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Cash for Clunkers ending
 They sold 457,000 cars with $1.9 billion in rebates


The $3 billion Cash for Clunkers program will shut down on Monday, the government said Thursday.
Officials decided to wind down the program, which Congress passed to spur flagging auto sales, 
after determining that it would soon run out of money. 

The program proved wildly popular, running through its initial $1 billion in its first week 
and leading lawmakers to approve an additional $2 billion in funding on Aug. 7.

So why are we ending it - is this another Democratic surrender?

The right-wing liars have been screaming about the cost of this program which
may end up saving Detroit, but it also saved tens of thousands of jobs in the car
industry as well as in glass plants, electronics, the tire and rubber industry, leather seats,
plastics and steel, XM-Sirius Satellite Radio - the list goes on and on.

So it's a little expensive, but we should ask, "Compared to what?"

Bush gave Colgate $300M and who did they hire?  Nobody!

Bush gave his crooked Enron friends $772M and who did they hire?  Nobody!

Bush gave Ford $5.5 billion and who did they hire?  Nobody!

Bush gave GE $5.3 billion and who did they hire?  Nobody!

Bush gave IBM $2.5 billion and who did they hire?  Nobody!

Bush gave Microsteal $7.2 billion and who did they hire?  Nobody!

Bush gave the crooks at WorldCom $4 billion and who did they hire?  Nobody!

Bush gave those corporate robbers $25.5 billion and who did they hire?  Nobody!

But when Obama gives a half a million families new, fuel-efficient cars while saving tens of thousands of jobs
for $2 billion  the right-wing loons go crazy and make the president out to be some crazy, big spender.

Why won't somebody list the damn facts?

Plus, I don't know - did Bush give them that much every year he was in office?

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