Phase Five

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Well, at least we're still kicking, and have not rolled over for President Unelected.
The Democrats are on their knees, begging Mr. Rove, "Please don't hurt us!"
and the press has become one giant personal publicity machine for the stupidest man to ever
visit the White House, and that includes such noted under-achievers as Red-Ink Reagan.

Corporate websites (such as have had to publish the insane rantings of idiot Nazi's
like David Horowitz just to stay afloat because the truth doesn't sell very well.

So, who does that leave?
When the Democrats and the press and the big money web sites go AWOL, who's left?

The people running the personal websites, that's who.
If the people running the personal websites don't fight back - who will?

Since a false story about Clinton's zipper will generate thousands if not millions of dollars,
and the truth about the weak & stupid thief currently in the White House won't make a dime,
bottom-line, corporate-whore America is content to sell the lie and keep us in the dark.

Imagine the uproar of Clinton wanted to hand-pick people to be secretly tried and executed.
The press and the pundits would scream "Bloody murder," and rightfully so.

Imagine of Clinton wanted to execute his former busines partners.
The right-wing hate machine would look into another impeachment for him, and rightfully so.

Imagine of Clinton blocked the public from seeing the papers of his administration.
Everyone would be asking, "What's he trying to hide?"

The pitiful press asked Ari why Bush was blocking his Daddy's history from coming out and Ari said,
"We're just trying to organize the process," and the press said, "Well, that's OK with us!"

The lies are retold again and again but the elusive truth remains untold.
And as long as the news and history is being sold to the highest bidder, the GOP is a buyer.

So, do we let the fascists take over the government and the press?
We've see the real Ashcroft in action, and it isn't pretty.

If some well-off Democrats wants to see  continue to fight a contribution would help
get the truth past the Bush Family Evil Empire propaganda machine.

Even though Bush has an iron grip on the Democrats and the press, the Internet is, for now,
outside of his control - but for how long?  How much power should the unelected fraud have?

If you think the crimes of the Bush Family Evil Empire should see the light of day,
if you think Rush and Fox News shouldn't be allowed to shape public opinion,
a small (or large) contribution would give  a bigger voice.

Truth is, I enjoy tormenting the snot-nosed idiot some call president.
My plan is to hammer the Oil man and the Vice Oil man, and to continue to have fun doing it.
If you think that's a worthy goal, have a few drinks and get out your American Express.

Or better yet, if you own a radio station and are about to throw away a lot of money
on some no-talent, no-name boring talk show host, please remember that Ol' BartCop
has no talent and no name, ...but boring?   Not on your life.

If I didn't have my day job, I could raise a whole lot of hell on the radio.
There are hundreds and hundreds of stories that I never had a chance to get to because
there are only so many hours in the day and typing takes five times longer than talking.

Of course, there are reasons NOT to donate to

If you're male, white, rich, straight and healthy - no need to contribute.
If you think there are too many liberals in today's media - no need to contribute.
If you like Bush's America better than Clinton's America - no need to contribute
If you think liberal web sites shutting down is no big thing - no need to contribute.
If you think TV and radio are "fair and balanced," then there's no need to contribute.
If you think the pundits are honest and not controlled by Mr. Rove - no need to contribute.
If you like the GOP controlling everything, because they know what's best - no need to contribute.
If you think the next election will be fair and the people's choice will prevail - no need to contribute.

If you think Rush is right - no need to contribute.

Don't send in your kids food money.
Send in your gambling money.
Send in your stupid money - money you meant to throw away.
Send in your hooker money - be faithful to your wife, you scumbag!
Send me your church money!

Because I might be more honest than your preacher!

Maybe fighting the Bush/Ashcroft fascist agenda with humor could catch on.
It sure seems to irritate President Weak & Stupid.

The pie is growing higher - but will we stay a whisper for years?

If fighting the illegal Bush takeover is important to you (and since nobody else is willing to fight)
consider a donation or a nationally syndicated talk show where the truth would mean something.

It sure would be nice to have a bigger hammer...

They can't buy me out, and they can't scare me.
I'm the most dangerous kind of liberal - one with guns.

...and I ain't no bandleader.

So have a few drinks and consider donating to

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 Last thing:
 Contributions are not tax deductible, but remember:
 We get more hits here each day than the "margin of victory" Smirk claimed in Florida.
 If we can change just a few minds, expose a few lies, point out a few frauds...

 ...wouldn't it be something if we actually made a difference?  thanks these Phase Five Contributors:

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 Deborah Hornstra  - making me laugh and making me feel I'm not alone in thinking
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