Contributor List 2

Sub-Total  $6015

Tom P            $30  Cannot attend JulieFest, but I wanted to contribute. $30 for Julie and $20 for the treehouse.
                              I have been reading since Volume15!   If you get to Detroit - I will buy the drinks.  (Deal!)
Jonathan K-I  $50  JHS. I can't attend the 'fest, but she is a woman I admire greatly.
Humberto C  $100 Bart, here's another $100.00 to use for Juliefest or any other thing you may need it for.
                              I also donated another $100 to Julie after reading her final report - it makes me physically sick
                              how she was treated. Anyway, I hope these little tokens are helping, because I have no clue how else
                              to counter this stranger-than-fiction right wing jihad against everything that is logical and just.
                              Thanks again, Humberto C   (Humberto, you're doing a good thing - thanks)
Ninja Bob    $150  Please forward $100 to Julie, I hope she finds a kindhearted dentist. $50 is for Juliefest, but I will
                              be unable to attend. If someone wants to go but doesn't have the funds, please let them take my place.
                              The last $50 is to help grow the Hammer higher. Keep fighting the good fight! Ciao, Ninja Bob.
                              PS If you have any more stickers lying around, I would love to have one.
                          (Sorry, Bob, you must donate at least $250 to get stickers - just kidding!
                              Stickers are in the mail and thanks a ton)
William G      $ 50  Read you from Little Rock everyday, Bartcop. Wield the hammer. Go after the fascists. (I will)
Phillip B S     $ 50  JHS, from Jacksonville, FL
Arthur H       $ 25  Athens, GA  - for the JHS event
Jeff St           $ 25  Carrollton, TX    I read The Gambler and got a lump in my throat.
                          (Julie sent that to her atty and she liked it.)
Lou H           $ 50  Can't get to DC, but I'd like to donate to Julie anyway. Good luck. Lou
Robert B       $ 50  Bowling Green  Sent $50 last week for OR JHS, your choice.
                              You chose JHS. Great.
                              But I do want to support, so here's another $50. But if it would do more good
                              for JHS, do that again. You're in the best position to know. Keep up the GREAT work!

Sub-Total  $6595

Peter V   $250  I will miss the event - miss it terribly. This is a great idea and give her my best.
                          (Peter, for $250, I'll give Julie a hug for you :)
Robert D       $50   Bart I consider it an honor to [donate] I want to shake her hand. I want to meet someone
                              who stood up to that bastard Ken Starr. More than that, I want the truth to come out.
                              On April 27, she will be among friends. Thanks for organizing this. Bob
Michael B    $100   Vancouver, WA   $100 for Julie - - $50 for Bartcop
Daniel R       $ 50    I live in Slovenia, so I won't be able to come. Thanks for your tireless efforts for Julie...
Kathryn M    $ 50   for Juliefest
Monte B       $ 25   I am a disabled retiree on a fixed income, and my wife works part-time. We have four kids,
                              (one in college). I'm sorry we haven't been able to contribute before, but January is property
                              tax time here in WI, and of course our water heater, tv, and washer went out (good 'financial
                              management' learning experiences come in threes it seems). We won't be able to come, as I
                              don't travel well, but our hopes and wishes will be with all who attend. Keep up the fight,
                              and we'll impeach a pResident who really deserves such a fate.

Sub-Total  $7120

Malakay       $100 Richland - Can't make it to Juliefest but wanted to help. I gave up fabulous shoes for this.
                         (Thank you)
KKaspar      $ 50  Juliefest ~ I hope to be there!! (Miami)
                              I am so pissed about this, When Bush is the one that should be investigated.
                              My GOD what has this Country come to.
Ol'Yippie W  $ 25  Go to & check out
Susan B         $ 80  Hi Bartcop! I'm in Canada... love your site... I may or may not be attending the Julie-Fest
                              (I'm a student), but I admire what you're doing (and I'd give my first born to meet Bill Clinton!)
                               Sorry it's Canuck-bucks.. :-) Cheers, Susan B  London, Ontario
Chris P          $100  Bart - here is $50 for Juliefest2002 - i definitely plan to plan to be there - the other 50 is for Julie
                               - thanks, dude, and let's go see Jimmy Page sometime Chris
Michael H      $ 50  Give this to Julie, along with my regards, and tell her I'll be there with bells on to shake her hand...
                           (bells, eh?  We'll have security watching you :)  thanks
Donna F         $ 50  The "bears" lady in Maryland

