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"There comes a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious,
  makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part, you cannot even passively
  take part. And you've got to put your bodies on the gears, and upon the wheels,
  upon the levers , upon all the apparatus. And you've got to make it stop."
         -- Mario Robert Savio, 1942-1996

 ...only three days to the beginning of sweet corn season.

 Did I mention they have a thing called The Bixby Corn Festival?

 Oh! Check this out...

 Planning to sample native cuisine during your visit to Israel?

 Would you be surprised if your menu offered southern fried chicken and Bixby corn?

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 For Bixby corn and Train Station Fried Chicken, I'd swim to Israel.

Subject: Kelly Osbourne and Lip Sync

Hey Bart,

Just have to give you some input on the whole Kelly situation.  I do a lot of sound editing and
dabble with music and such, and I need to tell you that the performance Kelly gave had effects
in her voice that could not be done on her own such as how her voice flanges in the chorus.

Whoa, I'm confused.
Back in my club days, even the poor bands had digital delays and a whole rack of effects
computers, and I can only imagine how much better/cheaper they are now. Plus, Kelly O
has millions at her disposal, boering Dad's equipment if nothing else. But the vocal effects
told you it couldn't be live?  I guess I'll defer to the expert on this one...

Here are the possiblities:
1) She had a sound engineer with a mixer handy in the backstage that purposely alter her voice while she sang.
2) It really was recorded previously (or straight from the cd) and she just did a hella good lip sync job.

I think number 1 is what I'm talking about. Like I said, even the brokest bands have a man
working the soundboard, so I'm sure for a liuve MTV broadcast, they got somebody qualified.

I'm more inclined to believe #2 because MTV already stated she didn't do it live and nearly 99%
of the time singers don't ask for special mixers to alter their voices when they sing.

OK, so that leaves the question - did we see a diff performance than the crowd?
Did Kelly sing like crap for those who attended, while they played her superior
performace tape for those at home?  That might be the answer.

Besides, I think the final point is, does it really matter that much to you if she did it lip sync or not?
Even greats like TLC lipsynced more than half the time... but I guess that's just how the state
of performing is nowadays.

Keep the hammer slammin'!


Bottom line, to me, it didn't matter.
There is a standard of excellence in the studio that deserves respect,
which is why I double-respect a band who can deliver live.


Subject: (no subject)


I have never heard a fabricated lie about Clinton.

Wow - you should buy a TV, a radio or a newspaper.

In 8 short years, he and Rubin expanded the money supply so much so fast
that the stock markets blew a gasket and real estate values doubled.

Excuse me, the stock market tripled under Clinton.
He took it from 3500 to over 10,000.
Tens of millions of Americans who cashed out before Bush stole the election
have Clinton to thank for their luxurious retirement.

In my lifetime, no Democrat President except Roosevelt has been able to govern.

Objection - assumes facts not in evidence.

They were all liberals, all role models for disaster. Kennedy was so ignorant that
he thought we knew him from television and that he could do as he pleased off camera.

So, if you had a chance to sleep with Marilyn Monroe in the sixties, you'd pass?

Clinton is so dumb that he thought he could hit on subordinates with impunity.

If you knew the story, you'd know she hit on him, and he had a weak moment.

Where do men get the idea that they are accountable to no one else.
Probably from Frank Sinatra's song, "I Did It My Way".

Maybe they get it from a president who never worked a day in his life...

In short, liberals will not nor can not hack it, because they are their own Higher Power.

ha ha
When did you graduate from Rush's EIB University?

Whenever they gain the Oval Office, they make a mess.

A mess?
You mean like Lebanon?
You mean like Grenada?
You mean like Iran-Contra?
You mean like Desert Storm?
You mean like October Surprise?

America can not afford any Kennedys, any Johnsons, any Carters,
or any more Clintons, not in the foreseeable future.

With Bush having stole Clinton's $5TRIL surplus, you may be right.
We can't afford hardly anything since Bush won his trifecta.

Weather, electricity a la California, oil controled by men who can beat their wives legally,

ha ha
Damn, I like the way you write.
You want to be a regular here?

...dial-up click-on pornography, homosexuality promoted as an equal vocation as hetrosexuality,

If you were gay, would you kill yourself?
Or would you decide sex wasn't fun?
What do you suggest we do with gays?
Tell them to knock it off?

...television, movies, these are the things that need governing.

Those things need more government?
I though you were a conservative?
What happened to freedom?

Which liberal do you promote?

Right now, there's nobody on the horix\zon who thrills me.
Got any suggestions?

You seem to be a liberal. Thus you promote chaos.

ha ha
There you go again.

You promote terrorists and terrorist acts by condoning liberal "freedom" thinking.

If freedom is the enemy, who is our friend?

With freedom comes responsibility.
When liberals begin to act and govern responsibly, I will begin to respect them and their ideas.

Objection - assumes facts not in evidence.
Clinton gave us 8 years of peace & prosperity.
Reagan Bush and Bush gave us nothing but war, recession and terrorism.

