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Holding Pigboy Accountable for his Lies


You just can't have a better eargasm than this one.
Pigboy sings his "I'm a Nazi" song.

$1,000 of ADM money to anyone who finds a better song.


Hey, Rush.

I came to see you the other day at your office.
Your secretary wasn't at her desk, so I just walked right in.
You had the strangest look of surprise on your face.

Did I come at a bad time?
What were you about to do when I caught you?


Hey Rush, what's your opinion of Chuck Heston always shooting his mouth off?

Should we have to put up with washed-up, has-been actors
who think they can lecture the rest of us on things like gun control issues?


This clip is an example of why I think the Eargasms might be the best part of

Pigboy was talking about the big soccer game the women won.
He can't talk about anything without lying.

First, play the clip

So, let's look at the facts:
There are 90,014 paying customers at this soccer game.
They weren't there for any political reason.
They wanted to see their team win, that's all.

This isn't the GOFP convention, these are just soccer fans.
They wanted this win more than anything.
Odds are the crowd was 33 percent non-political,
33 percent anti-Clinton and 33 percent pro-Clinton.

But Rush says this crowd of 90,014 had a louder reaction to Clinton
than they did when the winning goal was scored?

Pigboy, that's just not true.
That's another big, fat nazi lie.

You have told a big, fat nazi lie and you should be held accountable.

Explain yourself, Rush!

A louder reaction to Clinton than the winning goal?
That's just too stupid to be possible, yet, he gets away with shit like this everyday,
and the brain-dead ditto-monkeys worship his lying ass.

Notice the Pigboy disclaimer at the very end.

After he says something that can't possibly be true, something that nobody in their right mind
would ever believe, he closes with a very under-his-breath,  " I'm told."

Rush the Pigboy is lying.
How much more proof does one need?


Rush always gets his message out without really saying anything.
On this next clip, Rush has just finished giving out some information Hillary's schedule.

He gave out the names of the venues at which she would appear.
He gave out the dates.
He gave out the times.

Then, he said this.

He gave his ditto-monkey army regulars all the info they'd need to harrass Hillary,
then he says, "I'm not telling you to do this," which is code for "Hurry over there.".

This way, he can say, "I specifically told them NOT to do this,"
but all the while everybody knows what he's really doing and saying.


People ask:

BartCop, why do you refer to the president after Ronald Reagan as "President Butch?"
Well, that's what Rush calls him.

If you doubt me,  listen to this.


Have you ever heard Rush tell the truth?
I have, more than once.

I, BartCop, have a tape of Rush telling the truth.

Stop laughing,

This is for real.

I've listened to most every show since 1990,
I've heard him tell the truth over a dozen times.
Matter of fact, I remember the very first true thing he ever said.
It was something about SuperSquirter waterguns not being very dangerous.
I was in Muskogee, Oklahoma when he said that.
I remember.
That was the first true thing I ever heard him say.

In this next clip, Rush says, "I'm telling you the truth," and he says,
"I'm going to be honest with you about this," and then Rush Limba tells the truth, mostly.

This is Rush Limba speaking, and swear to Koresh - Rush is being about 85 percent honest.

I'm so damn glad I recorded this gem.


Remember Michael Del Giorno?
He's that ditto-monkey who follows Rush everyday in Knuckledrag, OK.
He was ragging on Clinton real bad one day, so I sent him a fax.

The dumb-ass reads my fax on the air.
I intentionally wrote it with the "nice" language, just in case.

Here's how it went.

Short version

Complete version


Remember Dan's Bake Sale in Colorado?
Years ago, some guy named Dan called Rush's show and was kidding around
about selling a bunch of cakes and pies as a big fund-raiser.

Pigboy thought it would be a fun thing so he flew to Denver and visited the gang.

I have obtained some rare audio of the worshipping crowd at Dan's Bake Sale.


From the great

Doing his 70's Polyester Pigboy  "award-winning EIB" bullshit line, just like he does today

Disco Pigboy

More 70's Pigboy

More Disco Pigboy

OK, are you ready?
Now I'm going to bust some nazi ass.

Do me a favor:
Listen to Discoboy  one more time, then click on  Pigboy Busted

Polyester Pigboy takes his bullshit schtick into the 90's for the ditto-monkeys.
How can you Republicans hear this and not admit he's a fraud?

How can you do that?


I gotta tell you...

This world wide web is the best toy I've ever had.
In the last 6 months or so, my output has been so irregular,
but with this new webpage, I can post anything immediately and I love it.

I'm maybe having the most fun in my whole life.
I wonder how Pigboy's life is going?

