Tim the Whore interviews softballs his Colin

                      SEC’Y COLIN POWELL: Good morning, Tim.

                      MR. RUSSERT: Do we support Israel’s policy of assassinating Hamas leadership?

                      SEC’Y POWELL: We don’t support that policy. It has never been our policy to support that kind of action.

                If Tim wasn't on the B.F.E.E. payroll, he might've asked:
                Oh really? Then why are Ootie and Kootie dead, and why are we trying to murder Saddam?

                      MR. RUSSERT: Before we turn to Iraq, on Afghanistan, al-Qaeda has
               released a new tape this morning saying that there will be more attacks inside
               and outside of the United States but also that they shot down two helicopters,
               killing 38 passengers and that American casualties in Afghanistan over the last
               few weeks have been quite severe but not reported.
                      SEC’Y POWELL: No, I don’t pay any attention to that kind of reporting.
               We report our casualties, report incidents in an honest and open and candid way.

               Open and candid - yes, those are the two words that best describe this administration.

                      MR. RUSSERT: Let’s turn to the subject of Iraq. The president will
               address the nation tonight. What can we expect?
                      SEC’Y POWELL: I think you will hear the president reflect on our
               two-year campaign against terror. He will take note of the successes that we
               have had in Iraq and Afghanistan. ...a rotten regime is no longer in power in Baghdad
               or in Kabul; that in both of those places we see the emergence of new political leaders
               and new forms of government that are democratically based. In Iraq, the schools are
               open, the hospitals are open, there is a free press.

               Colin, when do you anticipate a free press for the United States?

               So we are doing what everybody wants us to do and what we said we would do.

               If Tim wasn't on the B.F.E.E. payroll, he might've asked:
               Do you mean we're not universally despised by the rest of the world for an unwarranted
               invasion of a backward but oil-rich nation?

               Standing alongside us in Iraq today with troops are some 28, 29 nations with over
               20,000 troops, two multinational divisions, one led by the British, one led by
               the Pols, Spaniards, Czechs. All sorts of nations are there.

               If Tim wasn't on the B.F.E.E. payroll, he might've asked:
               Do you mean we're not totally isolated in this invasion?
               Please name the 29 nations who are "standing alongside us."
               If we have 29 nations with us, why is Bush on his belly, begging the UN to bail him out?

               The president has said this all along; he will reaffirm that tonight. Tonight he will say,
               “We are going after terrorists. We’re going to create the security needed in Iraq.
               But would encourage more nations to join us in this effort.”

               If Tim wasn't on the B.F.E.E. payroll, he might've asked:
               The rest of the world sees a illegal theft of another nation's oil solely for the enrichment
               of a crime cabal that illegally seized power in the United States.

                      MR. RUSSERT:  You went to the UN, told the country and the world that Saddam
                had sizable quantities of weapons of mass destruction, we would find them.
                Where are they? Will we ever find them?

                      SEC’Y POWELL:  David Kaye is in charge of our effort now with some 1,500 inspectors
               and analyst and experts. He will provide an interim report later this month, and I’m confident when
               people see what David Kaye puts forward, they will see that there was no question that such
               weapons exist, existed, and so did the programs to develop more.

               If Tim wasn't on the B.F.E.E. payroll, he might've asked:
               But in February, you didn't say, "David Kaye says they have WMDs, YOU said they had WMDs."

                      MR. RUSSERT: Was our intelligence overstated? Did we miss this?
                      SEC’Y POWELL: I don’t think so, Tim. And I don’t think that charge is
               an accurate one. I can tell you that I sat for a period of four days with the
               analysts, and there was no blowing up or overdoing what they were telling me.
               We did not hype it. I did not put forward a presentation on the 5th of
               February before the world at the United Nations Security Council that wasn’t
               solidly supported by the best analysis that we were able to bring to the effort.
               If there was anything that looked the least bit, you know, not supportable, we
               didn’t use it. And these are the most dedicated people in the intelligence
               community who put that presentation together. So we did not try to hype it or
               blow it out of proportion.

               If Tim wasn't on the B.F.E.E. payroll, he might've asked:
               So if you stand by your assertions, where are the weapons of mass destruction?

                      MR. RUSSERT:  Would we allow the U.N. to take over the main role in rebuilding
               Iraq in order to satisfy the Russians, the Germans, the French?
                      SEC’Y POWELL: No, look, there is enough work here for everyone, but the lead role
               has to be played by the United States. We are the ones who are there now. We are the ones
               who took over the country. We have governing responsibility. And we believe that there is
               no need for a contest over this.

