Frequently Asked Questions
How to grab a clue what BartCop is talking about.


Stroke Me, Stroke Me = A snippet of the Billy Squier song which refers to
EL SWINE SUPREMO's apparent stroke and followed by a verbal example.

Paul Harvey, horse molester = Click  Here

Here's a few Bartcopisms to help you get started.  We don't want anyone
becoming confused, you can get enough of that from the mainstream media.

Chinaco Anejo = exquisite tasting lux tequila; often referred to as "nectar of the gods", etc. (thanks BC)

Rush Limbaugh = (nasty*) Pigboy, vulgar Pigboy his "oinkness" (or similar swine references), lying nazi whore,
and "El Chupacabra", Spanish for goat sucker, see:

*Pigboy evaded 'Nam b/c of an infection of the ass crack, some kind of
cyst/boil thing from poor hygiene (ass wiping).  It's 100% true, swear to Koresh.

Koresh = God, Jesus, or your favorite deity.  For David Koresh (who thought he was the second coming).

Dr? Laura* = Doc Meng, for Josef Mengele, a truly wicked nazi that  thought he could get away with his evil deeds.
*happy to report, she's becoming more irrelevant with each passing day.

Oklahoma = knuckledrag, K-drag, a medium sized american state with a disproportionate number of unevolved Cro-mags.

Democrats = rational human beings who better tighten up.  Currently pink tutu wearing spineless wussies.

Republicans (moderate to liberal) = still hope.

Conservative Republicans = better off dead, nazis, fascists, scum sucking helldwellers.
Many prominent (read:  loud) repubs' are referred to according to physical and/or personality traits.
Examples: OK Congressman J.C. Watts is "Uncle O.J. Watts".
He's the token black repub (uncle Tom), and he slices and dices.

OK Senator Jim Inhofe = "Senator Pissquick".  Why?  I have no idea, ask Bartcop.

Bob Barr =  "a half-negroid midget", self  explanatory.  No offense to blacks or little people.
It's just why Bob hates himself, and thus, everyone else, except fellow Nazis.

Tom Delay = "the exterminator", "the bug man," because that's the last job he had  that he was competant at.

Trent Lott = he can be called anything regarding his glued-on hair:  helmet-heat, dick-head, whatever.

Dan Burton =  the watermelonman because he conducted his own backyard ballistics tests in order
to prove that Hillary Clinton (best First Lady since E. Roosevelt) murdered Vince Foster.
In fact, Burton can be referred to by any word or phrase having anything to do with melons or illegitimate children.

You see the pattern.  Pay enough attention to the whorish mainstream media, and what's going on in this country,
and you'll eventually understand it all, like Chris the Screamer (Matthews), Tim the Catholic (Russert),
or that dirty, putrid, lying fascist scum slut, "I'm a whore" (Cokie Roberts).

See how it works.

Oh, and don't forget, don't ever forget: the best president of our lifetimes, often referred to as "the bigdog"
the one and only Mr. "Last Legally Elected President (twice)" Bill Clinton!


Tommy, excellent primer.

If you, the reader, have more to contribute, send it with FAQ in the subject header.

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