Editor's Note: Now I remembered why this never got published:
It's boring as hell.
Basically, this guy thinks Rush is for real.
He doesn't know Rush is laughing all the way to the bank.

Let me explain something for the 100th time:
I don't mind conservatives.
I don't mind that people disagree with me.
But Rush is a cheap-shot, lying Nazi whore, no matter how you slice it.

You can believe in all things conservative, but you have no choice
but to admit Rush is a paid-for whore who never even voted for Reagan
"because he didn't want to stand in that long line."

Rush is here for the money, NOT as some sincere saviour as sheep claim.

If I were you, I'd skip the first 80 percent and go to the double red lines
at the bottom for a summary of what this guy's all about.
I felt compelled to print his ramblings, because he says Ol' BartCop is hiding from him.
I'm really hiding from the boredom of an insane muttonhead.

From: JC <jcregg@juno.com>

Subject: (no subject)

Here (for the last time) is our exchange. I send all of it because there are
too many salient points made where you are defeated by cold reason.

Edit out what you will, but PLEASE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES
(I'm really not too fond of having my name associated with your site).

(Fuck you, skirt.
 You barged in here screaming "Coward," so you can live with the heat.
 You wrote four times asking me to publish your wild accusations,
 and now you want me to help you hide like a scared woman?
 I hope you get 1,000 blistering letters.)

This is my first message to you:

Just wanted to compliment you on your high-class, intelligent, respectable
and above all, MATURE web site. It's just the kind of site I'd want
my mother or daughter to visit on their first web-surfing experience.

Kudos also on your perpetuating the liberal persuasion method of choice-
-never argue with a conservative's point of view, but ALWAYS, without exception,
get personal and start calling conservatives names.

To think a perfectly good computer with its ability to do so much good is utterly
wasted in the hands of you. Oh well, having to listen to a background of noise
is the price we pay for our right to free speech.

And here's your reply with my responses:

>Jeff, Hi, and thanks for writing.

>Let me ask you a question:
>Did you consider the possibility that it's a joke?

Yes, and I know how liberals labor under the delusion that ALL conservatives are
totally devoid of any sense of humor, but let me assure you, you don't have the
corner of the market of humor. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to spot attempts
at humor (no matter how immature or tasteless).
Fuck you again, skirt.
Why make this a personal attack?
I go after Pigboy sometimes, but I haven't attacked you, yet.
Why can't you stay on the subject?

>When Rush slurs the blacks and the gays,
>I'll bet you're laughing your conservative ass off.

My, aren't we a tad presumptuous here? For one thing, I've never, in the last 9 years
heard Rush "slur" blacks.  I've heard him poke fun at Barney the Frank, but gee, anyone
who wears his sexuality on his sleeve is pretty much fair game don't you think?

So, Barney Frank is just a "fag," not a real American, so he's fair game for personal slurs?
Your hero isn't much of a human being, is he?

>What you read was Rush's show in a mirror.
>Dozens of bits were Rush verbatim, with "Clinton" changed
>to "Reagan" and so forth, yet all you see is hate?
>What does that tell you about you, Rush and the GOP?

It tells me nothing about me, Rush and the GOP, but it speaks volumes about
how liberals like you put words in people's mouths (i.e. "hate").

>I can't blame you for not reading much, but after 140 issues I promise I've taken a stand
>on every issue there is, and the personal insults are always a rebuttal to some
>horrible personal slurs Rush made the day I wrote it.
>I tape him every day, just to have the exact quotes.

Again, in the last 9 years, I've never heard Rush call
anybody the names you call him on your site.

>I could whip out "The BartCop Quiz," and force you to admit I'm right,
>but like most conservatives, it's easier to ignore the fight when you start to lose.

>Let's try this with numbers:

>1. Is it your position Rush never lies?

It is my position that he NEVER KNOWINGLY or INTENTIONALLY lies.
When he is found to be in error, (and it does happen) he always opens his show
the following day with either a retraction or an apology (hmmm, if you listen and tape his
show, then you should already know this FACT. Maybe you  just don't pay attention to that part).

That's pure bullshit.
You just went on record saying Rush is for real.
A better tack would be to say, "Yes, Rush goes too far and gets carried away a lot,
but on the whole, I believe he's mostly accurate when he's not clowning around."

