Volume 312 - The Jaw Bone of an Ass
 October 29, 2000

 Tim the Whore did it again

 The first question he asked Lieberman, the primary question on the little brain
 of feeble-minded Timmy the Whore nine days before a history-changing election was,

 "Why did you say you had respect for Louis Farrakhan
    and why did you say you would consider meeting with him?"

 Then Timmy played the quotes where Farrakhan accused the Jews of controlling
 Hollywood and controlling major sports figures.

 First of all, fuck you, Russert, for steering away from every issue that affects hundreds
 of millions of Americans so you could wallow some less-than urgent controversy.
 And even when you wallow in the controvery, so choose to avoid the point.

 Is it the position of NBC news that the Jews are powerless in Hollywood and sports?
 Why is this question too sacred to answer?
 When Farrakhan was on your show two weeks ago, he made those charges
 and Timmy immediately went to another subject - why?

 Farrakhan claimed that some Jews loaned money to Hitler.
 Is that true?
 Statistically, it almost has to be true.
 So lets ask the questions.
 Were there many or just a few?
 Were they loners, or influential community pillar-types?

 Were the Rothchild's Jewish? What about the Armand Hammer types?
 Is it a surprise to anyone that BIG money would play both sides of a world war?

 Why is it unacceptable to ask these questions?
 Surely, the Jews aren't so incredibly powerful that people aren't even allowed
 to ask some simple questions, right?  Funny, tho, the way these

 I'll tell you one thing, you may think Farrakhan's crazy, and I might, too.
 (There's some flying saucer stories going around that, once again, Rush will talk about
 but I've never heard anybody with a reputation talk about the "mother ship" stuff.)
 But if Farrakhan is the only one who can fill the mall in Washington DC
 with a half-million people, we ought to at least find out what he's angry about.

 Timmy could spend five minutes on question like these and air the complaint.
 Then we could hear from both sides and see who's lying, but then Timmy
 would lose the issue, so he just picks at it, week after week.

 Timmy, if you can spend three years on Clinton's cock, which matters to
 nobody but Clinton, why can't you spend three minutes on Farrakhan's charges?
 I know nothing about his charges, but I'll bet I could spend 30 minutes with
 Farrakhan and force him to define his charges into small boxes that can be
 listed and quantified and therefore, easy to rebut or dismiss if they hold no water.

 But not Tim the Whore...

 He'd rather pummel Lieberman over his willingness to talk to the enemy.

 Hey, you prick!
 If we did things Timmy's way, Barak and Arafat would never talk
 and we'd have non-stop violence in Israel instead of sporadic.

 Bottom line, if Tim's going to have Farrakhan on the brain every week,
 why doesn't he air the issues, and nail them down so they can be discussed?

 He almost (words mean things) seems to be proving Farrakhan's point.
 There's definitely some unspoken truth that Timmy dare not touch on.
 If I knew what the goddamn truth was - I'd speak it.

 I know there are very, very powerful Jews in America, but I don't know
 that they "control" Hollywood, sports and banking. It would take an airing
 of the charges and then the facts to determine if Farrakhan was right,
 but it's clear we won't get that kind of news from a cock-hungry
 corporate whore like Tim Russert.

 Don't write and ask why I hate the Jews.
 Don't write and say you're going to report me to some Jewish watchdog group.
 I ain't worth watchin'

 I'm asking some questions because I'm ignorant on the subject, OK?
 If these questions are "out of bounds," then maybe Farrakhan has a point.

From: Jangellamf@aol.com

Subject: George Bush and "character"


If I hear one more gasbag refer to the superiority of Bush's "character", I'll plotz!

How can anyone attribute "character" to a man that didn't have a job until he
was 40 frigging years old?

How can anyone attribute "character" to a man whose entire fortune is based
not on his skills or smarts, but that the fact that he rolled out of Barbara Bush's womb?

How can anyone attribute "character" to a governor that spends a whopping 15
minutes per execution review--15 minutes to decide a life or death verdict!
In out house, we spend more time deciding what to have for lunch than it does
for Bush to "yay" or "nay" on squirting poison into the veins of a man or woman
whose state-appointed attorney was too stoned or asleep to defend them at trial.

Why not make it even simpler and have the guy either thumb up or
thumb down like the Romans did--save a whole 14 minutes, doncha think?
145 men and women have been offed by this "man of character" whose hero
Jesus Christ would need an air-sickness bag the size of a dirigible were he to
return to earth and see the handiwork of this particular disciple of his.

The GOP's idea of "character" is someone who the press and special
prosecutors will lay off of enough so that they can bust unions, dismantle
affirmative action (except when it pertains to legacies and scions of large
corporations), loot the treasury sans scrutiny--The debt and deficits rung up
by Bush's pere and Red-Ink Reagan are the greatest examples of highway
robbery in American history--but they were men of "character", as opposed to
some Arkie hillbilly bastard whose crime was getting caught with a mistress.

Character, my ass.

 Carnahan ahead in Missouri

 Tim the cock-hunter who can't be trusted said on Meet the Whore that
 Carnahan was ahead by two points in Missouri.  That's one I'd really like to
 see us win. That race, New York Senate, and every House manager must fall.

 Rumors are McCollum is in trouble, same for Bob Barr.
 Last I heard, Rogan in California was behind...

 If you see a list of how the cock-hunting House manager pricks are doing
 send it to me so we can all keep up, OK?

 Maybe Volt has a story on that - he has everything, but...
 Tim the cock-hunter who can't be trusted, on Meet the Whore, ran down
 a list of how Smirk & Fuzzy were doing in the battleground states.
 Remember, Russert can't be trusted, but he said Reuters and
(formerly-trustworthy) NBC News had things about even.