               Translation: If we turn things over to the UN, the B.F.E.E. won't be able to steal the oil
               or steal Iraq's assets, so what's the point of going to war if the B.F.E.E. doesn't get richer?

                      MR. RUSSERT: Here’s the problem. This is how the CBO warned us: “The CBO warned that
               the Army lacks sufficient active-duty forces to maintain its current level of nearly 150,000 troops in Iraq
               beyond next spring."
                      The Europeans know that. Don’t they have us over a barrel? The French, the Germans can say,
               “You called us Old Europe. You dissed us. And now you’re asking for our help. Well, then you have to turn this
                over to the U.N. or we’re not sending troops and you can stay there as long as you want but you can’t afford to.”
                      SEC’Y POWELL:  ...the U.N. has a vital role to play, and I want to hear specific suggestions from our Security
               Council colleagues as to how we might do this.

               The Unelected Pinhead told the UN to take a f-ing hike.
               He said, "WE don't need you for this, so we're going in alone."
               Now that he's in big trouble, Bush send his boy to say, "Let's make up and be friends?"

                      MR. RUSSERT: Mr. Secretary, retired Marine Gen. Anthony Zinni said, ‘we’re in danger of failing.’
                ...Zinni invoked the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War in the 1960s and ’70s. ‘My contemporaries,
               our feelings and sensitivities were forged on the battlefields of Vietnam, where we heard the garbage and
               the lies, and we saw the sacrifice,’ said Zinni...‘I ask you, is it happening again?’”
                      SEC’Y POWELL:  I don’t think it’s happening again.

               That was good enough for Tim - no need for a followup question there...

                      MR. RUSSERT: Former Sec of State Madeleine Albright said:
                      (begin videotape)
                      MS. MADELEINE ALBRIGHT: I do think that what has happened is
               that whereas the link with al- Qaeda was very tenuous at best when proposed
               by the Bush administration, now, in fact, Iraq is going to become a breeding
               ground for terrorism, or a gathering ground, as Afghanistan had.
                      (End videotape)
                      MR. RUSSERT: A breeding ground?
                      SEC’Y POWELL: I think it is, certainly for the moment, starting to look like it.
               Two-thirds of al-Qaeda’s senior leadership has been destroyed over the last two years...

               They keep saying 2/3 of the al-Qaeda senior leadership has been destroyed, but nobody ever asks
               on what that extremely optimistic statement is based. Did we get a list of the al-Qaeda senior leadership?
               If so, why don't they publish that list so we can check off, "dead or captured," if it's true? Why does
               Russert and every reporter and pundit just accept that 2/3 figure as tho it was true? And if they don't
               have a list, where do they get this extremely optimistic 2/3 figure?

               Last week, Christie Whitman said the EPA lied about the air quality at Ground Zero because they
              didn't want people to worry and panic, they wanted them to get back to shopping. How do we know
              this "al-Qaeda is 2/3 destroyed" crap isn't just another lie so America won't worry and panic?

                      MR. RUSSERT:  Former White House counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke tells Vanity Fair
               that Bush decided to allow a group of Saudis to fly out of the U.S. just after September 11 — at a time
               when access to U.S. airspace was still restricted and required special government approval. According to
               other sources at least four flights with about 140 Saudis, including roughly two dozen members of the bin Laden
               family, flew to Saudi Arabia that week — without even being interviewed or interrogated by the F.B.I.”
                      Why was that allowed?

                      SEC’Y POWELL: Well, I don’t know the details of what happened.

               That non-answer was good enough for Tim the B.F.E.E. employee.
               No need for "Pitbull Tim" to go after Powell the way he went after Clinton staffers during impeachment,
               when he demanded the most intimate details of Bill and Monica's sexual encounters.


               The security of the United States and ther Bush family's extremely close tied to the Saudis and their role
               in funding the 9-11 terrorists isn't anywhere near as important as Tim's never-ending Cock Hunt.

               We should all remember that the reason Russert gets the top Bush officials to come on every Sunday
                is because they know they'll get the softball treatment.   Tim is softer than Katie Couric is with Hillary.

                      MR. RUSSERT: How about the Saudis? Do you believe they are on our side in the war on terror?
                      SEC’Y POWELL: Yes, I do.

                You see?
                Now that's what I call one tough son of a bitch giving the government the grilling they deserve.
                Why does Timmy roll over for the B.F.E.E.?


                There are five billion reasons why NBC is partners with this crooked administration.

                MR. RUSSERT: Colin Powell, we thank you for sharing your views.