Rush tells absolute, 100 percent lies constantly, because nobody is there to call him on it.
Why do you think he pulls back so much when he's on a TV show?
You're claiming that Rush is serious when he claims "I'm right 98.6 percent of the time."
That's a JOKE that his friend Sullivan and he invented back in Sacramento.

The only time he's ever apologized is to say something like,
"Yesterday, I said Clinton eats shit sandwiches, and that's not correct.
 The truth is, he doesn't like bread."
 That's Pigboy's idea of "setting the record straight."

>2. Is it your position Rush never personally insults people?

It is my position that Rush SATIRIZES people. As per Webster's second definition:
"satire: trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly."

OK, so when Rush did weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of Jocelyn Elders
mispronouncing Eric Clapton's name as "Clapner," that was parody?
More bullshit on your part.

The message Rush was sending is
"The only thing more stupid than a nigger is a nigger with a uterus."

Sure, if he mentioned it once or twice, then moved on, you MIGHT sell the idea
that it was satire, but your hero spent a month on it, and still mentions it to this day.

1. When Rush called Chelsea, "The White House dog," that was satire?
2. When Rush said Hillary murdered Vince Foster, that was satire?
3. When Rush says for a fact that Clinton is a serial rapist, that's satire?
4. When Rush said Clinton sold burial plots at Arlington, that was satire?

Check your Websters again.
Satire is HUMOR!
You thought it was funny when Rush said those last four sentences?

You obviously missed his show where he played clip after clip of liberals engaging in the
practice of "hate speech" and the politics of personal destruction...
"Those extra chromosome right-wingers?"
In American politics today, it's you guys--the liberals who are making all the personal insults.

Wrong again, Skirt.
I heard that show that day and wrote about it here.

OK, I'll give you the "extra-chromosome" remark.
He apologized after that.
It's my opinion he didn't realize that was an insult to Down's Syndrome kids.
Christ, what politician intentionally makes fun of disabled kids?

As far as hate speech, here's the REAL DEAL:

Rush says Clinton accused your boys of "wanting to starve children."
That's because your boys wanted to de-fund the school lunch program.
Many kids get their ONLY hot meal from their school lunch.
Remember Reagan's "Ketchup should be considered a vegetable?"
That's not personal, that's a political issue about a bill they backed.

Rush says Clinton accused them of wanting to "kill the old people."
That's because your boys want to de-fund Social Security and Medicare.
That's not personal, that's a political issue about a bill they backed.

Rush says Clinton accused your boys of "wanting dirty water and dirty air."
That's because your boys are fighting to relax federal clean air and water standards.
That's not personal, that's a political issue about a bill they backed.

But what did your boys say about Clinton?

1. Serial Rapist
2. Drug-smuggler
3. Serial murderer
4. Pathological Liar
5. Paula Jones
6. Kathleen Willey
7. Juanita Brodderick
8. Arlington burial plots
9. ...and thousands more wild, unfounded personal slurs.

That's why you and I can't communicate.
You don't see that as "hate speech."
You see that as the simple truth, right?

Of those eight, please explain which bills the GOP was trying to pass
when they uttered those ugly, unfounded accusations.

That wasn't about issues, that was about personal slurs as politics.
You guys wrote the book on that.

Let's kick around the Arlington issue for a minute.
Rush spent 14 1/2 hours pounding and pounding Clinton for Arlington one week.
The whole week, Rush talked about the brave men who died for this country.
He talked about Normandy Beach, and the heroes that died there.
He talked about Midway and Okinawa.
He talked about the Bataan Death March and the Vietnamese torture chambers.
He gets his uneducated ditto-monkeys all revved upo with his nazi lies,
and here comes that "L-I-B-E-R-A-L" rapist Bill Clinton, dishonoring them,
laughing at them as he takes his trillion-dollar bribes to the bank,
stopping only to pee on their graves of our fallen heroes.

Over and over and over and over, Rush pounded home the "FACT that Clinton did this.
Then, during the last hour of that week, after working up their emotions for 14 1/2 hours, Rush said,
"You people better not get too worked up about this issue until we're sure it's true."

As we all know, none of it was true.
Limba made that shit up from Day One.

One, single contributor lied on his resume, but Rush put his reputation on the line
with the guarantee that, "plots were sold, and Clinton was the top salesman."

Is it your position Rush apologized to Clinton for the week full of dirty, nazi lies?
Not only dirty lies, but using the memories of the heroes at Arlington to attack Clinton.
You see that as more "innocent satire," right?

