September Sticker Contest

   sent by Bonnie H

 This probably isn't a legal entry in the contest,
 but it was the first one in, so up it goes.

    That's a strange-looking stalk of corn.

                        From Sean McK

              Gay Pride Bear and Tina W

                         from Rick I

                                     from Darrell C (salute)



                          Thanks to Wolf

 If you look really, really close, it's almost exactly in the center of the picture.

                                From M  Comeau

                                   From Fox

                        from Casey

                        from Jim C

                          from Brannon

               Smokin Joe Conason and his good friends TLM and MindPilot    -    not a photoshopper

             Lance climbed 4500 feet to take this picture in Nevada.

                                The sticker that made Milwaukee famous.

 Blown up real big, this looks like a real picture.   Either that, or someone took a scary amount of time
 to detail the smaller sticker blowups in front of some of the kids.  Thanks to Walto.

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