Subject: your anti-white sentiment

Paying member so please read.

Yes, Sir.

I'm trying hard not to be one of those, "I disagree with you therefore I'm pulling my donation" types.
So I'm going to try laying out some facts (libs like to say they are the logical ones).

Yes, we believe in sciemce and logic, not religion, superstition or bullshit.

According to FBI crime statistics:

3.5% of the US population commits 60% of the violent crime here.
That group is black males from 10-60 years old.
They commit the vast majority of gun related crime, and an overwhelming majority of violence against blacks.

I'll take your word that those are accurate stats.

The media constantly seeks to create a false equivalence with highly publicized incidents of white gun violence and
violence against black, that is absolutely not statistically supported (IE it's a damn lie and white guilt agenda propaganda).

That is a gratuitous assertion.
I'm no fan of "the media" but they're not colluding on the Blacks thing.
BTW, if whites with guns would stop killing Blacks, they'd have nothing to over-publicize.

American black culture is toxic to every city it infects. Every. single. city. with a large black population is
plagued by the mindset of criminality and victim-hood that turns those cities into corrupt, dysfunctional hellholes.
Detroit, New Orleans, Birmingham, Baltimore, Philly, south Atlanta, and on and on and on...

ha ha
You say you're a paying member?
That sentence in bold could've come from Rush or FOX News.

This, is the entirely logical reason for whites perception of them as a valid threat, white flight, and gun ownership
(who the vast majority manage to do without committing murder, rape, and robbery unlike Blacks). Yet they persist
in calling responsible gun owners seeking to protect themselves (like you) crazy, insecure, irrational, bigoted red necks.

So, you don't like it when an entire group is slammed because of the actions of a few?
That applies to gun owners, but not Black people?

Do you get that there's a difference between a gun owner and a gun nut?

Everyone knows all this stuff and doesn't say it for fear of being labelled a bigot. Fuck that.

Well, that and the fact that what you're saying is nonsense.
Maybe if this super-violent country didn't have 300M guns there'd be fewer murders?

Leftist welfare programs and black cultural stupidity have created new slave class, and knowing its utter failure,
continue its disingenuous support solely to solidify power via the minority voting block.

So, your way to "fix" things is to take every last dollar from desperately poor people?

No way you've ever sent me a dime.

Black failure, as with the cartoon you posted, is always attributed to evil whitey.  (Not sure which toon you refer to...)
Yet this fails to explain...
  -The success of Chinese immigrants that provided the slaves of the West for railroads and mining.
   Contemporaries of newly freed slaves who also had no money and subhuman status, but also a
   language and cultural barrier that blacks didn't face. Yet, eternal chinese ghettos and
   perpetual need for corrective social justice measures is non-existent.

  -In supposedly Super Racist White America, the redemption and valuing of Japanese citizens post
   Pearl Harbor and Tokyo Rose, would have been impossible. Yet, they're doing great.

  -Hispanic immigrants come with only the clothes on their back, no english, no green card, and none of
   the expensive machinery spent to prop up American blacks, yet manage to thrive.

So please tell me what the excuse is for America's Black community that is HUD housed, EBT fed,
Medicaid insured, welfare funded, Obamaphone calling, affirmative action enabled, scholarship available, etc etc etc.

Funny, you look at some slums and think "Geez, those lucky people have everything given to them."
I wonder what those dead-broke people think when they hear whitey complain about how easy they have it?
Maybe you should put black shoe polish on your face and move to a slum so you'vll have all the luxuries the Blacks have.

Oh yes, it's evil whitey who somehow manages to only succeed at keeping the black minority down.
That and that their great, great, great grandfathers were dispossessed and forced to work farms
(like every other poor white of the era and any medieval serf).

You're right about that.
Slaves were the luckiest people ever.
Can you believe those ingrates think we owe them something for their hundreds of years of forced labor?

As a whole, we're really tired of catching the blame and paying the bill for a group that seems to exist to prove stereotypes correct.

Who told you there was blame you needed to catch?
Who sent you the bill that you resent paying?
I'm white, but I don't have these burdens that bug you.

Also, when Democrats finally succeed in obtaining the perpetual amnesty and open borders policy they're seeking to
solidify power, how long do you think the reconquistadors are going to continue working those hard field jobs?

I'm guessing 14 months.

How long do you think we can house, feed, educate, insure, and retire an underclass of 100-150+ million people?
It will collapse the Republic. we should start building ovens?
I think that's already been tried and found to be a bad idea.

Don't you think most Black people would rather have a good paying job so they could house and feed themselves?
If whitey would agree to hire more Blacks, there'd be less crime, lower taxes etc but whitey won't do that.

This is what the fall of western civilization looks like:
(Photos of the abandoned Mark Twain Library in Detroit)

Please stop being yet another deluded liberal laying the blame at the feet of white America.
It's an obvious agenda they're pushing. White=racist, America=evil, Religion=dumb&evil, "Diversity"=desirable, etc.

White men are not all racists.
Americans aren't all evil.
Religion IS stupid and evil and harmful and crooked and exists for the sole purpose
  of helping evil men rape the easily-fooled anally and financially.
Diveristy IS desirable, and possibly essential.

I can't even read Alternet anymore because I can write the articles before I even read them using those tropes as a format.
And not to venture into conspiracy theory land, but this is exactly what the Communist propagandists wanted to do to us.
What a sad irony if history proves McCarthy right in the end...

I don't get to Alternet enough to have an opinion.

A lot of Democratic policy you're helping to's going to literally destroy the nation because we don't have
the homogenous population, low defense costs, and sane immigration standards of the countries where those things
can be supported. That will lead to a parting of ways because I just can't in good conscience support that...

It's hard to believe you were ever a Democrat - or a fan of

Have you considered the possibility that YOU are the problem?

You seem to be OK with the Chinese, Japanese and Hispanics, but those lousy Black people piss you off?
Wild guess:  If you were the guy who did the hiring at your factory, I have a feeling you'd hire the Chinese
and the Japanese and the Hispanics but steer clear of those don't-want-to-work Blacks - am I right?

Tell me, why would Black people prefer to live in a slum with rats, crack dealers and gunfire
when they could have lots of money and live in a big fancy house like you and me?

Is it because they're lazy?
Or is it because white people don't want to hire Black people?

And what about cops?
If they continue to pull over cars with Blacks in them (and let whites drive away) they will continue
to find small amounts of drugs which gives Blacky a police record so whitey won't hire him.

Plus, Black people have at least one major disadvantage and that is they can be hated from 200 feet.
You can't hate an Asian or a Hispanic or a gay person or a poor person from 200 feet.
You have to get closer to see them better, THEN you can start hating them.
Blacks have no such presumption of innocence.

Plus, Blacks were slaves for hundreds of years.
A white person like myself has NO IDEA what that does to a culture of people.
In the spirit of compromise, let's chalk this up to a chicken-and-the-egg situation.
If more whites would hire more Blacks, they would have more money and they
would need fewer of those "worthless" social programs you're tired of paying for.

But if angry white guys like you won't hire them, should they just "knock it off?"

In closing, I must compliment you on your spelling, grammer and sentence structure.
Most people with your political views can't spell worth a fuck.


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