EXTRA - Shocking Shocker in Iowa
 Kerry beats Dean by 20 points

 U.S. Seeks U.N. Help in Iraq 
  Now that it's thoroughly plundered and we have 500 dead...

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 Washington will seek U.N. help on Monday in salvaging plans for a handover
 of power to a provisional Iraqi government, a day after a huge Baghdad bomb
 attack highlighted the frailty of the U.S. hold on the country.

 Kofi Annan, still sensitive to the August attack on U.N. headquarters in Baghdad
 that killed 22 people, is wary of endorsing a process he had no role in formulating.

 Bush told the United nations (and every member) to "Go fuck yourself" because
 his oil hardon was more important than world opinion. But the main reason he's
 wanting to serve this frozen turkey is because he can't campaign while men are dying.
 I guess the war "running long" has inconvenienced his run at the White House.

 When will an elected Democrat or member of the press hold him accountable
 for the deadly lies that have killed so many hundreds of brave soldiers?

 I'm gonna get away with it.
 I always get away with it.

 Michael Moore Questions Bush Guard Service

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 Wesley Clark suggested that questions remain about Bush's Vietnam-era service,
 but he stopped short of endorsing a comment by Michael Moore that Bush was "a deserter."

 Moore introduced Clark at a campaign rally here Saturday by saying he looked forward
 to debates between Clark, if he wins the Democratic nomination, and Bush.

"I want to see that debate: the general versus the deserter," Moore said to
 enthusiastic applause at a packed rally, reiterating a line he uses frequently.

 ha ha
 Me, too.

 Clark should ask Bush how many bullets he took defending Mexican brothels
 while he was high on cocaine and drunk on Jim Beam.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for


 For once my IQ of 67 trumped your IQ of 69.
 I was on a rant about Wesley Clark waaay back last summer. Right?

 There are so many reasons that Wes Clark should be the Democratic contender.
 But too often the primary reason is lost in all the other reasons.
 Therefore I won't be my usual verbose self.

 I will just stick to the main reason that I want to vote for Wesley Clark.
 He's the only bullet proof Democrat that Karl Rove, Tom Delay, Mark Rancidcot,
 Ralph Reed, The GOP Nazi army and media whores will NOT be able to pick off
 with cheap shots, lies and fabrications.

 Plus Monkey Boy will look and sound extremely stupider than usual, standing next to Clark at any debate.
 Clark WILL win in 2004 if the Democrats can unite which is probably like herding cats.


 US stars hail Iraq war whistleblower 

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 GCHQ worker Katharine Gun faces jail for exposing American corruption
 in the run-up to war on Saddam. Now her celebrity supporters insist it is
 Bush and Blair who should be in the dock. Martin Bright reports.

 Gun appears in court tomorrow accused of breaching the Official Secrets Act
 by allegedly leaking details of a secret US 'dirty tricks' operation to spy on
 UN Security Council members in the run-up to war in Iraq last year.
 If found guilty, she faces two years in prison..

 The B.F.E.E. has to have secrecy or people might be outraged by their abuses.
 When they spy on diplomats, they always have a good reason - like making more money.

 Just one reason...

 This isn't the reason I think Clark has the best shot at red-assing the Illegal Monkey, it's just one of many.

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 Subject: Eddie

 Hey Bart,

 Your SOTU sign contest reminds me of one of my technology fantasies:

 By way of explanation, you know how modern TV superimposes the yellow line on the football field
 to mark the distance to the next first down? The camera can pan up and down the field, but a computer
 inserts the yellow line in the image and keeps it at the appropriate place, creating the illusion that the line
 is painted on the grass. My fantasy is that some genius computer hacker (preferably a 14-year old, just to
 maximize the embarrassing nature of the security breach) will access a major network feed and superimpose
 a big, yellow "LIAR" on Shrub's forehead during the SOTU that would stay with his head movements like
 a tattoo, and for the duration of the national broadcast.

 ha ha

 Much better than a sign taped to my TV that only I can see.

 By the way, we met at the last Vegas pokerfest. I live in Vegas, and I don't gamble. I won't be attending the
 forthcoming event, at your request. I don't bet what I can't afford to lose, and I am a pessimist by nature;
 my presence would be as a mere looky-loo, which you have declared unwelcome, so I'll stay away.
 Have a good time.

