Subject: the other side


I'm Tony E.  I've emailed you before.  I just want to thank you again for your website.
I disagree with pretty much everything on it, but what a country  we live in that we can
have such opposing views.  I was in an auto accident about a week ago.  I was lucky I wasn't killed.

I'm just hoping that you don't have that much animosity toward Reagan republicans like myself
that you would say "good riddance" if I had been, because I sure don't feel that way about
liberal democrats like yourself.  Man, I would one day love to sit down and have a beer
with you and talk about what pisses you off and our differences.

Peace be with you.

Tony E

Tony, I'm a dove at heart.
I wish politics were like in the old says when the hate stopped at 5 PM
or whatever time congress breaks up their lying session that day.

And I hear you on that beer.
Sometime I'd like to show Jenna Bush my Fuzzy Goose.

Glad you survived the wreck.

From:   Steve Stew

Subject: WebSense


Don't use my name, but, where I work they use WebSense.
I tried to get into your site and it was blocked.
They have you coded as RACIST.

Please have them fix that and let us know when it is changed
so I can read BC and not lose my job!

Steve, I am a friend to all minorities, but sometimes I use bad words,
like back in Issue Volume 625 - Androgeny, I said this:

>I'm so old, I remember a time when the GOP was afraid the federal government
>was getting too powerful and was trying to take away our rights.

>With Mohammed Atta's help, The Bush Family Evil Empire has thrown away the Constitution.
>This new law they just passed?  Did you see the wording?
>Anyone the government SUSPECTS might be a terrorist has no rights.

>I think faggots are suspects, don't you?
>I think niggers are suspects, don't you?
>I think beaners are suspects, don't you?
>I think ragheads are suspects, don't you?

>And certifiably religiously-insane John Ashcroft has the power?

As you can see, I was speaking as Ashcroft, so a dim-witter person (or Ashcroft fan)
would see "racism" there, and use that as an excuse to keep you from reading

They want you to get your information from Fox News.


Subject: Plagiarism

Please let Bartcop know that Jim from Rochester's "contribution" was
lifted almost word for word from Paul Krugman's New York Times column.
Cutting and pasting is ok, but not giving credit is not.

Steven L. Reynolds



Dear Sir,

We are top government officials and currently members of the Federal Government of Nigeria,
Contract Review Panel. We are interested in the importation of goods into our country with funds,
which are presently trapped in Nigeria.

In order to commence this business, we solicit your assistance to enable us transfer into your account
that said trapped fund. The source of this fund is as follows: during the last government administration of
GENERAL ABDULSALAM ABUBAKAR in Nigeria, the officials of that government set up companies
and awarded themselves and their cohorts contracts which were grossly over invoiced in various ministries.

As part of its inaugural policy, the present civilian government of OLUSEGUN OBASANJO set up a contract
Review Panel, a panel in which we are members. In the course of our investigation we identified over-invoiced
contract fund totaling US$34.6 Million. This amount is presently floating in the Central bank of Nigeria, and
ready for payment to any contractor with formal beneficial claim. However, by virtue of our position as civil
servants, we are not permitted by existing laws to operate any foreign account. This is why we are asking for
your assistance to provide the necessary documents to facilitate the transfer of this fund into any account you
will nominate. Of course you shall be adequately compensated. 30% shall be yours while my colleagues and
I shall have 65%. The remaining 5% shall be for the reimbursement of any expenses that will be incurred
during the course of this transaction.

This transaction is expected to be concluded within (10) bank working days on the receipt of your bank
particulars, your bank name and address, account number, name of beneficiary, telephone and fax numbers
of the bank, your company name and address, telephone, and fax numbers.

When we receive the above information from you by fax, we shall apply and obtain the necessary payment
approvals from the relevant authorities including the Federal Ministry of Finance (F.M.F), which shall
allocate you or your company foreign exchange cover for US$34.6 Million. You or your company shall be
officially regarded as the beneficiary of the funds. When the money is transferred to your account, and
upon confirmation from you that the fund has been credited into your nominated Bank Account, my
colleagues and I will come over to your country for the sharing of the fund in the agreed percentage, to
commence our importation Business.

Letís trust that absolute confidentiality be our watchword throughout this business transaction. Your line
of business does not matter. However, your prompt reply with stating your telephone and fax numbers for
the commencement of communication in respect of this proposal will be appreciated. As soon as I receive
the requirements today, We shall commence administrative procedures in respect of the transaction.

Thanking you in anticipation of your response.

Yours sincerely,

Thirty percent of 34 million is over $10,000,000.
I'm gonna be rich!  has hit the motherlode!

I'll be helping the Nigers and getting rich at the same time.
This is a can't miss deal - they're sending me money, right?

Woo Hoo!

From: (withheld)


BC,  I take so much from your web page and forward some of the good
informative articles on to some of my demo zealots and folks that need the truth!
Also you have picked up a friend of mine in Arkansas, MC, and she is a union
organizer who, like me, feels like the dems have laid down and died.

You are giving us the opportunity to get your words out to so many more folks.
Periodically, I will send out your web address and ask folks to check you out.
I also get into political chat and give these folks your web page, mostly on msn.

So believe me, you are filling a niche and have a great web page and if I can be
of service and I mean service to get the word out I will be most delighted.
This is from a dam loud mouth yellow dog demo.
God bless you,


From: (withheld)

Subject: Compliment - Kudos - Congrats - Attaboy

I surf alot of Democratic websites but Bartcop is the best;
updated daily & right on the money 99% of the time.

I wish all our Dem (& GOP) congress people would get a free copy daily....
(forget Smirk - hopeless case - send his copy to Cheney).

A. Rose


Subject: I'm pissed SO...

Hey Bartcop,
Been reading your site since January or so.
You complain,rightfully, that the Dems are spineless wimps.
So what suggestions do you have?
You say you are a democrat.
Are you going to go down with the ship or live to fight another day?

And I'm frustrated and pissed off as hell about how my country is
floundering under fradulent "leadership". So.....

New York City

Low, good question...

Remember John Belushi in Animal House?
All the frat member were sitting around, feeling like losers, and then Belushi
tells them that real men wouldn't take it lying down, that it was time to fight back?

I keep thinking at some point they'll get tired of being limp dish rags.
I keep thinking at some point they'll resent Karl Rove's marching orders.
I keep thinking the Democrats are one good halftime speech away from waking up.

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