Let's ask him.


I realize this Michael Del Giorno is a local disease, but you won't believe
what this pompous bastard did even before they located JFK Jr's plane.

Is this guy a bigger ego-prick than Pigboy?

You decide


Doc Meng, harping out hard on two women
who want to give love and a home to an orphaned child.

Koresh - can you get any more evil than that?

Doc Meng Harps


Want to hear Rush win an argument?
Listen to Rush arguing with his  own ass.


How much does Rush hate Bill Clinton?
How much does the GOFP hate Bill Clinton?
I've talked about this before, but now you're going to hear it.

Rush explains that there's no sense in America fighting a war
if we aren't going to have at least some dead Americans.

The poor slug was forced into thinking on his feet, as you can tell by all the stammers,
but why would anyone, regardless of your political opinions, want more dead Americans?
He's attacking Clinton because none of our boys died in combat.

Listen to perhaps the most insane thing he's ever said.


It's time for the gloves to come off.
I'm trying my best to get sued by either Pigboy or Doc Spread 'Em.

I'm going to play the stupidest lie you've ever heard.
Listen to Doc Meng lie her little she-Nazi ass off.

How do they figure they can get away with this?
I'm not going to allow that to happen.

I'm going to hammer that lying bitch until she serves me a subpeona.
Like Pigboy, she's attacking our military.

Buckle Up, I'm going to have me some Doc Meng, here.

First, lets hear Doc Spread 'Em tell the impossibly-stupid lie.

Did you hear that?
Did you hear what she said?

It was so damn stupid, listen to the end of it one more time.

Doc Meng says that preacher was fired for mentioning God's name at Sunday services.

This is a lie from a cheap whore.
It didn't happen!

You know how I feel about organized religion, right?
I would fight (but not die for) that preacher's right to say anything
he wants about God during Sunday morning services.

I guarantee you, the only way a preacher could get fired for mentioning God's name
is if he said something like, "Goddamn, it's cold in this church."

That might get him fired, but that's not what Doc Harpy said happened.

The preacher was fired for speaking God's name in church on Sunday?

And it was allllllllllllllllllll because the Army prefers witches?
No, Doc Meng.

You made that shit up because you're a whore.
You're selling lies to the really, really stupid people.

Who do you think you're fooling?

The Army is merely taking the BartCop Quiz.
If they're going to recognize the religious superstitions YOU believe in,
they have to recognize the witches, the snake-handlers and the Catholics.

Please, please somebody write to me and tell me I'm the crazy one here.

Doc Meng is a liar.
Doc Meng is a  lying bitch!

Doc meng is a whore, and if this is slander,
why doesn't she sue me?

Why is Doc Meng lying to those poor, stupid inbred sheep who worship her?
Why would a whore lie?

Could it be...................for money?

I've got your balls in the BartCop snare, Doc Harpy.



Just heard from Doc Harpy, and she's not pleased that her nude pubes are on
Doc Meng, there's nothing to be mad at me about.

It's called "accepting responsibility," Doc Meng.
Have you ever heard of that concept before?
Maybe it's about time you practiced what you preach, bitch.

I didn't spread your legs for those photographs.
You did that, remember?
Don't blame me for this
So, tell me, Doc Meng.
What you have to say for yourself?

ha ha

What was that Doc Meng?
I don't think I heard you correctly.

Can you repeat yourself?

But Doc, how can you be mad at me?
Like Pigboy says, "All I did was repeat what you did," albeit visually.

...and watch your language, "lady."
We don't tolerate crude language here at

You should only speak if you can control yourself.

ha ha

Doc Meng, you have a dirty  potty-mouth.

ha ha


We touched on this subject about 8 months ago.
Here's how that looked back in RL-LNW Volume 133.

The Methane Factory has many, many character flaws.
One of his worst flaws is the way he takes every evil
slur against Clinton and elevates it to a FACT.
He also takes facts and pretends they don't exist.

Do I have any examples?

...thought you'd never ask.

It's a fact that Thomas Jefferson fathered at least one
child by a slave, Sally Hemmings, who's father was Jefferson's wife's Dad.
Jefferson was screwing his wife's half-sister.

Geneticists and medical science say that's a FACT.

Now, let's hear the Methane Factory's take on that fact:

"Oh, sure, in a lame attempt to claim everybody does it,
the Clinton apologists are claiming that Jefferson had
children by his slaves. They just want to destroy all that's
good and decent in America by tearing down the innocent."

A few days later...

