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Volume 1011 - Body Bags

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 Tuesday    March 4, 2003 


"The deficit now at $300 billion. It could swell to as much as $500 billion if we go to war in Iraq.
  Mr. Bush apparently is untroubled by this fiscal collapse. One of his aides tells the current issue
  of "TIME," magazine, quote, "even if it's $500 billion, so what?" Of course, even a $500 billion
  deficit number doesn't count the $3 trillion Mr. Bush is robbing from the Social Security trust fund.
  You know, we should have known, every time George W. Bush gets in trouble, he borrows from
  a trust fund. It's been his whole life, you know."
    --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 03/03/03

 Report: U.S. Spying on U.N. Delegations 
  For some reason, the American media printed the truth today

  Click  Here

 Targeted countries include Bulgaria, Chile, Angola, Cameroon, Guinea and Pakistan,
 whose votes are crucial to the Bush administration's resolution to use force against Iraq.

 The purpose of spying on these and possibly other delegations is "to provide up-to-the-minute
 intelligence for Bush officials on the voting intentions of U.N. members regarding the issue of Iraq,"
 according to the published memo.

 Ari Fleischer (R-Fork Tongie) declined comment, because what could he say?
 They got caught.

 Ugly sentiments sting American tourists
  Bully Bush and greed have turned the entire world against us


   Click  Here

 A mother lode of goodwill fostered in the decades after the defeat of Nazi Germany has been
 reduced to dust in recent years. A growing number of foreigners see some of the United States'
 political decisions (pulling out of the Kyoto Treaty on global emissions) and personal choices
(Americans' penchant for gas-loving SUVs) as at best unilateral and at worst selfish.
 The confrontation over Iraq is just more fuel on a bonfire.

 From Spanish plazas to Parisian metros, American tourists are being quizzed, grilled and even spat on
 by people who do not approve of the Bush administration's drive for a war against Saddam Hussein.

 Notice they blame "political decisions" and "personal choices," instead of Bush.
 Anything to protect the unelected, illegal usurper in the unearned White House.


"I took on Bush the father, I went on the floor and I held up the magazine --
 'The Most Dangerous Man In The World, Saddam Hussein," June 4, 1990.
  He attacked two-days shy of two months later... after the Stark incident when
  35 Americans were killed, -- 17 on the "Cole" but 35 on the "Stark" -- that was
  a Saddam Hussein mission. I don't know why we dealt with this guy."
   --Bob Dornan, (R-Madman) Crossfire, 03/03/03

 C'mon, Bob, you know why the B.F.E.E. built up Saddam - to make millions from it.
 Then they made millions tearing him down in Desert Storm.
 Then they made millions building him back up in the nineties,
 and they'll make billions tearing him down to start World War III.

 Bart, I have an idea.

 Every time we hear one of these people say we have to go along with G.W's little oil war,
 we call a military recruiter and have them show up to have these chicken hawks enlist.

 When someone gives me grief for not supporting Bush and his war, I tell them to call the recruiter.
 Then I tell them to put up or shut up.  Of course if you can get a recruiter to show up when you
 are there it is added  pressure for them to have to put up.

 For people like 'Mancow' or Kid Rock it would be more impressive if the recruiter was there
 while they were on the air, or at a press conference. Then they either show they really have
 the balls to back up what they say, or they show their yellow side.

 Terry S

 Hey, great idea.
 Everyone should write down the recruiting numbers for the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines.
 When some ditto-monkey starts yelling "Here we come, Saddam" dial your cell phone and
 then hand it to the blood-thirsty warmonger and see if he's ready to get Saddam like he claims.

 Wending our weary way toward war
 Breathless media coverage and presidential non sequiturs
  -- don't believe anything until it's over
    by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 Now is the time we get Iraqi soldiers tossing Kuwaiti babies from incubators and other
 mind-boggling myths presented as reality. The Guardian is reporting that the United States
 is wiretapping foreign delegations to the U.N. Security Council, and the worst thing about it
 is that no one is surprised.


"I could never be the president. Think about it. I've abused cocaine,
  I've been arrested, I'm not a very smart guy. It's a big joke to think
  people would want someone like me ...just because my dad was president."
    -- Charlie Sheen, on SNL when asked if he'd ever be president

 God Alone Makes Me Do These Things

  Click  Here

"Even before he walks on the water he later boils to bring his doting wife, Pickles,
 a morning cup of coffee, he goes off to a quiet place to read alone."