                SEC’Y POWELL: Thank you, Tim.

                ...and with that, they kissed on the lips and Timmy squeezed Colin's hand tenderly..

                      MR. RUSSERT: And we are back joined by the new chairman of the Republican Party, Ed Gillespie,
                      the chairman of the Democratic Party, Terry McAuliffe. Welcome both.

                      MR. RUSSERT: Ed Gillespie, you’d like to see Governor Davis recalled?
                      MR. GILLESPIE: We are neutral on that. That is something for the voters of California to decide.
               We’ve not taken a position on the recall and we don’t have a process here that allows for a Republican
               nominee to emerge and so we’re not in support of any one candidate.

               You lying bastard.
               George Schultz is Gov. Gang Bang's senior political advisor. He's as high up in the B.F.E.E. as you can get
               without having Bush blood (Saudi light crude) running thru his veins, and you say the GOP and the White House
               are neutral on the CA governor's race?  Good this we have no free press in America, because in the old days,
               Sam Donaldson or somebody would start screaming, "Are you serious with that bullshit?"

                      MR. RUSSERT: Mr. Gillespie, let me turn to the campaign of 2004.  Let’s take the economy first.
               If a CEO of a company came to you and said, “We have a $500 billion deficit, we’ve lost three million
               jobs and the unemployment rate is over 6 percent,” why should they be rehired?

                      MR. GILLESPIE: The fact is, it’s looking forward. We inherited this bad economy.

                Well, there's certainly no need for a follow up to that non-answer, is there, Tim?

                      MR. RUSSERT: What will be the most important issue of 2004?
                      MR. McAULIFFE: This election’s going to come down to jobs. It’s going to come down to
               economic issues. George Bush has been a miserable failure. We had a Bill Clinton who created a
               surplus. George Bush inherited a $5.6 trillion surplus; has now turned that into a $2.3 trillion deficit.

               People need help. They’re looking to the Democrats. We proved we could do it. Bill Clinton proved
               we could do it.  Bill Clinton did not blame former President Bush when he took office, inherited a recession.
               He didn’t blame anybody else. You know what? They got to work. They got this economy working together.

                      MR. GILLESPIE: Tim, let’s be clear about something. A family of four with an income of $40,000
               saw their tax burden go down from about $2,000 to $45 under the president’s tax-relief package.
               The fact is, the tax burden under President Bush has shifted to the wealthy.

               Just then, lightning struck NBC studios in Washington and almost killed Ed Gillespie.
               I guess at His age, God's aim isn't what it used to be.

                      MR. RUSSERT:  John Zogby (R-ForRent)'s new poll shows the job performance of the president;
               positive 45, negative 54.  And the president’s re-elect numbers, 40 No,  someone new, 52.
               Ed Gillespie, that’s a serious decline in George Bush’s political polling.

                       MR. GILLESPIE: Tim, it’s the exact decline that we predicted. (nonsense talk)
               If you saw the Democratic debate the other night, I think history will show that this field has taken presidential
               discourse to a new low. The kind of rhetoric you hear from these folkswhen—you know, on neither side of the aisle,
               Ronald Reagan never said that Jimmy Carter couldn’t find countries in his own hemisphere. Walter Mondale never said
               that President Reagan was a “miserable failure.”

                      MR. McAULIFFE:  It’s laughable to think that Republicans can call Democratics negative.  I remind you that this
               is the party of Tom DeLay. When George Bush’s father was running for office, he ran the Willie Horton ad.

               If you vote for Dukakis, I'm comin' to your house to molest
               your wife and your teen daughter, so vote for Bush - or else!

                       MR. McAULIFFE:I remind you that four years ago when Bush was running against John McCain, a war hero,
               the Bush campaign attacked John McCain, they attacked his wife, they attacked his children, they attacked his sanity,
               they attacked his patriotism. Max Cleland ran for the Senate 10 months ago, Max Cleland, a triple amputee who left
               three limbs on the battlefield of Vietnam, they had the audacity to call Max Cleland unpatriotic.

                      MR. GILLESPIE: What Terry is saying right now is factually inaccurate. Terry McAuliffe cannot find one instance
               where this president in his campaign said anything about John McCain’s mental health or his wife’s.

                True, because the Bush family always hires people to do their dirty work for them.  The Bush family has always
                fought dirty, even in a dirty game like politics.  Bush had people saying that McCain sold out his fellow POWs in Vietnam.
                McCain took that like a senate Democrat - I always thought he was a man - guess I was wrong.

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