Tickets to meet Julie Hiatt Steele are just $100.

 To get inside - you'll need an invitation e-mailed to you from Christian.
 To get inside - you have to be on the list.

 Studio 54 was Yankee Stadium compared to Juliefest 2002
 So send a short note, perhaps with "attending" in the subject box,

 Christian is monitoring the mail.

Would you like to meet Julie Hiatt Steele?

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 Like Clooney says:   Are you in or out?

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
   Send PayPal to
 .Snail mail to
  PO Box 54466.... Tulsa, OK  74155

 Once you've done that, send e-mail to
 so Christian can e-mail you a specially numbered ticket.

 Snail write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
 Or e-mail  Julie at

 Tell her "Thanks for standing up to Ken Starr's Nazi goons."

If you sent money for Julie and  don't see your name on this list - contact me.

In order of when it arrived:

Contributor List Part One  was got too large to load.

Contributor List Part Two dittoes

Contributor List Three

Sub-Total  $9800

Travis C       $ 75  Hey BC! Wish I could attend in person but please accept this "virtual" ticket payment
                            (at the upcoming higher price!) and give it to Julie. She deserves every penny and more.
              Travis, you got it.
Mike Fourn  $ 50  Juliefest
Ron Van       $100 An evening with JHS for two - Johnsburg, NY
Brendan P    $100 Baltimore -  Bartcop, One for me, one for my wife. We'll be there
Mike J          $ 50 Centerville VA Yes, the night is all about Julie, but don't hide from your fans, Bartcop!
                             I would hide from anybody who was a fan of a 68 IQ Okie myself. :) I'll be there.
                             Live in the DC area too, so yell if anything needs doing.
Maria C       $200 Lawrenceville, NJ (prev contributor)
Beth Bax      $100 Arlington
David S        $ 50  Yo BC, here's for JulieFest.  all the way from Baltimore. Keep the hammer high.
mystery         $ 35  from Atrios via Pancho

Sub-Total  $10,560

Kay Ny        $ 50  I can not be there except in my thoughts. Thank you Julie. You are my hero.
                             Hopefully things will be much better in your future. You sure do deserve it.
Steve W       $ 75  Hunts, AL  -   BC, here is my 75 bucks, can't wait to see you and Julie there!
AGW          $100 Bartcop: Cannot attend, but this is for the cause
Carol B        $ 50  All the way from Austin TX
Eliz S            $ 75  Breckville   -  See you in DC on April 27! Liz S

Sub-Total  $10,910

Steve L        $ 75  Alpharetta - I'm paying the higher $75 shot just because it's the right thing to do.
                             Hope I can make the event. I just may. (75 gets you appetizers!)
Carolyn D    $ 50  add my 50 to my husband's 50 - Wake Forest, NC
Serdar Y      $ 50  for Julie, and grow the hammer higher! (Thanks - Serdar is a pillar*)
Mike B        $ 50  I don't know if I'll actually be able to attend, but it would be stupid not to be prepared.
                             Best of luck to all concerned. Sincerely, Michael B.-  Somerville MA
John Tomato$ 55  from Gaithersburg
Greg M        $ 50  from Philly

Sub-Total  $11,240

Lori F          $ 75  Morris Plains NJ - JulieFest - I hope to attend, but want to contribute either way
Brian B       $100  Ft Collins, Colorado  "We can't afford not to go"
Kevin O'C   $ 50   hometown DC boy, Buzzflash mentioned the site and Juliefest
Marg C       $150  New York, friend of Perkel's
Rob Cacc    $ 50  Kicksville, NY - please upgrade me to "appetizer" status,  (Can do!)
C Carroll     $ 75   all the way from St Louis - JulieFest 2K2, by any means necessary

Sub-Total  $11,740

Joe S          $ 75   RPI Dude - Looking forward to meeting everyone, -Joe
Nathan R    $ 75   Rock on, rock on
Jerome S    $ 50   Millersville, MD  (Upgrade for two appetizers)
Diane K      $150 Winchester, VA payment for juliefest 2002 for 2 people
Justin F       $ 75   from DC - raise the hammer higher, brother
Nancy JP    $ 50   Reston, VA   See you there!  (Nancy - the last one in before the price bump)

