From the "Whatever you write, you'll lose some subscribers" department

> I give my money to you and Moveon but I don't agree with either of you on all things.
> The reason the Reeps win is cuz they speak with one united voice.  While I love debate,
> Dems shooting at each other is just what makes Karl Rove have happy wet dreams.
> Keep calling Dems pink tutus and we will be out of power forever. (I've grown as tired
> of the pink tutu thing as much as I have of Rumsfeld's arrogance.)

Failing to comdemn the Democrats for sleeping thru their campaigns is tantamount to saying,
"You're doing a great job, losing to this monkey again and again."
I refuse to endorse their refusal to fight for their beliefs.

> Moveon has effectively called, your hero (and mine), Clinton et al  "out-of-touch
inside the beltway political loosers." Terry was Clinton's number one dude.

Kerry lost that race, and Terry wasn't Kerry's boss.
We can dislike Terry, but we can't hold him responsible for Kerry's lack of fight.

> When I got Moveon's pissy e-mail,  I just deleted their e-mail.  We need discipline to win, not cranky blovenators.
> We 'bought it, we own it" is so much bullsh*t.  Are they talking about the Democratic party or the Iraq war?

You didn't enjoy seeing some spine in the Dem party for the first time since 1996?

Do you remember this, from  Volume 1424 - Bungling Butcher

 St Louis running 'Bartcop-style' ads

 Kerry: This Monkey said Osama was of no concern to him.

 Monkey: I never said that - it's another Kerry ex-ag-ger-a-tion.

 Monkey from 2002: Osama  (giggling & smirking at the camera)  is no concern of mine...

 Announcer: America, you gotta fire the Monkey

 So I'm wondering how Missouri Democrats ginned up the balls to say that,
 then the ads ends with, "Paid for my"

 Why can't the Democrats run their own ads?

 Why does moveon have to save them?
 What is it about Democrats that makes them so afraid?

 Will the Democrats ever grow up and be able to defend themselves?
 They're like little old ladies who can't walk to the store without a moveon Boy Scout.

 Remind me: How did I get in a party of helpless old ladies?

At the Democratic convention, Kerry ordered everybody to hold their fire.
At Nazi-Con2004, Rove ordered everyone to fire their guns at once - and they sank us.

> Sorry, I agree with Ed on this one.  I may have to re-direct my financial support accordingly.

I understand and it'll be sad to lose you, but I'm tired of our guys laying down for Bush.
Our guys keep bringing an olive branch to the gun fight and look at the results.

> I want to win too and we aren't going to do it by being cranky, whining bitches.
> D2 in Dago

Gore and Kerry proved we can't win by being polite and turning the other cheek.

You're not saying this, but what I'm hearing is,
"Four more years of Bush isn't that bad."

We have to fight harder than we have.
We can't keep sending Barney Fife up against Mike Tyson.

Thanks for the note,

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