Volume 243 - It's a Cruel, Cruel Summer

 August 11, 2000

 Bush Wrestles With Semantics Over Clinton, Gore

 Texas Gov. George W. Bush said this morning that he believed that
 Vice President Gore could restore honor and dignity to the White House.

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 Good Article on Gerald Ford

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 Somebody crank up the clue generator
 and explain to me how Michael Moore
 hijacked the Democratic Party away
 from Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

 From: (withheld)


 Don't let up on your pounding of Michael Moore. Moore is the left's
 equivalent of Rush Limbaugh. Both men really do not give a rat's ass about
 the positions they support so passionately. They are both just there for the
 ego-stroke, and in Rush's case the mega-bucks. Prosperity is not good for
 someone like Moore. He will be on T.V. a lot more if Bush is in the White House.

 Here is another point for all the people who are planning on supporting the
 Greens and Nadar. Take a look at what is happening to the reform party.
 This is what is going to happen to the Green party if they get matching
 funds. Money draws sharks. It is well known that the Greens can not
 organize a pissing contest in a brewery.

 ha ha - Great line!

 People yammering means nothing, if I was going to vote for someone based
 only on what they are telling me, I can vote for Bush.
 Whatever you do, don't let up on Moore. He is an asshole.


 From: mrte@home.com

 Michael (Stab-in-the-Back) Moore........you got that right as rain amigo......

 From:  peter.hisey@tfn.com

 I wouldn't be too hard on Moore. He's a decent, if truculant, guy.
 I prefer him as an opponent to people like Barr, Rush and
 the rest of the disinfotainment industry.

 From: CWelz00@aol.com

 To label Michael Moore a "traitor" is distortion.
 To label all who might disagree with your incredibly narrow view of the world is bigotry.

 Your description of me as a "bag of hate" is simply childish.
 Unlike yourself, I actually do have a job.

 ha ha

 Thanks for writing,

 From: gootmu@dementia.org

 Well, I read the Moore piece you put up, and I'll say it. Moore's
 not a traitor. Betraying someone involves promising them your loyalty to
 begin with, something Moore hasn't done. He isn't spending Democrat party
 money, he isn't employed by them.

 You have a point.

 From:  style_invitational@yahoo.com

 The Republicans and the Democrats have ignored women.
 And NOT one of them considered a plack person for the VP ticket.
 That's why we should vote for...


 He has found a black-female LA inner-city teacher to be his VP.

 Just think, if he became president, and I shot him,
 I'd be a hero in death-row!!!

 ha ha

 From:  ranting_wacko@hotmail.com

 The reason Moore is so dead set behind Nader is that first and foremost,
 Moore is a union man. He got started in the film making business as a means
 of continuing the tradition of a family member who was among the first men
 to go on strike in the auto plants in the early 1900's.

 Nader is, by most perceptions, the most pro-Union person running for President.
 Not in practice, but in perception.

 From: gsmith@hhpn.com

 The reason why Clinton is such a good president is that he has tried to balance both sides.
 Our economy would not be great if an imbalance where permited.

 The extremes of Michael Moore and the Naderites are just as harmful
 as the Dick Cheneys and Smirks.

 Fuck Michael Moore and all other extremists.

 From: stevew@galleriapublishing.com

 Subject: Michael Moore

 Reluctantly, I have to agree with you about Moore.
 For years I regarded him as a hero on the left. While still a staunch liberal,
 his attacks on Clinton and Gore have pissed me off. He has his valid points on
 many issues, but his show the other night about trying to find a job for Clinton
 (because he doesn't believe the new jobs Clinton takes credit for claiming is
 real) sucked big time. What a loser way to end for a broadcast season. I
 emailed  him and told him so too.


 Steve, thanks for that.
 I'm getting carpet-bombed by pro-Moore Democrats.
 Is that why they're upset?
 Because of NAFTA?

 I don't watch Moore's show, but I can guarantee those jobs are real.
 At my local K-Drag drugstore, the pharmacist's helper has spiked, purple
 hair and a metal stud thru his nose. No way in hell you can get a job like
 that looking like you're from Seattle if anybody else is available.

 Clinton created so many goddamn jobs, you can't get served at McDonald's
 or Arby's anymore because there's nobody in the store who knows English.

 But hey, if Michael Moore says those jobs aren't real,
 why should we believe our lying eyes?

 After all, Michael Moore is "Mr. Democrat."

 Cheney Exonerates Gore Over Clinton

 HOLLAND, Mich. (AP) -- Dick Cheney said Friday Al Gore shouldn't be held
 accountable for President Clinton's personal failings, but Americans should
 reject him because his administration would be just like Clinton's.

