Phase Six

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Sweep weeks are fund-raising weeks here at
I don't want to be a politician and try to raise money 365 days a year, so it's sweeps weeks only.  started as a little acorn.
Now, it's a bigger acorn, but we need a big oak tree.
if we're going to pound somebody with that big hammer.

We're getting bigger, a click at a time.
A mention here, a celebrity columnist there.

The Democrats are on their knees, begging Mr. Rove, "Please don't hurt us!"
and the press has become one giant personal publicity machine for the stupidest man to ever
visit the White House, and that includes such noted under-achievers as Red-Ink Reagan.

The people running the personal websites, that's who.
If the people running the personal websites don't fight back - who will?
Do we let the fascists take over the government and the press?

Of course, there are reasons NOT to donate to

If you're male, white, rich, straight and healthy - no need to contribute.
If you think there are too many liberals in today's media - no need to contribute.
If you like Bush's America better than Clinton's America - no need to contribute
If you think liberal web sites shutting down is no big thing - no need to contribute.
If you think TV and radio are "fair and balanced," then there's no need to contribute.
If you think the pundits are honest and not controlled by Mr. Rove - no need to contribute.
If you like the GOP controlling everything, because they know what's best - no need to contribute.
If you think the next election will be fair and the people's choice will prevail - no need to contribute.

If you think Rush is right - no need to contribute.

Don't send in your kids food money.
Send in your gambling money.
Send in your stupid money - money you meant to throw away.
Send in your hooker money - be faithful to your wife, you scumbag!
Send me your church money!

Because I might be more honest than your preacher!

Maybe fighting the Bush/Ashcroft fascist agenda with humor could catch on.
It sure seems to irritate President Weak & Stupid.

Will we stay a whisper for years?

If fighting the illegal Bush takeover is important to you consider a donation.
It sure would be nice to have a bigger hammer...

They can't buy me out, and they can't scare me.
I'm the most dangerous kind of liberal - one with guns.

...and I ain't no bandleader.

So have a few drinks and consider donating to
If you don't want your name on the list it won't be there.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
  PO Box 54466
  Tulsa, OK 74155

 Last thing:
 Contributions are not tax deductible, but remember:
 We get more hits here each day than the "margin of victory" Smirk claimed in Florida.
 If we can change just a few minds, expose a few lies, point out a few frauds...

 ...wouldn't it be something if we actually made a difference?  thanks these Phase Six Contributors:

 David Aselin  - Using the big hammer
 Patricia Baeten
 Thomas Bendycki  -
 Julie Revell Benjamin  -  from the typically late proofreader of
 Jerry Berwick - thanks for the truth!
 Kurt C. Billmeyer  - Keep fighting the fight
 Brad Buchner  - contribution
 Mack Cain  - continued medical care ha ha I continue to drink the magic elixir
 Toni Call  - best damn web site going
 Carl A Cole III  -
 Humberto Cruz  - growing the hammer!
 Angie Cvetkovich  - Great Website!!!
 David Cleghorn  - For exposing the BFEE
 Robert Creasey  - pie higher!!!  I'm sending you my church money
                                                 to use against "God's President"- how cool is that?!?
 Charles Dahm * -
 Pauline Dragoo  -
 Wendell Dubberke * - Donation & a few BartCop stickers
 Shawn Dunaway x2  - "Let's Roll" was a damn good rant
 Sallie Feldman * - Thanks for the phone call
 Cecilia Flowers  - Belated annual Koreshmas donation
 Scott Gruber * - the Dark Knight Strikes Again!
 Froederick in Hawaii * - big hammer
 Thomas Hackett * - Happy Sixth Anniversary
 Sue Haight  - thehellofit
 Fred Hall from his Boat  - stay strong
 Second Harmonic / Jimmy Mac  - because the Rams lost
 Frank Henry
 Ann Marie Hess  - keep pounding with that big hammer
 Anthony Hessling  - worthy donation
 Chris Hilbert
 Cheryl Hill  - Kudos for "let's Not Roll" My stomach turned when Dubya adopted that motto as his own.
 Debra Hornstra  - helping to keep me moderately sane in an insane world
 Norma Howard of Albu * -
 Douglas Keene  - Toward the purchase of a bigger hammer!
 Jerry Kensinger   - Well, I'm finally ponying up!
 Robin Kohler
 Donna Kozupsky  - best site on the web
 John Larney  - You da King, BartCop!
 Lisa Logan  - keeping me sane
 Thomas Lonaker  -
 Patrice Mack  - donation
 Mad Dog Mark in Mich  - send me some way cool stickers!
 David Menendez  - sweeps weeks
 George Meserve  - a breath of fresh air
 Cathy Mindel  -
 Michael Nichols  - love your work
 Ed O'Farrell  - growing the hammer higher
 Pauline Passmore  - I thought I was the only one who could see thru the Chimp!
 Augustino Patti -
 John Payton  - fighting the BFEE
 Brad Pierce * - charitable gift
 Cindy Plant  - I love your site and read it daily. Thanks for putting the Bartcop hex on Dubya.
                               I think it is working. Here is a sweeps weeks contribution.
 Patricia Razeghi  -
 Debra Roberge  - Matt Groening's Birthday"
                               I pledge impertinence to the flag waving, of the unindicted co-conspiritors of America,
                               and to the republicans for which I can't stand, one abomination, underhanded fraud, indefensible,
                               with Liberty and Justice...Forget it." from Matt Groening's "Life in Hell"
 James Sampson  -  i used to look at  first thing when i logged on. now it's you.
                                                  keep giving em hell!!!! oh, and send a sticker!
 James B Sawyer  - Here's $10, it's the best I can do - I'm no Kenneth Lay   ha ha
 Steven Schmitz  - growing the hammer
 Second Harmonic  -
 Frank Slate  -
 Michael Sobota  - you go, boy
 Herman Thoni  -
 Herman Thoni  -
 Robert Thompson  - Feb 2002 hammer rental :)
 Bruce Tobin  - Bless me father, for the Repugs have sinned
 Paul Tranchida  - BC, Your site is now mandatory reading. I wish I was some fat cat Republican
                                    so I cold start my own news channel, like Rupert Murdoch.
                                    I'd put your time slot right opposite O'Reilly's and watch his ratings slide.
 Glen Turner  - donation
 Ronald Vanselow  - Is our children's hammers higher yet? ha ha
 Larry Walters   - Build the hammer
 Matthew Waterwall  - Bart you have pulled me from the post selection funk and for that I can never repay you!
                                   Thank you for your insight and wit. Your readers and those regulars who post are the most informed
                                   and most good hearted people I know of. Keep Weilding that hammer Bartcop you are going to knock
                                   some sense in the rest of them some day.  By the way I loved the Campaign Finance solution today but
                                   for the love of koresh please take the bush girl off the sight.  It freaks me out in the worst way. If you
                                   could see it to send me a handful of stickers to the address above I would appreciate it.
                                   I am headed to DC the first week in March and damn could I have some fun with those.
 Renee Wedding  - donation
 Dennis Wilkins  - website contribution
 Grant Young  - Yes, that Grant Young
 Don Zaya

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