 This whole Internet thing continues to be really cool.

 Last night I downloaded some more live U2 bootlegs (perfect quality).
 This show was from Kansas City 2001, the show we saw and reviewed right here on bartcop.com
 Damn, you wouldn't believe how clear this recording is.

 Anyway, Bono did, "I Remember You" (not familiar) for Joey Ramone.
 The record companies won't sell you that, and that's a great f-ing moment.
 Wasn't it Bono who talked to Joey the day before he died?
 That's gotta be a drag, singing about your dead friend.

 Damn, look here, ...there's some U2 live in Austin, 2001.

 Bush pushes the big lie toward the brink
 Even some in government can no longer be silent
  by Robert Scheer

  Click  Here

 Abraham Lincoln once observed that even a free people can be fooled for a time
 -- and this, mind you, was long before Fox News existed -- and in his chaotic two-year
 presidency, Bush has pushed the Big Lie approach so far that we are seeing dramatic
 signs of its cracking: an international backlash, a domestic peace movement and
 whistle-blowing from inside our own intelligence and diplomatic corps.

 Boycott MSNBC for hiring Michael Savage

 They say Donahue was the highest-rated show on their network,
 but they fired him for not being Nazi enough. But Savage fits right in.

Marty's E! page
The Clash no play Hall O' Fame
Michael Jackson claims he hexes people
There's a new Seinfeld
Billy Bush is the new Monty Hall
Madonna is writing children's books
And, Ted Nugget likes to kill things (He's GOP)


 State finds N.H. Catholic church hid abuse

  Click  Here

 The state attorney general blasted Roman Catholic leaders in New Hampshire for being
"willfully blind to the danger its priests posed to children" and for misleading victims for
  decades about the extent of sex abuse charges against its clerics.

 The material includes details on 35 New Hampshire priests. But the report focuses on
 eight priests whose stories prosecutors felt best supported their case. The state stopped
 short of seeking an indictment against the diocese under a deal reached in December .

 Well of course you wouldn't want to arrest anybody.

 Subject: Mediahorse

 Bartcop if you dislike the dlc and the pink tutus so much why do you continue to
 support mediahorseonline.   Afterall, all they ever do is bitch and moan at anyone
 who wants Daschle to fight back, or who wants them to stop appointing more Bush
 conservatives to court, or who would like the democrats to run on something other
 than "I don't like Bush, I just support all his policies?"


 Jann, are we reading the same web page?
 I can hardly keep up with my own site, so I don't get to MWO as much as I'd like,
 but you're saying they want Daschle to fight Bush less and approve more of Bush's appointments?

 That doesn't sound like the MWO I know.


"This is not a war about oil. This is going to -- if we have to use force, it's going to be
   to liberate Iraq, not to occupy Iraq. The oil resources belong to the Iraqi people.
   It is Saddam Hussein who's taken it from them."
   -- Paul Wolfowitz, deputy secretary of defense,


 That's George W Bush's oil.
 He won it fair and square when he stole Florida.

 Fun Tricks with Credit

 As you may know, my career was in finance.
 You get into a finance career after you get fired from Taco Bob's.
 That's how I got into it.

 A while back, I mentioned how we got 2 free go-anywhere tickets from Southwest Airlines,
 (the no-crash airline, which is important to an agnostic) by just playing their simple game.
 I forget the details (whatever I wrote was true) but a couple of weeks ago we got a letter
 from SWA asking if MRS. Bart wanted to sign up for the free trip thingy.

 As a 25-year credit man (except for the three years I owned nightclubs) I knew what to do.
 I filled out their application (nobody on the planet is better) and surprise! surprise!
 Mrs Bart was accepted into the SWA whatever it's called club, for that you get 4 points.
 If we buy anything on their VISA card, we get another 4 points.

 ha ha

 That's a trip to Vegas, for one.
 So we'll charge the gas and groceries and insurance and house payments to that VISA,
 and we'll have a second trip paid for (first trip award not yet consummated) for two.

 Jesus, if I had two college-age kids, I'd get $6000 under the BartCop Tax Plan
 AND sign them up with SWA and get two more free tickets to anywhere SWA flies.