Sub-Total  $12,215

Tim G         $ 75  West Warwick  - for Julie Hiatt Steele
Marty E!   $100  representing LA, making our West Coast sweep a reality.
Alan C        $ 75  Hickory, NC  + 50 to my fave website,, of course
Carol  B      $ 50  Austin  - upgrade for 2 yummy snacks
Chookie      $ 50  (Chookie, did you mean to send 50 twice? also need more ID details)
John C        $ 75  from A street in DC
The Vidiot  $ 75  from Brooklyn
Karl E         $ 25  appetizer upgrade
Peter  E      $ 75  Hughsonville, NY  probably attending

Sub-Total  $12,815

Suzanne R  $ 50  Harrisburg, PA    I was going to upgrade to $75 tickets, but since
                           I don't have to now (GO JAMES!!),  I want this to go to Julie.
Jim C         $100 from Charlotte - For Julie...can't be there but it's worth the fight
Robert De  $100 from Three Bridges NJ - Nice work, BartCop!!!
                          That's worth a supplemental contribution. This is going to be fun!
Mary AC   $ 50  already sent $100 for the invite, kicking in another $50 for the carville upgrade
                           ... i'm bringing my best heels!!
Princeton    $ 50  Carville upgrade - don't tell my wife

Sub-Total  $13,165

Maria C     $200  Third ticket - Lawrenceville, NJ
Snail mail
F of Stairs  $ 75  Salem Mass- Are you sure you want the press there?
             The only press that can get in will be friends of Julie, CAL or Bart
Rude Rich  $150  New York - let's drink some Chinaco, Funnyboy
G Clark      $ 25  Keene, NH  -  food upgrade (you get beer & wine, too)

Sub-Total  $13,615

Shirley B    $250 Wyncote - tickets for Juliefest at West 24
Mary F      $  50  Rockville - can't make it to meet Julie! a ruptured disk has kept me from going places.
                           Have a great time and give Julie my best wishes. (Mary - get well soon)
Morris S    $100  Houston - doesn't like tequila
Rich O'B    $100  Silver Springs
Patricia K   $200 2 tickets - JulieFest  - Westfield, NJ
Robert LG  $200 Alexandria, VA
Lisa K        $100 Roselle, IL  JulieFest Ticket Please
Josh K        $150 Galloway, OH, provider of the new search engine
Ed DM       $ 75  Columbia, MD - the transport guy :)

Kathy K refund of $100 because she paid the $200 rate
Ken H        $100  St Louis - Bart, my significant other may be able to make it with me, so here's $ for
                             another ticket to Juliefest just in case.  If she can't - give it to Julie looking SO forward to the 27th.

Sub-Total  $14,840

Kurt B        $ 25   Juliefest donation
J Ruby        $ 10   Free Press, JHS and stickers
Carol C      $400  Philly
A.M.E.N.   $100  from Alex, VA   Julie is a heroine!
Gary R        $ 35  Union Planter
Pat R-T       $500  Run for the Roses
DC in DC   $100  third guest, our man on the ground in DC
John B        $100  Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele - Jersey City, NJ
Steve R       $200  JHS tickets   Flemington, NJ
George E    $100  Wells, ME

Sub-Total  $16,410

Kelly B       $200  Juliefest
Regan C     $100  all the way from LA to meet Julie!
Mary T       $200  West Orange, NJ
Emily W     $100  Lake Ridge, VA
Sandra P    $100  Kingston, NY
Rita T         $200  Louisburg, NC
Pauline D    $ 20  Hayward, CA - buy Julie a Chinaco for me

