Help me make this work.
 Like Clooney says: Are you in or out?
 Odds are you'll never meet Julie Hiatt Steele if this doesn't work.
 (This is going to work)
 C'mon, it's $50 and it's something you'll remember forever.

 Will you help?

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
   PayPal to
  PO Box 54466.... Tulsa, OK  74155

 Note: PayPal has weird rules. Julie can only withdraw $500 each month for the first 90 days.
                So, right now she has "credit" in her PayPal account that she can't get to.

                I'm not trying to pull an Al Haig-style power grab, but Julie can get the money
                much faster if you use her PO Box or PayPal trusty Ol' BartCop.

 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
 PayPal to

 JRB suggested their might be a left-leaning dentist in southeastern Virginia that might donate
 his services to get Julie of out her tooth pain if only he (or she) knew this need existed.

 When you have a toothache, the whole world is just hell, you know?
 Koresh knows she's been through enough.  Julie lives in Virginia Beach.

 Update  - her tooth still hurts, and she never even mentions it when we talk.
 Trust me, I'd be screaming like crazy every minute if that was me.
 Course, if that was me, I'd rob a liquor store and get the money,
 but Julie's too honest for that, which caused all her trouble in the first place.

Big-time update
We've narrowed the venue to two places.
We have many problems, but amongst the biggest is this:
We can't advertise without a venue, and it's tough to pick
a venue without a clue how many people might want to come.

We have some "feelers" out, and some "big names" are possible.

Special deal for you:
If we land a "big name," the price will go up, maybe significantly,
But if you have paid for a $50 ticket, you're in.

Let me use the most extreme example possible - if we were to get
confirmation that Bill Clinton will attend, we would possibly go to
$500 or higher for entrance to the big event.

Note: I don't even know how to contact Clinton, and we certainly
don't "expect" him to attend - however - I've sent e-mails to two
people who know the finest president we ever had with the best damn
"Julie needs help" letter you'll never get to read.

If a lesser celeb (or celebs) agree to attend and speak,
the price will increase proportionately to that speaker's value.

What does this mean to you?
Like I said, once you're in - you're in. But if Bill Clinton calls me tonight and says,
"Bart, I'd love to attend, it's the least I can do for Julie after she sacrificed
 everything not for me, but for the truth," then you're going to kick yourself
because that means you could've met Bill Clinton for just $50.

This isn't a trick, but I am trying to get to you fence-sitters who might be coming,
but haven't yet sent in your $50.    It's still not to late to get in for just $50.

Does this mean I'm a bad person?
Of course it does.

Our goal is to raise money for Julie to get back on her feet. If we land a hueueuege
special guest speaker for this event,  we could have a hueueueuge crowd. The whole point
is to get Julie a hueueueueuge check, so if you're thinking about going, get in for the $50
before we announce the special guest speaker(s)

On March 10, I sent her $1080 so she can exist until April 27th

Which makes a total of $1180 she has received from the funds page

When Bill Clinton, and America, and our Constitution needed saving,
Julie stood up at great personal peril and saved the Clinton presidency AND she saved
this country from being a hellhole where the opposition party could just impeach remove
a president for no goddamn reason other than he kicked their ass in the last two elections.

Julie Hiatt Steel saved the Clinton presidency.
She did it all by her own damn self with no allies but her son Adam.

Don't let Ken Starr (R-bastard) win this battle.

When we needed her, she was there.
Will you be there for her?

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
   PayPal to
  PO Box 54466.... Tulsa, OK  74155

 Security will be high for this event.
 We won't ask to look at your shoes, but you'll need a REAL driver's license to get in.
 If you're fresh out of prison and don't have one, you'll need to know Julie, Christian or me
 to get inside because there are still people with bad intentions out there.

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