Commie Turd

 Exhibit A:  Go fuck yourself.

 Exhibit B:  Go fuck yourself.

 You wouldn't really understand anything more eloquent.

 David, for a Republican, your manners are actually rather good.
 I notice you gather evidence like Kenneth Starr.
 Your Exhibits "A" and "B" are typical GOP political discourse.

 Too bad you don't have the time or courage to meet me in a live
 chat room for a lively debate on who's right.  You might win (chortle).

 Note: David Leonard claims he's a "Titanic historian," so it figures he's a Bush fan.

  Care to reply to David?

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