Sub-Total  $17,300

Gail W        $ 50  Franklin, IN     this is a donation to Julie Hiatt Steele. i cannot attend
                            (Gail, that was nice - thanks)
David VR  $200  right in DC
Judy H       $100  Won't be in DC to meet Julie, but this is a small token of my admiration C
                    (Judy, thanks for 'stickin' with Julie)
Kent B       $100  Juliefest2002!  Elkridge, MD 21075
Andrew S   $ 50  Seattle,  I know I could never make it, but here's $50 for Julie
Lisa            $100  I hope I made it in time (you did)

Sub-Total  $17,780

Joseph N    $ 40  Can't attend, but Julie deserves it. I'm the Pentagon Plane guy. Told ya I would...
Nick  B      $80  I can't make it but wanted to do help out Julie and pay for the cake
                            Hope it all goes well, looking forward to reading the reports afterwards.
                    (Nick is BartBooks and our Senior BartCop Foreign Correspondent in the UK)
Lawrence B $100 Boca Raton, FL
Ed B            $100 Metarie, LA  Sponsor - use it in good health!
Marg Matt   $200 for a photographer, or whatever. I'd love a copy of the video!
                     (Marg, one video coming your way - thanks)
Beth B          $ 50  Grain Valley, MO   Juliefest donation!
Richard S      $100 Saline, MI 48176  Juliefest!

Sub-Total  $18,450

Douglas E  $500  from Texas - Juliefest sponsorship & two tickets please (You got it!)
Ron V        $100  (Carville contactor)  my contribution to Julie's security.
                             Sorry I can't cover it all, but... apparently, teachers make less than cops!!
Alex M!       $90  Thank You to Julie for all she's done
Suzanne R   $ 50  for expenses, sorry it couldn't be more
Scott D       $100 Stoneham, MA
Bonnie W    $200 coming all the way from Folsom, CA to meet Julie!
Carl C         $100 Dover NH (need your e-mail to send tix send to
Alicia O       $100 Also from NH (dittoes on the e-mail)

Sub-Total  $19,690

Sofie           $ 50  Tell Julie I'm a big fan
Tom H        $150 from Michigan
Mitch D      $ 50 Lompoc, CA   "F" the monkey chimp and the evil that appointed him
Harriet H    $ 50  Ronkonkoma, NY (Hope you're feeling better, Harriet)
John P        $ 25 for Julie
Mary F       $50  Rockville, MD  For extra expenses
Deborah H $100 Please get the most spectacular flowers you can for Julie on her special night!
Maria C      $200 use for flowers or whatever
John G        $360  security sponsor
Eric H         $100 centreville, VA

Sub-Total  $20,825

Carol MW $100 Columbia SC (Welcome back, Carol)
                  $  50 Frankfort KY  "operations"
Robert OK$200 Robert is our transporation specialist - thanks, Bob
JPD           $  25 Nashville  $25 for Julie, $25 for the Treehouse
Richard C  $300 Alamordo, NM  "Juliefest2002!"  (Thanks, Richard!)
EV Gaud   $100 New York need...more...Chinaco...need...more...Chinaco...
Ken O       $100 Dallas Texas -  this is my money for JulieFest 2002.  See you there
Barry C     $200 West Grove PA
Ian W        $100  Greenville SC
Mike C      $100 Adrian Michigan -  A night with Julie Hiatt Steele
                      (Uh, Mike,, ... you only get an evening :)
Stephen C  $ 30  The Woman of Steele - wish I could go and sample the Chinaco
Eliz L          $ 10 from NY
Karen P      $ 10
Joanne M    $ 25  Santa Barbara, CA Have a shot of Chinaco for me!  (Can do!)
Marg A       $ 25
Mike H       $ 20 Hopkins, MN $20 for Julie, $10 for the hammer!
Hector V     $ 25 from San Antonio for Julie!
Kathleen F  $ 20 from Troy, MO  Juliefest2002-DC
James McL $10  J.H. Steele!
Tom R       $ 25 from Seattle    Go Julie, Lady of Steel!
John B        $ 20! from Seattle
Mike G       $ 50 Thanks to Julie for her courage. (You're damn right)
Candy P      $ 20 from Newport News, VA   Juliefest!
Marty S       $ 50 from Cherry Hill, NJ - good friend of Julie's
Judson K     $10 Julia Hiatt Steele (to make the check higher)