Until then, don't challenge me.

ha ha
I could never do that

Your words are as angry bleats of a child who wants to be changed, or fed, or held.

ha ha
Will you hold me?

ha ha

Yours truly,
Dynan Candon

Wow! I didn't know you were a celebrity.
Look, it's that lady from Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice!
Weren't you once married to Cary Grant?
What's Ally McBeal like in real life?

Note: If you write to Dyan, please be nice.

 Have you ever been to

 I'm not sure of the rules - I think anyone can read, but you need a "sponsor"
 to post, or they have to approve your post - something like that.
 I think once you seem "normal" they let you do what you want,
 but we had to deep six the First Amendment when the ditto-monkeys
 turned every post into a discussion of Hillary's reproductive organs.

 The good news is it's all worth reading.

 It's a good place for feedback, too.
 For instance, they're asking why I ran that Mexicanhorror.htm  story yesterday.

 You ought to give it a try...

 A lady a Blockbuster said Michael Keaton is in the next Batman movie.
 That's a good thing.
 I like Clooney, and Kilmer's semi-OK, but Keaton is the real Batman.

 BTW, do you know Michael Keaton's real name?
 And how/why he got the name Michael Keaton?

Life under Bush

 Subject: nuke waste tracker

 Plug in any address in the US and see how far you'll be from
 high-level nuclear waste when it gets sent to Yucca Mountain.
 The fun part?
 The government didn't TELL you it's coming through your backyard.
 The other fun part?
 The casks they're talking about carrying this stuff in haven't been built or tested.
 Imagine thousands of moving terrorist targets all over the US.

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 Did Yucca Mountain just have an earthquake, too?
 Mr. Too Stupid to be President promised Nevadans that's he'd use science
 as the stermining factor on where to store radioactive waste, but I think Karl Rove
 showed him the math on electoral votes so screw Nevada and everyone in it.

Is there any way to stop that bastard from giggling about September 11th?

 Beam me up
 Science gets in the teleportation business

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 Today in History

 In 1873, suffragist Susan B. Anthony was fined $100 for attempting to vote  in the 1872 presidential election.
 The fine was never paid.  To this day, the GOP wants that fine paid as a lesson to other women.

 In 1945, William Joyce, known as "Lord Haw-Haw," was charged in London with high treason for
 his English-language wartime broadcasts on German radio. He was hanged the following January.
 Yet, Rush Limbaugh is allowed to continue broadcasting?

 In 1981,  Justice Potter Stewart announced his retirement; his departure paved the way for
 Sandra Day O'Connor to impose her greedy-ass Republican ideas on every American voter
 to install the most stupid, selfish and greedy president in our history.

 In 1983, Sally K. Ride became America's first woman in space as she and four colleagues
 blasted off aboard the space shuttle Challenger, pissing off Republicans everywhere.

 In 1997, Sirhan Sirhan failed in his 10th bid for parole in the murder of Bobby Kennedy.
 I wonder if he had anything to do with that...

The People Will Not Go to War Over Imperialism
    A new look at the reality of 9/11

    Click  Here

 Since 1978, there has been a relationship between the bin Laden family and the Bushes. Bush's first company,
 Arbusto Energy, took $50,000 from James Bath. Later sued by his former business partner Bill White, Bath had
 to divulge the cash sources. While indicted in the BCCI Scandal, Bath admitted working for rich Saudis who
 bought political influence in the USA. The Sheiks invested in the young Bush whose dad was head of the CIA.

 Bath's Saudis were Kalid bin Mahfouz and Salem M. bin Laden. The latter was the older brother of Osama bin Laden,
 his close companion since childhood. When Salem died in a mysterious 1988 plane crash, Osama attended the funeral.
 Some bin Ladens have distanced themselves from Osama, but Salem's fatal plane crash could have started a feud
 between the Bushes and bin Ladens.

 According to PBS, the Salem's death was investigated but the results of the inquiry were never revealed. A former
 pilot, American Heinrich Rupp, stated to PBS that this BAC 1-11 that killed Salem was the same that flew George
 Bush SR. to Paris on October 18, 1980.

 Gee, what was the head of the Bush Family Evil Empire doing in Paris in October of 1980?
 He was making a secret, illegal deal with Iran to keep our hostages.

 Why do you think Dim Son buried all of Saint Reagan's presidential papers?
 To hide the fact that Poppy was in the loop after testifying he wasn't?
 It's called perjury, but since it wasn't about sex, we don't count that, right?

 Again, grand theft, treason, arming terrorists and aiding 52 kidnappings are not crimes
 because Clinton's zipper was not involved in any way. Besides, the Bush family is royalty,
 and everyone knows that laws only apply to the little people.

 The Bushes are so guilty, and everyone knows it, but they're being paid to keep quiet.


 Losing the "trifecta"
  The president tries to defend his deficit spending
  through a little campaign revisionism.

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 Warning: This was posted on, a known whore publication.
                 They have real writers sometimes, but often they publish crap by whores.


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