Subject: Dying from "Illness" and "Possible Suicides" and "Accidents"

 I love your site and visit it each and every day.  I agree with you 99.9% of the time
 (which is scary because I don't agree with anyone else - not even me - 99.9% of the time.)

 I makes me horribly ill that the talking chimp and his henchmen have taken our young people
 in the military to a war that was not and never will be justified.  I visited the link you provided
 to (Iraq war statistics.)  The detail information for cause of death in many cases is
 illness, possible suicide and accident.

 First of all, what type of illness are so many of these young, fit, military people dieing from?
 I would bet in most cases that it would be heat stroke and that means that these guys aren't
 even getting the benefit of having either water or decent supervision.

 The possible suicide cases really bother me.  These poor souls knew that they'd been sold
 down a river by the Chimp in command and his band of idiot thieves.  How would anyone feel
 knowing that they are a sitting duck, risking their live for who-only-knows-what and hearing
 that their benefits are being cut and that their supposed "leader" is taunting the enemy with
 insane bravado begging them to "bring it on?!?!?!"  Then left to sit in this barren wasteland
 of a country where nobody welcomes you - everyone is afraid of you.

 And all the accidental deaths.  Beyond needless.  I feel so badly for the young Sergeants
 and Junior officers that are commanding the troops -- having no idea what they're fighting for.
 They might have thought that they did at one time but if they are now finding out what
 a lot of us knew from the get go....

 I am so angry at times that I get on the verge of tears but then choke them back so I can
 save my strength to blast some ultra-conservative, cheap-labor advocating, Nazi-whoring,
 God's-speaking-directly-to-me invoking, ditto-monkey.

 I have joined a few activist organizations but that does not seem to be enough to quell
 my  need to feel that I am doing the right thing to help get us out of this mess.

 Thank you and a shot of Chinaco (or Don Julio, my alternative) to you and Mrs. Bartcop,

 Paul N

 Paul, I agree, it's very suspicious.
 There aren't that many illnesses that will kill you in a day or two.
 Why aren't these sick-enough-to-die men being flown to our hospital ships?
 I'm sure the answer to that would help the terrorists...

 Also, and this is creepy, but I believed those soldiers on ABC who were desparate to come home.
 I wonder what percentage of those boys shot themselves or had a friend shoot them, figuring that life
 with a limp beats a life with no brain or no heart.
 IF this was happening, you know they'd go to any length to keep it under a tight seal.
 If word got out thata fourth of our casualties were self-inflicted, Bush would fall in the polls.
 The suicides might be "accidents" that went wrong.

 It's scary to think that the men controlling this war are the same ones who stole their way into the
 White House by convincing a crooked court to rule that Florida had to stop counting their ballots
 because counting them might cause harm to petitioner Bush.

 Let's hope our suspicions are unfounded.
 Let's hope the men who stole and lied their way into this war will do the honorable thing.

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