 That's the message Gore's trying to sell:
 All the peace and all the prosperity without the consensual sex!
 So far, Cheney's the best guy on our team.

 Cheney, the GOP vice presidential nominee, said Clinton is ``still trying to
 deal with'' the fallout from his affair with a White House intern and
 subsequent impeachment, and it shouldn't rub off on Gore.

 "Responsible for personal Clinton's mistakes? No, I don't think so,'' Cheney
 said in an interview with The Associated Press as he wrapped up his first
 solo campaign trip as Gov. Blow Monkey's running mate.

 From: illison_99@yahoo.com

 Subject: Michael Moore

 While I like your bashing of Rush for the most part, I
 have to ask why you are so angry at anyone who
 criticizes the Democratic Party from the left? What
 is wrong with the substance of Michael Moore's letter?

 Hey, I criticize Gore, too.
 But I don't invite people to look past him
 and vote for Nader, who can't possibly win.
 Buchanan has a better chance of winning than Nader.

 It seems you are so hung up on supporting Democrats and winning the
 presidency that you have forgotten why you support them in the first place.
 Clinton and the DLC have yanked the party to the right in search of
 victory and sacrificed the principles that the Party used to stand for.
 What's another name for New Democrat?  Moderate Republican.

 You sound like you're yearning for the good old days
 when we used to lose forty-nine states at a time.

 Now the Democratic candidate is pro-death penalty, pro-WTO, and pro-bombing.
 His wife and VP seem to take a liking to censorship. I'd rather vote for something
 I do want and not get it than vote for something I don't want.

 Wouldn't it be nice if the GOP had control of the White House
 AND the Senate AND the House AND appointed all the judges?
 That way, all Democrats could be united, and totally out of power
 for the first time since Herbert fucking Hoover.

 BTW, a vote for Nader is, at most, only half a vote for Dubya.
 Do the math.

 Math is one of the few things I do well.
 If Smirk ends up with 48 percent,
 and Gore ends up with 44 percent,
 and Ralph Nader with 8 percent,
 I'll have the immense satisfaction of saying "Illison 99 was wrong," while the GOP
 controls the White House, the Senate, the House, the courts, the military, etc.

 From: CWelz00@aol.com

 Subject: Your Assholeism Re: Michael Moore

 Dear BC:

 Calling Michael Moore a "Stabber in the Back" is like calling Mother Theresa
 a slum landlord or calling Dr. Benjamin Spock a child molester.

 ha ha
 Yeah, it's exactly like that.

 During the height of the go-go 80's and the unharnessed greed of the Reagan
 years, Moore provided one of the few effective voices for working people in
 this country.

 So, if he's anti-Reagan and anti-Gore, Democrats should love him?
 I don't love anybody automatically, and I goddamn sure don't love traitors because
 someone else likes what they did in the 1980's.  Michael Moore is inviting people
 to look past Gore and consider Ralph Nader, which is a vote for Smirk.

 It is one thing in this life to be partisan--and there is always a certain
 level of gamesmanship associated with politics. But to so distort and
 misrepresent the views of others when they don't quite jibe with your own/

 Wait - "distort and misrepresent the views of others?"

 That means you agree with me.
 If you think I distorted MM's comments, that means you don't think MM made them.
 The only thing that could make you think that is if what you read sounded
 anti-Democrat, which is why I published his letter in the first goddamn place.
 If you agree with me, why are you being such a bag of hate?

 /exposes you for what you are: narrow minded and bigoted--as your remarks
 concerning Jews and slavery amply demonstrate.

 Yep, I'm the most anti-Jewish person on the Internet.

  ...and the reason I hate Jews is... I forget.
 Why do I hate Jews?
 Can you spell it out for me?

 ha ha

 I had no idea stupid people read  bartcop.com

 Jesus Christ, all the shit I'm guilty of
 and you attack me for that which I cannot be guilty?

 ha ha

 Do you have a regular job?
 I could use a doofus foil like you.

 I think all religions are bogus.
 As long as it's not snake-handling, they're all the same to me.
 Why would I single one out?

 I don't like Jews, and I don't dislike Jews.
 To me, it's like people whose names begin with "J."
 I don't dislike people whose names begin with "J,"
 and I don't dislike people whose names begin with "J."
 I'd have to meet the Jew in question to form an opinion.

 Are you saying since I'm Catholic, I'm supposed to hate Jews?
 My, my, that's not very nice at all.
 It looks like one of us is a religious bigot.