>3. Are you saying Rush is serious, and he's making all that money
>   being #1 in radio due to his honesty and fairness?

What's your point here? I guess my short answer to this one  is "yep."

You, Sir, are a total ditto-monkey.
Rush has done well with you.
It's amazing that you can look at the facts and say, "Those don't exist."
Rush made all that money because he was willing to say things that nobody
has ever had the "courage" to say before, like Chelsea being the White House Dog.
Rush tells you he's the ONLY one who's telling the "real truth."
If that's true, what are we getting from:

Ollie North?
Ralph Reed?
Sean Hannity?
G. Gordon Liddy?
John McLaughlin?
Bob Novak?
Ann Coulter?
Tony Snow?
Kato Burn?
Paula Zahn?
Michael Reagan?
Paul Weyrich?
David Brock?
Pat Robertson?
Dr. Laura?
Walter Williams?
Tony Blankley?
Pat Buchanan?
Mary Matalin?
Bill Kristol?
George Will?
The American Spectator?
The Washington Times?
The Fox Network?
The O'Reilly Report?

Could you answer that one for me?

If all those people are telling the truth, why is Rush the only super-rich one?
If "truth equals riches," why aren't all those people are making $25,000,000 a year?

I'm showing you proof that it's NOT truth that sells - it's unfounded bullshit!
Rush goes farther than the people with a little taste and some manners.
It's more entertaining to hear the crazy accusations.
It's got nothing to do with the truth.

So, now that I've taken your little quiz, hmmm, I really don't "feel" or think that I've been
"forced" to admit you were right about anything. I also don't think
I've "ignored the fight" or that I'm "starting to lose."
Have you ever heard the phrase, "pride goeth before the fall????"

I don't think I could force YOU to admit the sun rises in the East.
As long as you see "honesty and sincerity" from the guy who's raking in the millions,
with his personal slurs, I don't think you're going to see any light, whatsoever.
>One last question:
>Do you think Dr. Laura is on the radio to help people?
>Or is it her job to build an audience by dismembering the
>impossibly-stupid inbreds who call her for advice?

I think Dr. Laura (like Rush) is on the air first and foremost to make money.
But, obviously, to succeed in a capitalistic society one has to be good,
better than the competition. Her success is a DIRECT result of her credentials
combined with her sincere desire to HELP people with problems that can be described
in 5 minutes.  She's certainly qualified to be giving the advice she does, and she obviously
has a passion for tempering her advice with the moral underpinning of God.


"Dr. Laura has a passion for tempering her advice with the moral underpinning of God."

Did you really say that?
About Dr. Laura Schlessinger?

You dumbass.

She's making as much money as Pigboy!
She's making a deposit as an entertainer!
What are you, stupid?

As far as "credentials," she has a degree in physiology.
What's that got to do with helping psychotic ditto-monkeys?

>If you choose the latter, explain how she's different from Rush.
>Rush is on the radio to provoke, to make crazy, outrageous
>accusations and keep people entertained with his wild theories.

You can't compare the two. She's on the air to give advice, Rush
is on the air to exercise his constitutional right to express his OPINIONS.

You can call him and tell him personally what you think of him (he's demonstrated
that he puts dissenting (and far more articulate) liberals like you at the front of the line).

There you go again with your impossible-to-be-true bullshit.
Clinton got elected twice, so you must admit there are millions of liberals.
If dissenters get on first, Rush would never have time for dittoheads.

You see?
You can't possibly believe that shit you're selling.
Look at what you just said.

"Liberals always get on first."

Funny, in 9 years, I've never once heard a liberal get on the air and have a decent
converstaion with Rush. It's never happened - ever.

But you claim they always get on first?

You sir, are a liar.
But instead, it seems you're content with lowering yourself to the banal, calling
him school-yard epithets and cowering behind the anonymity of your infantile web site.

Rush Limbaugh is a dirty, lying, cock-sucking whore.
I could candy-coat that a little, but why would I?
If I'm lying, why doesn't he sue me for slander?

>One last question.
>Do you think Rush was sent here, by God, to save America?

I believe that nothing happens by chance in the universe
(with of course, the possible exception of you...)