 ...'bout the only good thing about getting older is you slowly get smarter.



"Any U.S. government official who is directly involved or complicit in the torture or mistreatment
 of detainees, including any official, who knowingly acquiesces in the commission of such acts,
 would be subject to prosecution worldwide, a war criminal."
   --a warning to President Bush from the Human Rights Watch, quoted on Crossfire, 03/03/03

 What a joke.
 Bush is unstoppable.
 There's no power on Earth that can put Bush on trial for any of his crimes
 as long as the Supreme Court is firmly in the pocket of the B.F.E.E.

 US forces will go it alone to Baghdad

  Click  Here

 The Pentagon hopes that it will not be necessary to conduct a street-fighting operation to
 capture the city. However, if there has to be an assault on Baghdad to overcome resistance
 by Iraqís Republican Guard, the mission will be carried out exclusively by American forces.
 A senior British Army source said: ďThis decision is part political, part military, but the
 Americans have made it clear Baghdad is their prize.Ē

 I have all the faith in the world in our fighting boys, but this isn't like last time.
 Last time, all the Iraqi's had to do was drop their stolen loot and run away to the north.
 This time, they're defending their own homes and families.  Baghdad is going to be
 a very bloody place - and not all of that blood will be theirs.
 What happens when we surround Baghdad and can't find Saddam?
 We go door-to-door? We could lose a man per building doing that.
 Maybe the trick is to convince Saddam that Bush really is this crazy,
 and convince him that he's better flee before the soldiers arrive.
 When those body bags start piling up on the tarmac at Dover AFB,
 will 60-70 percent of America still love this useless, senseless war?

 Also, someone sent me this story (but not the URL so I couldn't use it) that Iraq
 is arming children as little as ten years old. How will our soldiers react to having
 to shoot some little kid?

 Subject: Boycott Dittoheads

 Dear Bartcop:

 It's fairly irritating that people who have no idea what the letters U.N. stand for are all hot
 to boycott French products, and they're PRETTY SURE they know why.  These are the
 same people who sniffed at boycotts as the domain of liberals and minorities, but now they're
 all about "don't buy French wine, don't buy French cheese" like they ever in their lives bought
 those things anyway. They're just looking for an excuse for purchasing inferior foodstuffs.

 Well fine, more camembert and Bordeaux for the rest of us.  Enjoy your cold duck and pepper jack, morons.

 Sure it's easy to dismiss the French as just another country whose ass we saved in WWII, but how
 would these same boycott-dittohead U.S. citizens react if Nazis marched down the streets of their hometown?
 Would they form The Resistance, defying the odds against the Germans armed only with a brick and a snotty
 attitude, or would they cower behind hoarded piles of toilet paper and duct tape, dialing 911?
 Talk about your cheese-eating surrender monkeys.  Pass the Wisconsin mild cheddar, please.

 I say turn off the Fox News channel and open up a bottle of Cabernet, d-heads.
 You're going to need it.

 Vive le difference!
 Victoria H


"The bad news is that North Korea has restarted its nuclear reactors, so we know
  that they could soon have a nuke that could hit the west coast here in California.
 The president has said that this is still not a crisis because we don't have one that
  could hit a red state."
    --Bill Maher, HBO

 Calif. Alleges Massive Power Fraud

  Click  Here

 California gave federal energy regulators more than 3,000 pages of documents that Gray Davis said
 prove energy companies manipulated the state's power market to drive electricity prices to record highs.

 A summary said that most companies that sold power in California during the state's energy crisis in
 2000 and 2001 engaged in improper practices similar to those described in Enron memos.

 Sellers of wholesale power withheld electricity, routed power to other states to avoid price caps and
 submitted false electricity schedules that gave the impression of congested transmission lines, said the state.

 The state is seeking $9 billion in energy refunds for 2000 and 2001, when power prices soared
 and the state faced energy shortages and rolling blackouts.

 Remember how Rush, Tex, Co-Tex and Hannity and the others swore Enron was innocent?
 Remember how they blamed "liberals" for not building enough power plants?
 Remember how Bush failed to intervene "because the markets have to work?"


