Set up:
In October of 1998, we visited Washington DC.
In September 2000, we visited Santa Fe.
Both cities have restaurants owned by the same people.
I said some truly awful/potentially amusing things about these establishments.

Well, somebody narc'd on me, and I heard from a partner.
After the reviews I wrote, his grace and manners were anything but snooty.

I guess the smart move would be to read the slanderous article, then read the nice letter from the partner.

From: Justin Doucette

Subject: Super Snooty Coyote Cafe Restaurant

I'm Justin.
I'm a partner in the Super Snooty Coyote Cafe Restaurant in Las Vegas.

Here's an e-mail I just received:

"Your restaurant is being slandered at the site bartcop--where I linked to
   you from--because you are closed on Mondays and because you are supposedly snooty.
  Perhaps you would like to take some action."

I have a few thoughts I'd like to share with you after reading your trip report from Volume 260 - September.

First, Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe IS snooty.  It does not pretend not to be.
It is also good and offers a wide selection of tequilas.  Your experience at Blue Corn
may be less snooty, but is also less good.  Perhaps the rooftop cantina, which serves food
that is less snooty, less expensive, but is still good, would be more to your liking.

Second, Coyote Cafe in Las Vegas has been open since December 17, 1993.
It is located in the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.  I have been involved with the company
since March 5, 1995.  As far as I recall, the only days that the restaurant closes is during
one week each December to handle renovations and repairs.  The restaurant generally closes
after lunch on Monday and re-opens for breakfast that Thursday or Friday.  Other than that,
we're open for three meals a day in the Cantina and for dinner in the Snooty dining room.

To quote you, "When we went to the one in Vegas it was f-ing closed, because
it was a Monday, and who'd ever want to eat or drink on a Monday?".

Maybe you visited another restaurant that was a rip-off of the Coyote Cafe -
there's more than one in Las Vegas bearing the same name - and not the original.

Third, about the Snooty dining room - to serve the finer food (at finer prices),
most of our guests expect some degree of snootiness.  Keep in mind, however,
that we are probably the LEAST SNOOTY fine dining establishments in the city.
Other restaurants (I will not name them) are way more snooty  (and way more expensive, by the way).

Fourth, about The Rape at Red Sage, they're snooty too.  More snooty than the Coyote Cafes I suppose.
I don't have anything to do with the Red Sage, so I'm not able to comment.

Fifth, the person who wrote the comment got to our website through a  link from yours - Thanks.



All things considered, Justin was a prince.

I wrote back and explained that  was more of a humor site than
a serious critique of restaurants, and that meat-and-potatos* boy doesn't know
Bush about fine food in fine restaurants.  Take away tequila, chocolate and sweet corn,
and I have no idea what fine food's supposed to taste like.

I also assured him that nobody would take a restaurant review from me seriously,
and if anything, I'm Jethro trying to figure out which pool cue to use to pass food.

Justin wrote back:

Regarding your web page ... I get it.  I get the humor, the Jethro thing, the whole thing.

In fact, I spent (wasted?) about two hours of my business day on Friday "getting it" on your website
reading various rants, raves and random thoughts about politics, Afghanistan, etc.

I really DO appreciate the links from your website.  I wouldn't have had any contact with a potential guest
if it weren't for    Pretty much all exposure, in my humble opinion, is good exposure.

When you do get to Vegas, look us up.  Our tequila selection is over 150.
Maybe we'll treat you to a shot (of the cheapest stuff).
I'd drink along with you but I despise tequila.....


Justin, no, you despise Jose Cuervo - trust me.
If you enjoy any fine liquor at all, you'll love the stuff on your shelves.
I'll show you a few of the finer brands :)

Matter of fact, on your web site, it says this about Chinaco Anejo:
"We would like to personally thank Robert Denton for importing one
  of the most refined and smoothest tequilas made.  One of the Best."

...but isn't he the nicest man?

He had every right to slam me with bad words and threats of a big, bad lawsuit,
but instead he showed some humor and even invited the enemy for cheap tequila!

Justin, next time I'm in Las Vegas, I'll come by for dinner and drinks!!

And everybody should try the fine food at the Coyote Cafe!

Remember, the reason we visited was because Mrs. BartCop says
The Coyote Cafe store has the best bottled salsa in the country.

...and to the narc who tried to get me in trouble,
thanks for getting me invited to the Coyote Cafe by a partner.

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