Send for your stickers today!
 Just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155

 If you're able to send a small donation, that's cool,
 but you'll get some stickers either way

 Here's an incomplete collection of sticker holders.
 I know there are more in the back issues - if you run into one,
 could you send the number of the issue to me at 

 Howard Dean, running for President, with The Woof!

 BTW - Click  Here  to see what Dean did to Bush on June 17, 2003

   Peter Garrett, Midnight Oil - thanks to Wal Cooper

               Mindpilot scores again - this time with Sen. Jim Jeffords

 Tommy Mack, LA recording engineer,  good friend
 to BartCop and Snoop Dogg.      Check that hair.

 Clive James, Aussie and Brit TV humorist

 Dr. Newdow, who sued for our right to religious freedom, the man who Paul Begala tried to crucify
 for promoting freedom from religion. How dare this Dr. Newdow have the idea to think outside the GOP box.

           Greg Palast, in the general vicinity of the sticker

      This was sent as "Susan McDougal's sister."
According to Susan's book, that would make her Paula Henley.


 The Pink Taco tequila bar at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.
 When my doctor tells me I have one week to live, me and Mrs Bart are going to
 spend our final days drinking $75 shots on my Southwest Airlines Visa card.

 Darrell Lambert
 This guy made news because he refused to swear to something he didn't believe in!
 He's a damn HERO. It took courage to tell the Noy Scouts, "No, I refuse to lie."
 Click  Here  for more on this brave man.

                           They read it in Alaska

         They read it in New York

                                                       They read it down under.

Click to Order
    They read it in Arkansas.   Susan McDougal

 Regan Copple with Diedrich Bader of the Drew Carey Show

                  Lou Diamond Phillips
 Visit a fansite for Lou at

  Thanks to Regan Copple, who got most of these...

    The President of the United States (more than Bush, anyway)

Visit NBC's The West Wing

 It takes courage to be photographed with one of these.  is seen by many as "too wild" to be associate with.
 Some people will not touch that harmless, little sticker - out of fear.
 Some people are braver than others, and have a little more conviction.

     Visit Kurt at

                         Who is this?

                                                  Arianna Huffington, thanks to Mindpilot

     tennis superstar Martina Navratolova and  reader Tim W

 If you find more in the back issues, let me know.
 Better yet, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155  (donation not required)

 and I'll send you some stickers and you can get the
 brave and the famous to pose with one - cool beans!

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