 Wishing I were that hacker,

 Yer Pal Lance

 Lance, the casino makes almost no money from this, which is the biggest reason we don't want a crowd.
 A second reason was to get the fence-sitters to join the game.
 If you don't have $50 to invest in an afternoon/evening with Bartfesters, I understand, but as a rule,
 $50 is cheaper than taking the wife and kids to the movie, and it's the most you can lose.

 I played 25 cent poker back in college where people lost over $100 - this isn't like that.
 With everyone's prmission, we're doing a multi-tiered winner system this time, so you'd
 have a 50-50 chance of leaving "in the money."

 But if Bush's economy has totally devastated your financially or you hate poker,
 I can understand your reluctance to "gamble."

 After all, it would keep you out of Baseball's oh-so-precious and super-snooty GOP Hall of Fame.

 Waldman: Press Gives Bush a Free Ride
  Gee, ...ya think?

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"Going against the mood" is something reporters are afraid to do, he said. "I do think they fell down on this one,"
 Waldman said about the performance of the press during 9/11 and the war on Iraq. "Reporters could've done
 a much better job asking, 'What is it they're trying to say and where's the proof?'"

 "I'm not trying to bash the press but what looks like objectivity is giving Bush the path to lie.'"

 Asking question is too much work for the press.
 There's no reason to wortk when parroting Karl Rove is so much easier.
 Besides, asking questions might cost these sluts a nickname from the unelected moron.

 Subject: BartCop the Brave

 Sam, I just want to express to you how very much I respect and admire Bartcop.
 WHAT a genius.  No, really.

 Anyone who spews venom and profanity with every sentence is a TRUE "intellectual."
 How very "enlightening" hatred is.  Hate Bush, the Nazi. Hate Neocons.  Hate right wingers.
 Hate and despise greedy capitalist Repugnicans.   It's all so very intelligent and informative.

 No WONDER Bartcop didn't want to debate me even after he issued the challenge and invitation.
 Like the eternal gentleman Bartcop is, he even allowed me to select the topic.  And I did.
 The topic was Bartcop's insatiable appetite for profanity, and hate, and bile, and venom.

 His insides must be one giant spleen, for he vents it so VERY much -  unlike almost anyone
 in the history of the world.  Bartcop dropped out of the chat room when I insisted on debating
 his hatefulness and profanity.  He had not a word of defense for his psychotic rants.
 Not a word. My, how brave of him.

 DO  give Bartcop my warmest personal regards, won't you?

 He's SUCH a brave, and "intellectual" soul.


 Hmmm... I am mostly unfamiliar with this Spider person.
 I've seen the name, so maybe he's a previous victim, but that's just a guess.

 I didn't "drop out" of a chat room when he "insisted" on debating.
 I constantly have to reboot, which could explain my leaving a chat room,
 but I'll drink Cuervo before I'll duck a debate with a ditto-monkey like this spider person.

 He so very badly wanted his challenged noticed, he sent copies to Project 60,
 Marty at E!,  Slabby,  the Sports and Stocks guys, and Sam, as tho he was revealing
 to them that I was afraid to face this monkey.

 Hey Spider, I made Nixon's lawyer eat it nine years ago.
 Your bad-ass self hardly has me quaking in my boots..

 Who knows, maybe Spiderboy has a boot-in-the-ass-fetish, but his timing is very bad.
 Tonight we have the Iowa results, tomorrow the Chimp sells his Fate of the Union disaster,
 and Wednesday I'm traveling with the laptop...


 A week from tonight, Monday the 27th, I would very much enjoy a boot insertion.

 Let's set up a few ground rules:
You bring the fight to me. Since I don't know you, I don't have a debate agenda.
     Let's not set this up only to have you say, "So, what chu wanna debate about?"
You have to know that Bush pardoned Reagan's cabinet after losing the 1992 election.
I can fight clean or dirty, but let's start out clean.
I'll see you in the chat room next Monday at 9 PM CST.
     Be ready, bring a cut man and start with your best stuff - I'm a busy man.
     We'll get a private room and record the slaughter debate for next Tuesday's page.

 Somebody remind me - this boy might declare "victory" if I forget.

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