"Oh, NOW they've changed their story.
Just to make it worse, NOW they're saying Jefferson RAPED this slave."
-- Rush, hate radio, 11/18/98

Apparently, in the Truth Detector's history of America,
slaves had the freedom to tell their oversexed owners,
"not tonight, Massa. I have a headache."

Any sex between slave and owner is, by definition, rape.
But since Rush's talent is on loan from God,
it must me ol' BartCop who is mistaken here, right?

Well, Rush still doesn't understand.


This is good example of another different way Rush can tell a lie.
This clip has a word missing at the end, that's not important.
Rush ends with "anybody you'd run into."
The word "into" was lost.

He's going to accuse Clinton and Gore for being a couple of phonies.

First off, who the hell can trust Rush on anything?
Maybe Clinton and Gore were pro-life early in their careers.
I have no way of knowing.

So, IF that happened, who can say why they switched their position?
Did they switch after years of soul-searching?
Or were they promised a political payoff one afternoon.and then switched?

Now, fast-forward to the truth.

In 1980, when Reagan won the Republican nomination for president, he asked
several prominent Republicans, one after another, to run with him against Jimmy Carter.

They all said, "No."

Finally, it got to be Butch's turn, he was the fourth or fifth old white man Reagan asked.
Butch said, "Golly Gee, that'd be swell," but there was a price to pay.
Reagan's people told Butch that he couldn't be pro-choice and still be on this ticket.

So Butch said, "Fuck those women," and joined the team as a pro-lifer.

So this is how Rush tells another lie.
We KNOW Butch sold his soul one afternoon so he could get more political power.

Balance that against the allegation made by a known liar, that C/G ever changed at all,
much less one afternoon in a smoke-filled room full of deal-making NRA/Tobacco whores.

Rush, you said that Clinton and Gore are "as insincere as anybody you could probably run into"
I guess that might be true, unless you ran into George Herbert Traitor Butch first.


Another one of the hundreds of different ways Rush can tell a lie
is the fact that he doesn't have to be consistent.

One day, Clinton is the liberal spender that never met a tax he didn't like,
the next day he's a devil for not increasing the drug-enforcement budget.

One day, he's the 60's flowerchild that never grew up,
the next day he's the war-monger that wants to murder the innocent children.

One day, he takes credit for the surplus when everybody knows it was the Republicans,
the next day there IS no surplus, it's just "another Clinton lie."

Alone with his Lil' nazi microphone, he can say anything,
and he never has to back it up or link it to anything - just wild, wild charges.

Rush can't ever made up his goddamn mind about which slur he's on.
Whatever Clinton was guilty of yesterday,
he's guilty of the opposite today.

How many times have you heard Rush say, "Clinton is stealing all our ideas."
Yep, that's what Rush says.
I've heard him make that charge a thousand times.

Rush also says,

"It's just further PROOF that we're winning.
 Bill Clinton had to masquerade himself as a conservative to get elected.
 And he had to masquerade himself as a conservative to get re-elected,
 because we have won the battle of ideas and he knows it."

He also says, "Clinton has to copy us and agree with us or he's irrelevant."

You've heard all that crap, right?

So why does Rush then claim THIS?


Rush, I know you've had complaints about this Republican congress.
You usually accuse them of not being "nazi enough" for your tastes.

About 2 weeks ago, you described them by using a certain word
that almost seemed like the pot calling the kettle "black."

What was that word you used to described the way the Republicans were behaving?
You said there was one word that described their behavior.

I think it went something like THIS.



I have no problem with condoms.
Obviously, abstinence works better.

You can't die in Tibet, if you never leave America.
Everybody agrees that abstinence works every time.
But in the real world, pregnancies and STDs would occur less often
if those people who are determined to engage in sex used condoms properly.

Just say no?

It's my opinion that telling teenagers to "Just say no,"
is an extremely naive way of not handling the situation.

Teenage boys have an incredibly strong sex-drive.
God gave it to them.
They did not ask for this.
God gave it to them.

It's a natural thing.
Teenage boys have these incredibly strong hormones racing through their veins
and around their bodies at light speed and, being immature, young adults,
they don't always practice the proper discretion.

That's why I think the health-related benefits of giving your teenage son a condom
will always supercede the stupid, Doc Meng, religio-based insanity of  "Just say no."
Today, the 4th, Doc Meng was ragging on Clinton and "those idiots who run our military."

(You younger kids may not realize this,
  but there was a time when Republicans were pro-military - swear to Koresh.)

Doc Meng accused the armed forces of "following the feminist agenda"
when it came to co-mingling the sexes at work.

Can I prove what I'm saying?

ha ha

(watch closely. I'm going to trap her with the BartCop snare.)

