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I'm in a bad mood today.
Those men didn't die at Pearl Harbor so the unelected, stupid and lazy son of a former president could assume
his throne, throw out the Constitution and execute people he doesn't like on the slightest of iffy whims.

I'd like to thank David Friedrichs for the months of work he's done  so far on Project 60.

The second World War, for us, started 60 years ago today.

"...a day that will live in infamy."

This may be one of the smallest tributes those brave men ever receive, but a shot of Chinaco Anejo
to the brave sons of bitches who fought and died so their children & grandchildren could be free.
David, thanks for agreeing to tell this long story.

Since I don't know much about WWII,
I'm guessing there are others who don't know that much.

Go figure - somebody might learn something reading

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