Subject: media bullshit

Bart Cop,

I was waiting for this bullshit to be placed on the air; CBS media whores are showing some
shit figures about 87% of the American public looking at the Moron in the White House as a 'leader',
and how much his demeanor has 'hardened'.

Yeah, right !

Now I understand why he has been reading that stupid assed fairy tale about the little caterpillar, the little worm in the White House is undergoing his metamorphosis and is going to turn
into King fucking Kong(with the help of the whore, corporate controlled media) as the phony
'poll' numbers go through the ceiling !

I have been and I have seen a lot of shit in my time,
but this shit that is going on presently is sickening !


BT, it's OK, it's not real.
Those high numbers aren't for Bush - they're for whoever is president.

Remember, his daddy was at 91 percent during the Gulf War,
a war he bungled us into for no goddamn reason,
and we fired his ass at the first possible election afterwards.

Subject: Me, too


I'm with you, and Koresh forgive me, I'm hoping we glass them too.
The deal is not vengeance or retribution.  It's elimination of an obvious serious threat.
When I had my breast cancer surgery, I did NOT tell the surgeon to remove some of the cells,
and hope the others won't grow.  I wanted it ALL GONE.  This is how I feel about it.

As an American, I know how good we have it here.  We have the best of everything here.
We have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  All my self-preservation instincts are on
full alert to make sure nothing interferes with how good we have it here.  And the world
better be quaking in it's boots because as goes the United States, so goes the world.

They are either with us, or against us.  I would want to be on the side that's winning.
Our pursuit of happiness has been temporarily interrupted, but after we squash the bug, we'll get back to it.

My boyfriend is as radical as I am, only to the other end of the spectrum.
He hopes the loss of life has stopped.
We have agreed to disagree on this, and I strongly disagree.
I want a river of blood to drown anyone with a notion to interfere with our pursuit of happiness.

I know I'm nuts,


I'm with you, but we may be the only two.
There's a lot of people who are eager to say,
 "Thank you, may we have another?" to these murderers.

Subject: Just between Us

Geez BC, you want targets "glassed"?  I feel like I'm reading the Washington Times article
on using nukes on the Afganis.  Don't you get the geopolitical stupidity of a statement like that?

Putting aside the deaths of countless innocent civilians (as if one could) that are themselves victims
of the Taliban, you're suggesting that we license the use of these weapons for standard battlefield use.

The Pakistani's and Indians would shrug their shoulders and say
"What the hell... if it's good enough for them......", and we'd soon see nukes *everywhere*.

Jim, since I coined the term "glassed," don't I get to decide its definition?
Apparently people are taking "glassed" to mean huge areas and as many crippled children
and the poorest countries can possibly assemble for our murder-happy pilots to devour.

OK, so I take back the water purification plant, but everything else stays.
If the Taliban won't give up bin Laden, they lose their White House, their Capitol,
their court and administration buildings, the power plants, the bridges, the airports,
and every non-residence building taller than one story.

A few dozen people have mailed me this story:

An Afghan-American speaks
You can't bomb us back into the Stone Age. We're already there.
But you can start a new world war, and that's exactly what Osama bin Laden wants.

I'm sure parts of Afghanistan are primitive, but those aren't the parts I want hit.

When I say "glassed," I'm talking melted, seared and disappeared bin Laden helpers.

Remember FBI Agent Gary Aldrich?

He's the traitor who wrote the big "expose" book claiming the Secret Service put
Clinton under a blanket in the back seat of a car so he could go to the DC Marriott
and have sex and cocaine with teen virgins. He's also the clown who insisted
Hillary ordered "penis ornaments" to be hung on the nation's Christmas Tree.

Simply put, he has that Olson/Coulter/Pigboy/Falwell brand of "honesty" going for him.
He wrote an article that included this:

“Meanwhile, the "girly-men" Liberals and their strident molls
  scratch their heads and wonder how and why Tuesday happened.”

 Hey, Gary, under Clinton, we had peace and prosperity.
 The only tragedy we had was from a "less government" conservative named Tim.

Full article and one man's reply

Subject: A word of support

I just wanted to thank you for your sanity and calm in the early hours of this tragedy.
I wish for Bill Clinton back more than ever.  My daughter, who is in the army, told me that more
people have signed up for military service in the last 72 hours than any time since World War 11.

She is fully preparing herself to go to war, she has tears in her eyes that do not fall, and this kind
of mature determination to do what she needs to do to defend our country.  I am completely awed.

This is my child, and I'm feeling something of what mothers have felt about their sons throughout history.
I know she will not be on any kind of "front", but this is war, and women die too.
Between my parents and I, we will watch my grandson, for as long as it takes.
Like the ad says, she is my hero.


Subject:  Later, dude

I guess I'm going to go hang out at the Jewish World Review site for a while.
I dumped you out of my favorites, and don't plan on returning  to your site again.

Did you know the editor at JWR is scared shitless he's going to lose all his
readers because he refused to run Ann Coulter's latest hatefest?  He's a
conservative, and runs a site directed primarily towards conservatives.

But he has principles, and there are some things he just won't do -
advocating the murder of innocent people is one of them.

I used to think you had principles too.
You can't imagine how it saddens me to find out otherwise.

David Hines

I was doing so good at hiding my secret desire to murder innocent people,
and then I slipped and let the truth out for everyone to see.
(I'm getting a lot of really idiotic mail like this.)

And you're dumping me for a site that runs Ann Coulter?

ha ha

What do you expect my reaction to be?

"Please stay, and I'll write what you want to hear?"

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