I call as my first witness, known whore, and known liar,Doc Meng.

BC: Doc Meng, good morning.
        My first question is this:

DM: I've heard about you, Mr. BartCop.
         Are you going to be mean to me?

BC: Does George Butch have lips?

DM: Uh-Oh

BC: You're against teens having condoms, why is that?

DM: Kids need to learn there are limits!
         Right and wrong must be taught early!

BC: Whoa, ...whoa, little lady.
        No need for that shrill shreiking here.

DM: Who's shreiking!?!?!?!?!

 (plaster falls from the ceiling)

Judge: One more outburst like that and you'll do this with a muzzle on your face.

BC: Is that anything like an S&M dog collar, Your Honor?

DM:  Grrrrrrrr...

BC: By the way, have you ever spread your legs for a camera?

DM: Your Honor!

BC: Isn't it true you've had sex with more than 2,600 men?

DN: Your Honor!!

BC: Withdrawn, Your Honor.

DM: Your Honor, can he do that?

Judge: You want me to turn back time?
             Who am I, ...Cher?
             Mr. BartCop, you will treat the witness with the dignity she deserves.

BC: ha ha

BC: So, Doc Meng.
       You're against condoms because they send a bad signal?

DM: Yes, kids need to "Just say no" to sex.

BC: Your Honor, I'd like to offer people's exhibit #1

DM: I object, Your Honor.
        This is a cheap, BartCop courtroom trick!

Judge: I'll allow it, and keep your bony ass quiet or you'll see a jail cell.

DM: I'm sorry, Your Honor.
         I can't go to jail.
         I can't go back to the LA County Lockup.
         The last time, those lesbians made me do bad things...
         There was this one ...Dyke by the name of Freddie.

BC: Can I play the tape, Your Honor?

Judge: Go ahead, Mr. BartCop.
            Play the Play the TAPE.

                <listen to the tape>

BC: So, Doc Meng, explain yourself!
       You say inexperienced teenagers, with their raging harmones,
       should have the maturity to say no to sex.

DM: Yes, that's true, you see, before secular humanism took over...

BC: Your Honor?

Judge: Knock it off, Harpy.
            This isn't some damn radio show where you can prattle on endlessly...
             In this court, you answer the damn question.

BC:  ...YOU charge our elite fighting men and women, the best trained,
        most-experienced and most-disciplined ADULTS we have,
       YOU charge that they can't keep their hands off each other,
        but then you tell our teenagers to "Just say no?
        Explain this gaping inconsistency to this court, Doc Meng!"

DM: Your Honor, this is a trick!

Judge: I'll allow it.
            Answer Mr. BartCop's question.

DM:  I, ...I, ...I...

Judge: That's an order, Doc Meng.
            Answer his question.

DM: I, ...I, ...I, ....

Judge: Answer his question right now or go to jail, Doc Meng.
          You're under OATH, Honeybabe!
           I want an honest answer to come outta your mouth right now
           or you're going to spend the night with Freddie.

DM: (Sobbing)
         I'm a paid-for whore, Your Honor.
         BartCop is right.
         I don't have any goddamn idea what I'm talking about.
         I'm just a whore on the Republican payroll.
         I'm doing Richard Mellon Scarfe on the side, Your Honor.
         I'm a paid-for whore, just like BartCop has said for three years.
          I get paid more than Devine Brown, but we're just two sisters on the same job.
         You see, I get paid BIG for this.
         Millions per month, Your Honor.
         More in one year than you make in 20, Your Honor.
         I'll say any goddamn wild-ass thing they tell me to say.
         It's what whores do, Your Honor.


        Nothing further, Your Honor.

         ha ha


Do you remember when Rush used to say, "We are winning."
Rush used to say,

"We've won the battle of ideas.
 Bill Clinton has to steal our ideas to get elected.
 Bill Clinton has to act like a conservative to stay in office.
 Bill Clinton is moving to the right, because America has moved.
 Reagan had a profound effect at changing this nation's center.
 To get elected these days, you have to be a conservative."

Hey, Pigboy!

Why did you say this last Friday?

If you're telling the truth,
If you are winning,
If Reagan had a profound effect on America,
If you won the battle of ideas,

Why did America prefer Bill Clinton over George Herbert Traitor Butch?


Why did America prefer Bill Clinton over Bob Dole?



Do you know what you'd get if Rush wasn't lying?
Do you know what you'd get if Rush wasn't a nazi?
Do you know what you'd get if Rush wasn't a whore?

You'd get Bob Novak.

