October Sticker Contest

   Did Larry Flynt save Clinton's presidency?


 Hi!  Tom and I caught Lewis Black and Dave Attell in Ann Arbor, Mi in 10/4.
 The show was sold out and these guys were fuckin hilarious!  We were fortunate
 enough to meet them after the show, they signed autographs until about 2 am.

 I've attatched 2 pics of Tom G. from MI with each of them.
 They both seemed interested in the website and kept their stickers.
 Hopefully we have Octobers' winners right here!!!  <wink, wink>.
 Hope all is well with you and keep on rockin' the truth!

 Allyson from Ohio  (roulette queen)
 (Allyson won the big roulette spin at Bartfest Vegas 2002)

 Allyon, thanks to you and Tom!  Those are great pictures.
 I'm more familiar with Lewis Black (The Daily Show) and he's one of my favorites.


                       Popcorn the politically active hen...

            A double dipper from RF - one in his hand - one on his bike

                     Sent in by Zvo

 Hey Bart,

 I hope my fellow Bartcop junkies enjoy this as much as I enjoy watching pinheads beat on
 their steering wheel in my rear view mirror.I fly my Bartcop sticker on my hardhat with pride.
 It helps me to convert hard working men who suport his asshollyness into freedom loving Americans.
 Keep up the fight.


                          TV Brain

            Helen Thomas, more balls than major league umpire

                                                                 Thanks to Jo I

Found this Tommy Jefferson - not sure who to credit...

(Sticker was taped, not applied to TJ)

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