Bev Harris

 My comments on the Bev Harris claims started a small storm at Demo Underground,
 where they treat Bev Harris like I'd treat Shirley Manson if we ever met.

 I asked if somebody could point me to her past work - I hope to get some replies.
 I got into their forum and was uncharacteristically nice, even to the people who wrote,
 "Fuck Bart" and "He's such a dick."

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 I did two other things, too:  I promised that if Harris has what she claims to have,
 I would crawl on my hands and knees to kiss her feet and apologize on this page in giant red letters.

 I also bet some smart guy $100 (to the American Cancer Society) that Harris can't pull this off.
 Of course, he won't take my bet. He'd be crazy to bet that Bev's BIG scoop will bring down the Illegal Fraud.
 This is a bet I'm certain to win, guaranteed to win, but boy, I'd sure like to write that check to the ACS.

 I'd sure like to see some of Bev's PAST WORK, which means don't write and tell me you think
 Bev's a nice person who would always be upfront and accurate about her upcoming big scoops.

 ( Thursday update - Bev apparently runs, which is linked on this page.
  I'd never visitied that site, and had no way to connect Harris to it.)

 Also, a reader's comments:


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 This is a personal email and I ask that it not be printed.

 Let's get this out of the way, first.
 Surely, you meant to say, "Please don't identify me in any way."
 You can't send an e-mail this hot and expect me to ignore it.

 ...we'll call you Bevfan.


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