 A quick check of today's USA Today..... Yes!

 It's another day of deadly, unhealthy air in Houston.

 Thanks, Smirk!

 Nobody Likes a Nazi Whore

 Two additional high-profile advertisers have joined the mad rush
 of companies dumping Laura the self-styled martyr.

 E-commerce giant Priceline.com and Red Lobster have informed Laura
 they will no longer sponsor her Nazi madness, which is erred daily.

 Earlier this week, computer retailer Gateway and Kroger,
 pulled their national spots from Schlessinger's hatefest.

 "While Priceline.com supports freedom of speech, we reserve the right to adjust
 our advertising mix to fit our overall marketing strategy," said Priceline.com CEO
 Jay Walker. "The Dr. Laura show does not fit that strategy, and we have
 discontinued our advertising on the bitch's program."

 In an interview with the New York Times last month,  Laura's syndicators singled out
 Priceline, Dish Network and Sears for "standing by" the LA She-Thing.
 Since then, all three say they would no longer support Nazi hate aimed at gay Americans

 Schlessinger recently applauded Priceline.com, which also runs banner ads on
 her Web site, for supporting her gays-in-ovens agenda.
 "I want to thank them for supporting my death-to-gays program. Whenever I order them
 to do, they do. So thank you Priceline," Schlessinger wrote on DrLaura.com.

 Red Lobster said the company stopped purchasing advertising on Laura's hate show
 in May and will no longer support Nazi hate because of consumer complaints.

 "Red Lobster does not endorse Dr. Laura's remarks regarding the gay and lesbian
 community needing to be snuffed out," said guest-relations representative Stephen Herring
 to StopDrLaura.com.  The site is also pressuring Paramount Television into dropping
 Schlessinger's upcoming hate-TV show, which is scheduled to debut next month.

 Other companies that have pulled their advertising support from Pig-Radio include
 Procter & Gamble, American Express, United Airlines, AT&T, Kraft, Geico, Xerox,
 SkyTel, Amica Insurance, Box.com, ToysRUs.com, and TCF Bank.

 I don't want to hear one more Democrat tell me what a good man
 Michael (Stab-in-the-Back) Moore is.

 Read This   and tell me he's not a traitor.

 A Reminder from Jim

 A vote for Nader is a vote for Smirk.

 Only the Stupid Are Voting Smirk This Year
     Steven Hawking Calls Gore "Leader for 21st Century"

  Full  Story

 Professor Stephen Hawking has videotaped a resounding endorsement
 of Al Gore to be aired at the Demo-Con 2000 in Los Angeles next week.

 Professor Hawking, 58, who is confined to a wheelchair by motor neurone
 disease, will tell the assembled Democrats via his computerized voice
 synthesizer that Mr Gore "is more prepared than any other world figure
 I know of to meet the challenges of the future".

 The Democratic Vice-President and the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at
 Cambridge University have met several times and Mr Gore has repeatedly expressed
 his admiration for the scientist, describing him as "the smartest man in the world".

 "I pretended to read his book," Mr Gore recently told an audience, referring
 to Professor Hawking's taxing bestseller, A Brief History of Time.
 The Cambridge astrophysicist is a cult figure in the US, routinely described as a
 "latter-day Einstein", and his support for Mr Gore will boost Gore's claims to
 be a world leader in the areas of science and technology.

 Professor Hawking's brief address will close with:
 "I commend him to you as the leader who will take us into the 21st century."

 Late Night Quotes

"This is two weeks of record heat. This is unbelievable.
 I'm sweating like Dick Cheney at a Nelson Mandela prayer breakfast."
         --Jay Leno

 From:  JennyQ1@aol.com

 Subject:  Oh, Brother!

 The phrase "Snipers wanted" was shown Friday across footage
 of Smirk accepting his nomination at Nazi-Con 2000.

 The network called the display "an inappropriate and regrettable graphic,"
 adding that it and program producer Worldwide Pants Inc. "deeply regret
 this incident." The company said it would take appropriate action.

 A Bush spokesman said the candidate accepted the apology

 "It's unfortunate something like that has happened," Smirk spokesman Dan Bartlett said.
 "We accept their apology and look forward to seeing the results of their investigation."


 Can you really see President-Elect GORE saying something so stupid and sniveling?
 Better watch your words when you make jokes about the little Bush boy, Bartcop...

 ha ha

 Smirk doesn't have the brains or the balls...


''I want to tell what the core of this whole struggle is all about -- it's the economy.
 'Instead of a triple dip recession we've seen a tripling of the stock market in the last eight years,''
  said Al Gore, ripping into the pinhead's logic-free assault on him.