 But Ashcroft must go, Lazio must go, all House cock-hunters must go.
 As for Smirk, I watch him walk away from politics with mixed feelings.

 He was my ticket.


 The argument for voting for nader:

From: daniel-s@swbell.net

Subject: Cheney

Dear President (Pro Tem) Dick Cheney:

While Boy Bush is taking his nap, I wonder if you could do me a favor?
I need to finance my company from Federal contracts and loan guarantees,
like you did at Halliburton. I would like to get $3.8 billion dollars like you did,
to clean up some oil fields in Kuwait and to build some refineries in Russia.

Do you think you could put me in touch with the right people at the Pentagon
and the State Department? Could you please ask the Treasury Department to
insure all my endeavors against loss. I will pay you the usual salary of $500,000
and a stock option equivalent to 10% of all contracts.

Of course, you will have to wait a year and a day after your term in public office
to receive this compensation.  I will, of course, tell everybody you are working
in the "private sector" when you join our outfit.

Warm regards,


 Ann Coulter's Jaw is Sore

 Click  Here

 Have you noticed how Smirk won't be seen with anybody in the GOP?

 The cheerleader, the bug man,
 Henry Hyde and Dick Armey, Bob Barr and Dan Burton
 - all the people who RUN the GOP, who ARE the GOP aren't seen
 because Smirk wants us to think things have changed.

 I think America is going to say, "No" to Nazi hate in nine days.

 Click  Here  to read the reasons why whore 2 says whore 1
 would never work in the Bartlet White House.
 (Do they have free french fries at the White House?)

 I saw that Ralph Nader ad the Republicans paid for where it seems
 to prove that Nader isn't running for president - he's running against Gore.

 Click Here  to hear him attack Gore, instead of running for president.

 ...and the GOP enjoys seeing Nader try to "Perot" our side.
 It's helping Smirk so goddamn much, the Republicans are PAYING for the ads.

 If the swing-state Nader voters knew their math, every dollar they give to
 Nader is a dollar the Republicans can keep in their pocket or give to Smirk.

 If you give Nader your money or your vote, you're helping Smirk.

 George (Judas Maximus) Steffie mentioned www.nadertrader.com
 while Cokie-cackled at how Hillary was FOR the bombing of the USS Cole.

 Cokie, you're a cheap-ass slut for hire

 So anyway, I went to www.nadertrader.com and saw this:

Where are the Bush-secure states?

There are a lot of states that are secure for Bush.
There are millions of Gore voters in these states who would love
to cast a meaningful vote in this election. They're currently stuck
in a state that will go for Bush. These Gore voters in Bush-secure states
should contact friends and family about bringing a vote for Nader into
their state while informally "trading" their Gore vote into a swing state.

 Bush-Secure States Include:

 Where's Oklahoma?
 Trust me, there is no state more secure for Bush than Oklahoma.
 Cock-fighting, snake-handling, inbreeding Bible-belt cavepeople live here.
 They elected Inhofe because he's so progressive!

 If this site doesn't know Oklahoma is solidly Smirk,
 can they know anything about politics?

 Tequila Update

 Click  Here

 Friday, I went to the store.
 They only had two bottles of Chinaco Anejo on the shelf.
 I bought  'em both, because the big celebration is in 9 days.

 Have you gotten your Chinaco yet?

From: mhafen@execpc.com

Subject: It takes 3 Bush's to Equal one Gore

Yesterday, the Dull one made a visit to my community.
In front of what the local mouthpiece for the John Birch society
claimed was 7,500 supporters, (most everyone else reported 4,000-5,000)
Dubya asked the crowd:

"My opponent claims he invented the Internet.
  If my opponent is so smart,
  why do all the Internet adresses begin with a W?"

The crowd hooted it's approval.
Then the smirky one asked,
'In fact, why do they all start with 3 W's'?

Here's an answer he might comprehend:
Because it would take someone with three times his brain power
to come up with the idea of an internet.

God help our country if this dipshit gets elected.

I saw that.
The networks played it over and over.
He was smirking his best smirk when he said that
and I wonder if everbody was as creeped out as I was.

Dan Quayle - all is forgiven - please come back.

When Smirk says something really stupid like that, then smirks,
I assume he's proud of himself for getting the words out correctly.
But the way it looks, is like he believes what he just said was
somehow important to the people who were listening to him.

Y'know, if it was McCain who was neck-and-neck with Gore
 it wouldn't be half as scary as knowing the flat-line Smirk is.

 I have a web page for you to try.


 I think it has seven themes and it changes themes every day.
 Sunday is Texas-style justice day
 Tuesday is Texas is Toxic day

 Check it out...

Alleged sheep abuser behind bars
 Bush campaign worker tied up a sheep

 Courier Staff Writer

A Waterloo man has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting
a sheep at a college farm Wednesday.

Students at Hawkeye Community College's farm discovered Bob Broderson
hiding naked except for a Bush campaign hat in a hay loft shortly before 8 a.m.,
according to Waterloo police.

An ewe -- a female sheep -- was tied up in the corner. Broderson tried to flee,
but the students captured him and held him until officers arrived, police said.
The college's farm manager examined the ewe and determined she had been
injured during some type of sexual assault, according to court records.

The sheep had been tied up with a halter rope around the neck, and the legs
were positioned so the hindquarters were elevated, according to police.
A blue nightgown was next to the ewe, police said.

ha ha

Because Iowa does not have laws specifically banning sex with animals,
police arrested Broderson at Bush-Cheney 2000 headquarters, 423 Locust St.,
for criminal trespass and animal abuse. Bond was set at $75,000.

Sexual abuse against animals often goes unreported because it takes place in private
and the victims can't report it, (because they can't fucking talk, you morons,)
according to officials with the Humane Society of the United States.

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