You know what? (and please post!)
  by Julie Hiatt Steele

Once again I was just checking the website and it hit me, I love you.
You have been the best friend I could ever dream of having!
Thank you for everything you do, and have done, for me.

It was extremely lonely out here at the end of the limb I seem to have landed on, and then came Bartcop!
My life has changed because of you and your readers, I feel more connected, more hopeful.
It is important for me to remember, and for all of you to understand, the FBI/OIC is very good at what they do.
They are masters of abuse.

If you look at the characteristics of spousal abuse, you will find the similarities in abuse:
loss of financial independence,
loss of meaningful employment,
loss of relationships,
strain on family relationships,
it is all there, and more...
Thank you for recognizing my plight and for caring enough to do something about it.
When finally I could not walk, all of you carried me.

You may not have realized it at the time, but I LOVED that house, it reflected my personality,
it was my safety net, my safe haven, it was home in every sense of the word.
My husband and I bought it after 13 years and 13 moves, I swore I would never move again.
We divorced shortly after that.
I bought his share of the house and stayed there for 23 years.
I remember that I cried the day I paid off the mortgage.

I was not at all sure I could survive leaving there last summer,
without all of you I really don't think I could have made it.
Thank you.

I will always remember that and will forever hold a
special place in my heart for you and for your readers.
Thank you again and again,


Julie, you may not know this story.

Your good friend Tamara Baker tried again and again to get me to call you.  I resisted, because why
would the bravest woman in America want to talk to a comedyboy bonehead? I think, since I'm in finance,
she wanted me to offer advice on how to save your home, but I know nothing about real estate law so
I dragged my feet. One day she pinned me down and said, "Would you call her tonight?"
I said, "Tamo, for you, I'd do anything."

That first night I called, you were still in your own home, but you'd already been pushed off the cliff,
and I'll be damned if you, while you were still in the middle of falling, didn't go waaaay out of your way
to be niceand funny and charming in that conversation - and who was I?

If I took poise lessons for 20 years, I could never have the class and the "Victoria Barkley"
you showed me on the phone that night in our first conversation.

I remember writing:

...and she has this bubbly sense of humor that's so disarming.

Marry me, Julie!

Tamara told me later that she faxed that to you, or read it to you over the phone
and when you heard that line, she said you said, "I'll start looking at dresses."

In the middle of losing your home and your sense of security, you took the time
to be nice to me and you even showed a sense of humor.
You're a classy dame, Steele.

Me?  All I have is a modem, a smart mouth and the truth.

You've been doing all the heavy lifting.
Your courage changed the course of American history.
Your bravery let our last elected president finish his second term.

All I did was sip some tequila and crack a few jokes.  I'm in no position to help you financially,
but because of this wacky treehouse called  others have been able to contribute
to get you back on your feet and try to make up for what that horrid Starr monster did to you.

Julie, get ready for the big celebration on  April 27th,
because we're going to party like it's 2099.

...and those of you who are reading this?  Write to Julie!

When you do that, you're not feeding the ego of a pampered superstar.
You're helping to break thru the stone wall of isolation that that bastard Starr erected around her
so he could more quickly break her and remove our last elected president from office.

Starr set this up so anyone who contacted Julie or was contacted BY Julie would get dragged before
his Grand Jury and terrorized - so they stayed away in droves, and they are STILL staying away.
With the IOC shutting down, there's not much chance of that happening anymore.


An ego thing for me - Julie said she first heard of "BartCop" from papers she got from the IOC.
If Hardon Kenny knew who I was, why didn't he try to terrorize me?
I would've given anything to be called before that Grand Jury.

Well, Kenneth Starr and all his illegal tactics and ugly goons did a lot of damage,
but he FAILED to break Julie's spirit.

If you think Julie deserves a "Thank you," for that, write to her and tell her.
Where else on the Internet can you write directly to a real hero?

E-mail Julie at
Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

And, if you can afford it, maybe send her a buck or two.

To PayPal a contribution to Julie, Click  Here  ->

To buy a ticket (or just contribute) to Juliefest 2002 (she hates that name)

PayPal to
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or snail mail to PO Box 54466....Tulsa, OK  74155

Let's party with Julie Hiatt Steele BIG time.

...Senator Steele

 I like the sound of that.
 I can't wait to meet her.
 49 days from today.

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