This is from Volume 159, which was a flashback to Volume 136.

Remember last issue I said that Bill Clinton is a big old boy and he can take care of himself just fine?
As long as they don't put a goddamn bullet in his brain, he's going to be just fine, no matter what happens.

The same cannot be said for Julie Hiatt Steele.
She's the innocent, defenseless, single-mother who was asked to support
Kathleen Willey's lies so Willey could extort money from the President of the United States.
She refused.

Wait a minute:
Look at EVERYONE involved in this whole fucked-up mess.
Everyone involved is a "player" except Steele.

She didn't tape her best friend.
She doesn't have an agenda.
She isn't a whore.
She's not looking for a book deal.
I don't even know if she's a democrat or a knuckledragger.

But that disgusting bastard Ken Starr has indicted her.
She was indicted for several "crimes" such as:

1. Saying Kathleen Willey asked her to lie.
2. Swear to Koresh, (and you new subscribers should know when
    I swear to Koresh it's always 100 percent true and accurate)
    ...she was charged with "making false statements on Larry King."

This is not a BartCop gag.

Making false statements to Larry fucking King is a crime?

Ken Starr is such a despicable slut-whore.
Steele is the lady whose adopted son was a target for Starr.
Starr's goons asked Steele's neighbors,

"Where did Julie get the money to adopt her child?"
"Was it a legal adoption?"
"Does she really love her son?"
"How did Julie get to Romania to adopt this child?"

...and so on.

Welcome to the conservative's America. Let's ALL narc on each other, for Ken Starr.
Starr wants to take her son because she wouldn't help Kathleen Willey extort money from Bill Clinton.


Even Linda Tripp said "Willey was smiling from ear to ear" when she left the Oval Office that day.
So, Linda Tripp should be indicted too, right? After all, she didn't agree with Willey's version of events.
But noooooooooooooooooooo.

Linda's in on the fix. She's not going to be indicted.

Linda the Pig taped and betrayed a friend to ruin Clinton.
Lucianne Frankenstein was looking for a juicy book deal.
Monica was blowing a married man and telling all her friends.
Clinton was cheating on his wife and trying to hide it.
Starr is a white-power, tobacco whore who hates free elections.
The list goes on and on...

But Julie Steele is guilty of knowing a whore named Willey.
THAT'S her crime?
And Starr's Gestapo has come to take her boy?

Trust me, if you came to take BartCop's son from me,
don't bring a revolver, because "the Baby" holds 14.

I know I'll catch shit for this, but if they end up removing Clinton from office,
we'll just have to admit he was guilty of cheating and trying to hide it,
but Julie Steele hasn't done anything wrong but answer her goddamn phone.

Is this America?

Oh, by the way, Michael Isakhov can eat me, too.

He's the lying prick from Newsweek who SWORE the interview
with Steele was "off the record," then he screwed her.
He just might've screwed her out of her freedom and her son.

Remember, she didn't ask for ANY of this.

She never ran into the national spotlight screaming,
"Everybody look at me, me, me, me, me,"
like Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Linda the Pigg, Lucianne Franenstein and the others.

Julie Steele is $1,000,000 in debt and is about to lose her home.
If you have a couple of extra dollars, think about Ms. Steele.


Don't let that prick Starr take her home from her.

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