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>Subject: You were in the loan business?

>I thought you were a lawyer.


Doug, There was no intention to mislead.

As the manager of an acceptance corporation,
(like GMAC, as opposed to Beneficial Finance) it was my pleasure
to sue people who failed to say the right things when I asked them
to follow the agreed-to terms of their contract.

I first started going to Small Claims court in 1979.
Since I got to pick the people I was suing, I never picked one
who had a chance to win. (Similar to today's pro-boxing rules.)

I pity the poor fool who gets sworn in, THEN pleads his case to
the judge while I, BartCop, NOT under oath. get to color the story
or use Clinton-esque language.

However, even though I wasn't under oath, I always made sure every word
that came out of out of my mouth was technically true, to some degree.

After all, a judicial system that puts one side under oath, then asks
BOTH sides to explain what happened is NOT to be mocked,
or manipulated by the participants.

...and don't think I was some cold-hearted bastard.
There were people a year behind on their car, but they'd say the right things
such as, "I lost my job, and my wife just had a baby, but I can send you
$50 next Friday if you'd accept that." Those people all kept their cars.

But the ones who said, "I'm going to make my payment when
I get good and goddamn ready to make it" found themselves
driving their Hush Puppies the next day.

When somebody got wise with Ol' BartCop, I'd just go to the fax and
send their file to the repo man and he'd steal their car, sell it, and then
I'd sue them for the deficiency balance.

But Ohhhhh, it gets so much worse after that.
Once I get judgement, well, do you remember what happened to
Oklahoma City when I got judgment against them?

Once you get judgment, at least in Oklahoma, the only matter left
to resolve is how deep to stick it to them. Usually, I'd start with a
garnishment, which is a real bitch. I'd get 25 percent of their gross,
which is BIG bucks. If they were self-employed, or unemployed,
I'd call for an assett hearing, which is a brutal thing to do to anybody.

Plus, ha ha, if they don't show up, the judge issues a bench warrant
for their arrest. Be nice to BartCop, or you'll be thrown into jail.

But remember, the nice people kept their cars and never had to
go to court. I was a kind, gentle king.

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