"Why has our president placed homeland security in the hands of Republican political hacks instead
  of professionals?  John Ashcroft, for example, is a career politician. He lost an election to a dead man.
  Tom Ridge is another career politician who was passed over by Bush to be VP.  Asa Hutchinson is yet
  another career politician and a graduate of the disgraceful Bob Jones University. Apparently, Bush only
  turns to professionals when it's really important, like political consulting."
           --Paul Begala, Crossfire,  03/03/03

 Subject: FW: Mainstream Media

 A friend of mine sent me the e-mail below containing two contentions:

 1.) That Oliver North recommended eliminating Bin Laden back in the 80s and
      brought this point up during questioning at the hands of Al Gore.

 2.) That Israel had Mohammad Atta in custody and was pressured into
      releasing him by the Clinton administration.

  Obviously, I'm highly skeptical of these claims.  If they were true, the right wing whores
  would be shouting them on TV every night.  But I could use a little help with my refutation.
  If you have the facts handy, I'd love an assist.

 Thanks, man.


 Dude, you came to the right place.
 Was your friend naked, and very hairy, and hanging from a tree branch by one arm?
 I ask because he sounds like a ditto-monkey.

 1. When Ollie (R-Traitor, liar) testified before congress, he said Abu Nidal was a bad man.
     Osama was still in bed with the Bushes at the time, so Ollie would stay quiet about him.

 2. It was a different Mohammed Atta.

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"Polls show up to 94 percent of the Turkish people are against invading Iraq.
  Trying to overcome that, it seems to bring democracy to Iraq we have to
  first take it away from Turkey."
  -- Jon Stewart

 From: JStONGE123@aol.com

  Shut....the f#$k up and go to France.

  (He sent a picture of the WTC rubble)

 Dear Monkey,

 Have you enlisted yet?
 Or you just want the other guys to go?

 2 Indicted in Plot to Buy Arms for Iran

  Click  Here

 An indictment handed down by a grand jury in Baltimore accuses En-Wei Eric Chang,
 a naturalized U.S. citizen residing in Taiwan, and David Chu, a Taiwanese resident,
 of trying to purchase early warning radar, Cobra attack helicopters and U.S. spy
 satellite photos for Tehran in violation of the U.S. embargo against Iran.

 Wait, if this is a crime, why isn't Poppy Bush in jail?
 He STOLE weapons from out Defense Department to give to Iran.
 He did this after promising he wouldn't deal with terrorists.
 Then he took the money and bought cocaine with it.

 But that's not illegal because the Bush's are royalty?
 Is this like Jeb Bush's daughter gets to use cocaine and can't be arrested in Florida?

Oh, that's right.
We forgot about him so we can invade Iraq.

 Bush Family Values
 How do you cover a war thatís a rerun -  a war thatís all about
 a son trying to recapture his dadís fleeting glory days?

  Click  Here

 There have been, though, no cable-news talk shows debating the nature of neurotic obsession - the sonís
 dealing with the fatherís issues. (Obviously, though, given his repeated delineation of Bush the Father and
 Bush the Son, this is on Saddamís mind.) Nor even has there been much discussion of the possibly cynical
 nature of all this: that it worked so well once before, so why not do it again?

 Thereís been scant wag-the-dog talk hereónot like with the Clinton adventures, when you could
 make that reference and suggest a large and conspiratorial subtext and have lots of people eager
 to believe it. There have been few Strangelove references, either (even about Wolfowitz).

 That's a good point - there's not even any discussion about this.
 When Clinton was president, they'd FABRICATE topics like,
"What if Clinton strangled a prostitute?" and then they'd get their little round table
 and go around and get everybody's reaction to that evil Clinton killing again.

 But when the unelected fraud drags us into a never-ending war, all we hear is "traitors" and "treason!"
 This is what happens when Republicans own all the airwaves.
 Well, they don't own  bartcop.com  and  they can't stop BartCop Radio.

 Target date for the first broadcast is April 15th.

 It's so exciting!!

 Wish us luck, and consider joining the team!
 Reminder: Our silent benefactor is still matching all new subscriptions.
 Help make BartCop Radio an April thing, rather than a May-June thing.

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  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

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 Holy reunion! Adam West, Burt Ward in 'Batman' TV film
   And Riddler and two Catwomen join up

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 Thirty-seven years after Adam West and Burt Ward kept Gotham City safe,
 the Dynamic Duo is back together for a peek at what really happened behind the scenes.
"Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt" airs Sunday night.

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