He ridiculed Smirk-for-brains in a fiery speech, dismissing his stupid-ass suggestion
that President Clinton has been ''coasting.''

''If that's coasting, let's coast for another four years,'' said Gore.

 ha ha

 Go Al!

 Bush Denies Executing Retarded Man Wednesday
  Small brain can't recall events from two days ago

 Full  Story

 The Republican candidate won't apologize for overseeing the execution of
 Oliver David Cruz, and denies ever having executed a retarded convict, the
 Houston Chronicle reports. Cruz, who had been convicted of a 1988 rape and
 murder, had an I.Q. that his defenders said clearly indicated mental retardation.

 When reporters at a California campaign event mentioned that several states have
 laws against executing the mentally retarded, Bush replied, "So do we, in Texas."

 But there is no law against executing the mentally retarded in Texas,
 and five people who fell into that category were executed prior to Cruz.

 In fact, Bush worked against efforts to enact such a statute in his
 state as recently as 1999.

 Sanchez Vows to Hold Playboy Event
     By Christopher Noxon

 LOS ANGELES (Rooters) - U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez, a hero to Democrats
 for kicking Bob Dornan's caveman ass is in hot water for refusing to cancel an
 event at a politically incorrect location -- the Playboy mansion.

 Joe Andrew, who nobody ever heard of, issued a statement saying he was
"sorely disappointed'' with Sanchez's decision to proceed with the fund-raiser and
 revoked her invitation to address the party's nominating convention.

 Earlier, Andrew told Sanchez in a letter that hosting a party for Hispanic
 Unity USA at the mansion -- the scene of many Playboy centerfold photos --
 would send a wrong message to families.

 You watch, the Democrats will pull this hari-kari shit live on television.
 It appears we're only slightly less neanderthal than the GOP

 Waaaaaaaaay back in 1976, Jimmy Carter did an interview with Playboy.
 I remember he was running against the man who pardoned Nixon and
 "the meanest man in the Senate," which was old Bob Dole.
 (In 24 years, the "meanest man" morphed into a "nice, funny guy" because
  every one of his GOP peers surpassed him in the asshole catagory.)

 I remember surly, sour Bob Dole barking, "He can HAVE the bunny vote!"
 Two and a half decades later, the Democrats are trying their best to
 fuck up while the attention of the world is on them. If the idiot Democrats
 just let Sanchez quietly have her fund-raiser, Fox News and Pigboy would
 howl for a day and then it would be over. But noooooooooooooooooo.

 The idiot Democrats have to make sure this issue is the top headline in
 every newspaper and search engine in America as they begin Al Gore's
 comeback campaign against the Cotton Candy Kid.

Ask BartCop

Subject:   Joe Andrew

From:  daveymitch48@hotmail.com

Do you know anything about this Joe Andrew (DNC Chairman)?
I don't know anything about him, but judging from seeing small snippets of him
on C-Span and this article, he seems to be a moralizing, cold, pompous wanker.

Then again, that's just my opinion.
Am I off base on this one?


Dear Dave,



 Here's a Good One


 Great GOP Quotes

"This race is about the future and what Bush and Cheney
  will do for the country,  not on a resolved situation from the past,"
     Cheney spokesman Dirk Vande Beek, explaining why Cheney would not
     answer questions about the former Secretary of Defense's role in Iran-Contra.

 You mean the pardon that buried the truth forever resolved something?

 GOP Throws Massive Hissy Fit

 The Republicans are throwing a temper tantrum/hissy fit because the networks
 find the President's speech more news worthy than that of Colin Powell,
 a minor player in a party of traitors.

 Jim Nicholson, chief whiner for the American Nazi party, said in letters to the
 ABC, CBS and NBC that he was concerned about reports "that you now plan
 to expand and augment your coverage in Los Angeles next week."

 ha ha

 Nicholson sufferes from shaken whiner's syndrome.

 Full Story

 Massive Increase in Agave Security Reported
  Guards now number 125, up from six

 Click  Here  for this very important story

Subject: What if Bush wins?

 From:  efestag@mail.alac.org

 To:   rush@eibnet.com


 What are you going to do if your boy Bush wins the election?
 Whom are you going to ride on your show every day?
 It seems to me that if you win, you will lose.
 If Gore wins, though, you can be a bigger prick than ever -- and probably will.

 Eckhard Festag

 Who holds the record for the most state-sanctioned murders?



 ...smirking, murdering, unqualified, rich, spoiled, silver-platter daddy's-boy of a fraud.

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