Episode 11
Adnan Al-Zuhari

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Previously in "Saecula:” An elite Republican cabal conspires to fix the 
2008 presidential election, but its plans to embezzle money from the RNC 
are uncovered and lead to murder.  Democratic Senator Winnie Scott
scuttles administration strategy with a blockbuster disclosure during
congressional hearings on the disasterous Islamic War.  The Vice President's
"A-Team" sets in motion the ultimate October Surprise: A terrorist attack
upon the nation.

Today: Adnan Al-Zuhari gets His Chance For Revenge

Adnan al-Zuhari looked stricken, as if he had seen the ghost of his son. With a mixture of fear and awe, 
he continued to stare at the sealed canister with the red biohazard symbols that Amer al-Kubaisi had 
shown him. He didn’t know whether to run from this formidable danger or cry out to Allah in joy. 
Adnan had sworn on the torn and mutilated body of his son Ibrahim that he would one day make 
the Americans pay for their sins. Ibrahim was one of the thousands of innocent Iraqis slain by the 
gunships and tanks of the invader. He and 41 other guests were murdered at a wedding celebration 
in Makr al-Deeb when the air strike came.

The Americans insisted the house was used by gun smugglers and terrorists coming over the nearby
Syrian border. Only a few personal rifles and pistols were found in the debris, along with the unmistakable detritus of a festival -- shards of musical instruments, pieces of colorful costumes and body parts of 
numerous small children. The American ground commander paid Adnan $1000 on the spot in cash 
when he arrived the next day to bury his son, as if any amount of money from these pigs could 
compensate for his loss. They called Ibrahim collateral damage.

Saddam had been cruel and harsh, and the al-Zuhari family had indeed suffered grievously at his hands. 
Although the scion of an old and wealthy family and educated as a physician, Adnan, as with all Shias, 
had been treated as an outcast during the Hussein regime. The great wealth from Iraq’s oil profits fed 
the ego of its leader and his minority Sunni supporters. Following the first American occupation, 
al-Zuhari was able to appropriate the funds his departed father had hidden away in Kuwait, reclaim 
the family estate and reestablish his medical practice. He would have given it all up in a second for 
his son’s life. With Saddam, at least you knew what to expect. The Americans were like raging bulls 
in the souk, striking without perceptible reason, killing with their rockets from afar. What kind of man 
does not look you in the eye when he confronts you? Now, at last, he had the means to revenge his son
and his people. Adnan al-Zuhari would look Americans in the eye when he unleashed his attack.


The man named Willie, who had devised the transaction, knew al-Kubaisi had chosen well. The disreputable merchant, from the U.S.-occupied city of Basra in southern Iraq, was a national who, along with several 
dozen of his compatriots, had decided that loyalty to Poseidon and Swiss accounts was a higher calling than patriotism to the new Iraqi order. He had been pointed toward Adnan al-Zuhari by his sources who knew
of his deep-seated hatred of the Americans and his burning desire for revenge.

Once Adnan was targeted, he was thoroughly vetted and a backstory created to establish the trail 
bona fides of the toxin, covering the questions that surely would arise from his gleeful but skeptical
Nasiriyah cellmates: Al-Kubaisi had learned of Adnan’s pain through mutual acquaintances. When the 
botulinum became available through the back channels -- this one in the Sudan -- from which Amer 
obtained a considerable portion of his merchandise, he had approached al-Zuhari with the offer.

One of Adnan’s Nasiriyah colleagues was also controlled by Willie. He served as the finance officer for
the cell to which Adnan belonged. Willie instructed him to put al-Zuhari in contact with the “Brit, an 
associate in Europe, whom he could rely on” to handle delivery and in-transit security. Adnan, himself, 
would use his cell for recruitment and training, not yet knowing what his destination would be, but 
relying on Allah’s guidance. He only knew that he would soon join his son in the glory of Allah.

So would Amer al-Kubaisi, the cell’s finance officer and the Brit. Other than being provided cover 
stories and instructed they had nine months to move the botulinum up the trail, the Arab assets 
were told by Willie that the toxin was intended as a decoy in a joint CIA-Special Forces operation to 
identify, track and close down the entire Sudan-Iraq-Istanbul terrorist pipeline. None would live 
long enough to discover the truth.

While Poseidon’s Arab agents had no particular love for the United States, they did have one for money. 
Once they realized the real purpose of the operation, and its connection to the American firm, blackmail, 
or worse, selling their information to the CIA, would be much too tempting. Tom Bishop didn’t like 
sacrificing valuable sources, but there was no other option if he was to protect himself and the A-Team. 
His deeper regret was that he must also sacrifice Willie, his American control, in order to prevent any leakage.

Next in “Saecula:” Gar's Take on Women.

by  Martin Gresko

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