Subject: afraid to really debate about israel.  why?

 Bart: Mostly because I'm woefully ignorant about what's going on over there.
           All I know is they'd rather risk death than change sand location.

 Unfortunately, you are grossly misinformed when it comes to Israel.  Israel targets children the same way
 the BFEE targets children: by engaging in violence designed to wipe out resistance to stealing resources
 (be it land in the Gaza strip or oil in Iraq), Israel does not need to perpetrate the technicality of putting
 children in the crosshairs in order to kill more of them than Palestinian suicide bombers do.

 I'm not sure you're building a solid case.
 You say they DO target kids, then say they don't need to.

 Bush blankets Iraq with cluster bombs, downplays the resulting casualties, and claims the moral high ground
 because Saddam is willing to kill children; Israel blankets the occupied territories with missile attacks and then
 acts regretful when children die.  Bullshit.

 Hold on - doesn't Israel use small rockets because they are so much more precise than F-16s.
 Seems like using a smaller bomb is proof they're trying to minimize casualties.

 In order to complete its gradual takeover of all of Palestine,

 I thought Israel had given up land, and is giving up more.

 Israel must kill Palestinian children as well as Palestinian adults, and it does that by being eminently willing
 to bulldoze houses without warning, on the testimony of innocent people captured for trying to get a job in a
"closed area" and then tortured until they scream every name they know as a fellow terrorist conspirator.

 Your rhetoric tells me you're very invested in one side of this conflict, wheras I am not.  I find it difficult to
 relate to your one-sided viewpoint. To clarify things, could you assign a level of blame to each side?

 Is Israel to blame, 70/30 or to blame 55/45 or to blame 90/10?
 Not a trick, just trying to gauge your rage.

 Don't buy the worthless explanations of not targeting the innocent delivered to us by yet another militant,
 corrupt, right-wing government that the corporate media loves more than you love Shirley Manson.

 And, you have your head up your ass when it comes to why the Palestinians are fighting.  They're not fighting
 for religion - there are Christians, Ba'hai, Muslims, etc. among the Palestinians - they're fighting because Israel
 is engaging in a drawn-out campaign of genocide and theft, and they're retaliating with the limited means they can.

 So, why don't they move?
 If not religion, what makes them prefer death by Jew to moving to Jordan or Eqypt ot whatever?
 If you tell me, "But they love their land," that means it's religion.
 People don't die for sand, they'll only die for sacred sand.

 If someone started taking over America, and you fought back against them, it wouldn't be a "Christian"
 struggle even if Bush said it was, it would be a struggle about you trying to defend yourself.

 If a much-greater army was, as you indicate, willing and eager to target my kids, I'd move.
 If it's my pride or my wife and kids, fuck pride.
 Can you explain the logic of people who disagree with that?

 If you allow idiots like bin Laden to fool you by framing the Arab-Israeli conflict in terms of religion,
 you're getting one pulled over your head, and if you believe the corporate press releases about poor,
 peaceful Israel reluctantly putting innocents in danger in order to prevent terrorist attacks, you're seeing
 through the right-wing war propaganda machine when it comes to Bush, and being happily blinded by it
 when it comes to Israel.

 I think putting the sand over the family is wrong and it's also wrong to seek out children to kill in a war.
 Other than that, I don't have much of an opinion.  You are obviously heavily invested in the anti-Israeli camp.

 Heck, for all I know, you're living in occupied terrorties right now.
 Would you choose safety for your family or go with the sand?

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