Novak is my kind of conservative.
He just wants a tax cut.

He doesn't hate Clinton.
He doesn't hate blacks.
He doesn't hate gays.

He just wants a tax cut.

He didn't like Grenada.
He didn't like Panama.
He didn't like Beirut.
He didn't like Kuwait
He didn't like Bosnia.

He just wants a tax cut.

He's pro-life, but he won't fight you on it.
He doesn't stay up nights trying to kill Affirmative Action programs.
He might be pro-2nd Amendment, but I'll bet he doesn't own a gun.

He just wants a tax cut.

If Clinton won the week, Novak will admit it.
He's not a foaming-at-the-mouth nazi like most Republicans.

He just wants a tax cut.

He's even honest enough to admit THIS.

All Rush wants is a tax cut, too.
He doesn't believe that wild, crazy shit he says.
Rush knows the Cocks Report was a get-Clinton sack of bullshit.

Rush just wants a tax cut, sure.
But he's such a dishonest prick-bastard-whore,
he's willing to sacrifice every shred of dignity for one more nickle.


How often do you think James Carville and Herr Pigboy agree on something?

Looks like they agree on Governor Blow Monkey's economics.


Curtis Mayfield and Gov. Blow Monkey do the Cocaine Blues.


From Alaska Tom

BartCop, did you catch the first hour on Friday, the 17th?
Pigboy said that Clinton's refusal to turn over all the notes on the clemency
proves that the whole deal is tainted.  Not wanting it known proves it is tainted.

I wonder why Bush Jr's refusal to answer cocaine questions does not
also prove he is tainted.  Why does Jr's refusal not equate to guilt?
Somewhere, somehow the "liberal" media must be behind this.

Then, at the end of the first hour a caller compared Rayguns house deal to Clinton's.
He also got in a shot about the Japanese payoff of  $2,000,000.

My question is this, if a caller can be on hold forever just to get his turn, why can't he hold on over the break?
Maybe because it is so much easier to argue with someone who is no longer on the line to reply.

Alaska Tom

Alaska Tom,

Not only did I hear it, I taped it.
Here's the set-up - the accidental liberal caller said,

"Rush, you've been ragging on and on about Clinton's house, but I remember
Reagan's Republican friends bought him a house before he left office and you
don't seem to think there's anything wrong with that," the caller said.
"Why is there one standard for your side and a different standard for the Democrats?"

Why the double standard, Rush?

He continued, "Also, I'd like to remind your listeners that Reagan flew on a private 747
to Japan to collect $2,000,000 for a speech." (Actually, it was $6,000,000 for two speeches.)
Reagan was the best goddamn president Japan ever had - so they rewarded him with cash!

Here it is - one of the all-time, great Pigboy comebacks:

Are you ready for this?

You might want to hit the link, then refresh your drink.
It'll take about 30 seconds to load, but it's worth it. You're about to hear
the best debater in the Republican party defend Reagan's financial kickbacks.

Ladies and gentlemen, Rush Limba is now going to explain to you, in his own voice,
the difference between the legal deal Reagan got on his house while he was president,
and the very illegal deal that crooked Clinton managed to slick his way into.

Pigboy, please explain this to the folks at

Everybody ready for Rush's great rebuttal?

Click Here


ha ha

That's Pigboy's idea of a great rebuttal?
Rush, you were asked about Reagan's house deal.
Why did you drift off into the Travelgate "scandal?"
What could Travelgate POSSIBLY have to do with Reagan's house deal?

Of course, Rush was stuck like the lying, Nazi pig he is.
He's got no answer for the caller's charges because they're all true!
What could Pigboy possibly say?

That's why liberals have to get damn lucky to even get on his show.
Rush can't answer ANY question that isn't pre-screened.
Rush is a total, no-talent moron who can't answer easy questions.
Rush has a team of people feeding him answers on his computer.
You have to tell the screener what you're going to say,
so the team can search for answers to feed the no-talent lying Pig.

You ever notice how much smarter Rush is after the break?
That's because he's a goddamn mental midget, and his staff scrambles
for answers while he runs six minutes of commercials.

Pigboy, you're such a goddamn fraud.
That's why you can't let your sheep see the real you.

Besides, no matter what he charges the Democrats with,
the Fascists are always so much more guilty of the same thing.

That's the very best comeback Rush could come up with?

Not answering the question, because it makes Reagan guilty?
Because a truthful answer would show him to be a liar?

Pigboy, you're such a goddamn fraud.

...and you tell your sheep you're in pursuit of the truth?

ha ha

Pigboy, you are so busted!

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