Sub-Total  $7575

Miquel Y        $ 50  I'm sure the event will be an ass-kicker, wish I could attend,
Suzanne R      $ 50  Second ticket*
David T          $ 50  from the UK - Hi Bartcop, Here's for JHS! Keep up the good work. Best, DT
Carol B          $ 20  from Austin - for Julie!*
Mark K          $ 50  Portland -  I'm hopeful that I might even make it all the way out there for the event.
                               Even if I can't, I still wanted to get my donation in while I have it!
                               Bart, Thanks for doing this for Julie, you rock!!
A Sue C.        $ 50  Arlington, Va
Dan P             $ 50  Grand Junction, CO
Sofie Dallas    $ 20  Use for Julie
Doug Mac      $ 50
Carol S          $ 35  For Julie H Steele Fund, from Buffalo State
Buzzflash  $250 get your news from
Charles S       $ 50  Looking Forward to it! from Newport News, VA
Robert D       $ 50   I live in DC and look forward to the meet & greet.

March  18
Sub-Total  $8550

Pat  R           $100  My birthday is April 25. and my husband asked what I wanted.
                               I said 'Juliefest2002," so we'll both be there.
Rich DeM     $ 50   I plan to attend Julie's Bake Sale and will send $50 for my wife
Ed Dem        $ 50   from Columbia MD
David R        $100  Maybe you can get Michael Moore to drop by as well!  I can't make it, but here is
                              $100.00 to help julie. Also is a grass roots drive for democracy!
                              The people are going to get back our government!
K Val            $100 from Reading, PA
Margie K       $ 50  from Joliet, - wish I could be there! Buy a drink for yourself, Mrs. Bartcop and Julie on me.
                              Have a great time! ~Margie
                           Margie - great idea! Under the rules, if we buy drink for $20, the hotel will give Julie $20.
                            ha haI think I'll do that, thanks. Why didn't I think of that?
                               I'll be danged if I leave that hotel owing them money :)  Great work!
Sidebar:  if you want to buy a drink for Julie, Bart, Lorena, Christian etc, you don't have to send $50.
                       You can send $6, $12, $18 - whatever.
                       We'd be CRAZY to leave there owing the hotel money, right? Thanks, Margie!!!
Robert De     $50  Bart, Here's another $50.....$25 for appetizers and $25 just for the hell of it.
                             Hope it helps make the evening a success
Joe L            $ 50  Woodstock, GA
Carrie H       $ 50  Here's my fifty for Julie. I hope to make it!  (She's from Seattle!)
Mike F         $100 Can't attend...but let me buy you a double Chinaco at the event...
K Ready       $200 Tell Julie to keep the original 100 for her teeth. Her story pissed me off at those jackasses
                             who had to destroy a single mom (well, not quite destroy, eh) to take down Bill. I also want
                             to meet the cantankerous ol bartcop; your writings remind me of my dear, cantankerous husband!
                             - from Camano WA
Onehandle     $ 50   Hey Bart, Best of luck on the event. Looking forward to it.  Thought I sent my 50
                               a week or so ago, but I either didn't or there was a network glitch.
                               Check your PayPal account - they have a history built in - thanks

Sub-Total  $9500

Susan H       $100  (NY) I wanted to send something to help make Juliefest a reality. It is very unjust that Julie was
                              forced  to pay such a high price for telling the truth. All Americans owe Julie a huge debt.
John DeP     $100 Juliefest from Fredericksburg, VA
John CC      $  50  from Beacon, NY - Juliefest, Bravo!
Cathy NAL  $ 50  Thank her for me!    Ely, MN

Sub-Total  $9800

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