Sub-Total  $22,450

Mark T       $ 90 Greenville, NC  towards security
Myst B        $ 25 Des Moines
Jeff H          $ 25 Honolulu - Juliefest!
RM             $ 25  from Tampa - Bart, $25 for Julie $25 you keep $25. Wish I could be in DC... RM
David C823$ 25  Julie
Joe Co        $ 25  Julie
Richard P    $ 20  Chapel Hill, NC
Geoff S       $100 DC
VE refund  -$100
Tina W       $ 50  Warwick, RI  - Juliefest!

Sub-Total  $22,735

C Renee W $100 Columbia, SC - Now I know who JHS is, and I want to meet a hero.
                            plus, another donation for the website.
Chris G       $100 Fredericksburg, VA - here is my money for a ticket
Patricia R    $ 75  Aldie, VA - to help defray the costs of security.
Mark H       $ 10  Hi, Bart -- could you relay this small donation to Julie? can't wait to read about it.
Sue S          $ 75  Bart, we can't make it to the bash 'cuz we have no transportation, give Julie a big hug
                            and tell her thanks for being so brave. Wish I had more to send, but we're just working slobs,
                            unlike the BFEE <snort> Best wishes and blessings to you and Julie,  -  Sue and Myron
Bob DeL    $ 50   This is for JHS and the big party. Just wanted to help a little bit. Good Luck.
Will R         $ 20   from Austin - This small donation comes with my love to Ms Steele and my eternal gratitude.
                          (I'll second that)
Mary F       $ 50  Arlington, VA - Juliefest2002!!
Tom DeS    $ 10  Bartcop, Here's a small contribution. Wish I could make it to DC, sounds like
                            a magical opportunity.  Best of luck on making your goal for Ms. Steele.

CameronK $200  2 Tickets to Julie Fest @ 24 West
Peter J        $150  NYC, NY
Marian R     $ 25  Tracy, MO
Phillip McC $ 20   Prattville

Sub-Total  $23,620

Patrick T    $200  Silver Spring, MD We want to party with Julie and Bartcop.
John W      $300  New Orleans, LA 70124
Thomas R   $ 20  Wish it could bring you to the $30K, but that won't happen until I win the Florida Lotto.
                            By the way, your site looks better. Did you find a better HTML composer?
                             (No, I'm still a netscape flunkie)
Bruce H     $ 50  Sun Prairie, WI - Please give Julie H.S. my fondest regards, and my regrets that I can't make
                           the big shindig on Saturday! She is a true American hero and I tried every way I could to be
                           able to make the dinner, but I hope this is a sufficient substitute. (Bruce, you did good)
Maria L     $100  Arlington, VA
TQW        $ 10   Oak Park, IL  Keep up the good work
Peter J       $150  NYC

 Sub-Total $24,450 

Reminder:  In the coming DAYS, Christian will e-mail your tickets
                     You must have a ticket to get in the room
                    Security will be tighter than my millionaire ex-boss who won't buy eyeglasses.

There will be no cameras allowed inside the room, except for the official
picture taker and the videographer. We expect to have a picture-taking session
prior to the gig if you want to get a photo of you and Julie together.

Also, the dress code has been reassessed, and a coat and tie/fancy dress is not required
but wear something nice, OK?  Don't dress like you're getting ready to play softball.
e-mail Christian at if you have questions.

  There is a secret message board with hotel info for Juliefest2002 attendees.

 This way, we can coordinate things for those unfamiliar with the venue or the area.  has a list of who's paid for a ticket and Christian
 will be e-mailing invitation if you have indicated you're likely to attend.

 To get inside - you'll need an invitation from Christian.
 or be a current or former federal office holder or media person
 about whom Christian or I feel generous :)

 Nazi's need not apply
 No Fox News,
 No Moonie Times,
 and CNN would do good to send somebody besides Candy Crowley

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