EXTRA - President Gore.
Issue #111

Rush Limba - Lying Nazi Whore

(Just kidding.)

We have a "regular" RL-LNW almost ready, but much is up.
We received our first e-mail on Zipper-Gate.

>BartCop, what's the deal with Zipper-Gate?

There's so much coming out, it's hard to respond.
The best take I've seen so far was by Sam Donaldson.
(Read these words - one by one - very carefully:)

"If, in fact,
evidence can be produced
that the President
asked this woman
to perjure herself,
that's a felony,
and it's big trouble
for Bill Clinton."

-- Sam Donaldson Jan 22, 1998

"IF" has always been a mother-effer for Republicans.

"IF" they have a letter or a recording of Clinton asking her
to commit a felony, it's going to shock the hell out of me.

If they don't, like Rush Limba said today,
"Clinton will be more popular than any president in history."

I predict His Rotundness is right this time.

>This might topple Starr and the Clinton Hate Machine, not Bill.

I agree.
Hey, Ringo!
Is that a subpeona in your pants?
Or are you just glad to see me?

This just in...
8 PM CST, Larry King says the Monica Willinsky deposition
for Paula Jones's lawyers tomorrow HAS BEEN POSTPONED!!!!

Sounds like somebody's needs to gather some more evidence.

Ringo's coming after Clinton with a switchblade.
Ha ha

...just like a ditto-monkey to bring a knife to a gunfight.

Did I ever mention I have a tape of a man claiming
George Butch and Ronald Reagan invited him for a threesome?

>I trust RL-LNW will come out slugging...
>more animatedly than BC did yesterday....

Yep, but Clinton was in a trap that can't be avoided.
He was subdued, and a little shocked I think.
But if he'd come out swinging, the dirty whores would say
"He's really angry, not the usual calm, smooth Bill Clinton,"
so he's "guilty" either way.

>The hatemongering of this country *is* getting me down -

I have a cure for that:
Think how bad they felt when Nixon had to resign.
We won't have to go through that.
Clinton is no Dick.

Mark my words, a month from now, Rush will be asking

ha ha

If Clinton gets out of this clean, it may be the straw
that breaks the backs of dirty politics and media whores.
They may be forced to change their tune.
It can't hardly get any worse.

This just in...
Swear to Koresh, a CNN pollster just said on Larry King
that Clinton went UP TWO POINTS since yesterday!!!!!!!!

Right now, too many new "facts" are coming every hour.
Either way, we'll know something really soon.
Maybe the public should demand a smoking gun in the next 7 days
or Starr has to pack up and go home - empty handed.

Cheer up.
Hillary has this covered.
Monica's going to have a "car wreck" in the morning,

ha ha

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