Here's the big windup:

Is it a joke when Clinton flagrantly lies to the country for 8 months,
intentionally prolonging investigations,

It's none of our business who Clinton has sex with.
It's none of Starr's business, either.
You need a hobby that doesn't involve Clinton's Cock.

when Hillary intentionally abuses the FBI by ILLEGALLY procuring the personal files of 900 private citizens,

How insane to charge Hillary with that.
Why don't you charge the guy who made the requests?

when Hillary illegally trumps up charges against Billy Dale,

Dale offered to plead guilty, since they found $50,000 in his personal account.
Why have theives handling the taxpayer's money?
...and there you go again with Hillary.

when Clinton sells the Lincoln bedroom,

Pure bullshit.
Rush spent the night in the Lincoln Bedroom BEFORE Clinton was president.
You know why?
Because he was a friend/contributor to President Butch.

Let me guess:  That was different?

when Clinton lets the State Dept. let Hughes and Loral sell the Chinese ICBM technology,

Pure bullshit.
If any of that was even one percent true, why don't they impeach him?
ha ha

when Clinton keeps friends like John Huang and Johnny Trie around the White House,

If you bothered to look at the facts, I don't think Trie was even charged with a crime,
and Huang pled guilty to a misdemeanor and got probation.

If those "crimes" were so goddamn serious and life-threatening,
why did the ditto-monkey congress let him off with probation?

If those "crimes" were so goddamn serious and life-threatening,
why didn't they impeach him for that?

No, Monica was the "serious" crime you guys uncovered.

when Clinton knows about the security breach at Los Alamos and does nothing,

What makes you think he did nothing?
More wild accusations from a skirt with no credibility.

What makes you think there was a breach of security?
Check Eargasm #23 for proof that that's more bullshit.

when Clinton releases terrorists from jail to try to get votes for his dilettante wife

Pure bullshit.
How do you assign motives to another person's actions?
Have you ever heard of the idea of evidence? 
Have you ever heard of the idea of proof?

Like I said before, Rush has done well with you.
You repeat wild accusations and theories that nobody else seems to believe in.
Regurgitating Rush's lie de jour is a little bit different than having proof.

(and I could go on and on...)???

No you couldn't - because you never fucking started.
I could claim that Reagan murdered a male prostitue after raping him,
but you'd want some proof, wouldn't you?

Can't you see the difference between a claim and some proof?

Why didn't you include the Clinton Body Count with your wild accusations?
ha ha

So, yeah, I guess I'm just a straight laced, tight-lipped, humorless
conservative who just can't get past this "character" thing.

No, you're a hopeless ditto-skirt who can't see that the joke is on YOU!.
There's a big difference between being an intelligent conservative
and being a blind volunteer in the Ditto-Monkey Army.

I don't think you're an idiot because you're a Republican.
I think you're an idiot for blindly following a radio entertainer who's found
an audience by confusing allegations with facts.

This Bozo is making millions by inventing wild, unfounded accusations every day
against the best president this nation has seen this century.

As far as your cheap-shot on the character issue,
are you voting for Gore next year or the cocaine addict?
Unlike Rush's wild accusations, Butch himself started this cocaine thing.

From your web site and your reply to my message, it's obvious to
me that you hear Rush, but unfortunately, you don't LISTEN to him.
Rather, you hear what you perceive are stereotypically conservative
short-comings and respond in knee-jerk fashion without fully comprehending
what he's actually saying--confusing his humor with reality.

Good point.
Rush mixes humor with his wild accusations of murder.
That way, when he gets caught, he says, "You liberals don't get my humor?"

If you genuinely want to engage in a serious political discussion
about the philosophical differences between conservatism and
liberalism, I suggest you clean up your act and thoroughly think
before posting more mental sewage on your site.

Fuck you, skirt.
When you learn the difference between a lying, nazi whore and a conservative, get back to me
Your hero worship of a total fraud disqualifies you from any serious discussion.
Rush has 5,000,000 listeners each day - out of 280,000,000.
That's an approval rating of two percent.

Put another way, ninety-eight percent of America rejects your nazi whore.

As long as you keep doing what you are doing, then what you said is right,
your site is nothing more than a pathetic, puerile "joke."

There you go again with more of that Limbaugh "truth."
You claim I said my site was "a pathetic, puerile joke"

Fuck you, skirt.
When you learn the difference between a lying, nazi whore and a conservative, get back to me

Jeff Cregg is the most severe ditto-monkey I've ever heard from.

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