Volume 357 - The Day Democracy Died

 December 13, 2000

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US Presidential Election 2000 results:

Gore: 50,158,094

Bush: 5


 Nick Barlow, our main man in the UK,
 has been promoted to Senior Overseas Correspondent.

 Nick has agreed to handle the foreign news that would be of interest to readers of  bartcop.com

 If you are overseas, and would like to contribute to  bartcop.com
 and you'd be surprised at some of the stuff we'd be interested in hearing about,
 send your story to Nick at  piratecorps@onetel.net.uk

 Welcome aboard, Nick!

From: tlaloc@webzone.net

Subject: Supreme Court

Isn't it usually the right wing wackos in the WHITE robes
that work hard to disenfranchise Blacks?



 Why is he called the vulgar Pigboy?

 Click  Here not a picture, in case you were afraid

 Guest Editorial
     by Marc Perkel

Unconstitutional Counting?

The Republican Supreme Court decided that the Florida hand count was unconstitutional
because the method of counting ballots varied from county to county. But what the court
didn't take into account was the method of voting varied from county to county.

If the counting is unconstitutional because of these variations,
then why isn't the voting unconstitutional?

I think what really happened here is the Republican Supreme Court picked the president
by voting in behalf of the people. Bush won the election getting 5 votes to Gore's 4 votes.
Bush may take the office of the president, but he will never be my president, no matter what Gore says.

I will be burning the flag on January 20th, the moment Bush takes office.

 More reaction to this fixed election
 Here's a message from Courtney Thorne-Smith

 "Smirk, you are nobody's president!"

 Slimey Drudge rewarded with huge radio contract

 Cyber Scumbag Matt Drudge (R-Egg Fetish) has landed on his feet in a big way
 after being booted off ABC's radio network by top execs at Disney/ABC.

 Drudge's top-rated Sunday night talk show will continue in February on the massive
 Premiere network, owned by 1,120-station behemoth Clear Channel.

 "They don't have a theme park, but they have a hell of a good syndication arm," Drudge said.
 "They're eggs-actly what a guy like me needs to spread my filthy lies."

"To be in the shadow of the vulgar Pigboy Limbaugh and Laura the Whore will make up for
 the free vouchers to the swirling teacups," said Drudge, who added he'll be making more money
 but declined to elaborate.

 What they're saying in the UK

 Click  Here

 Wait a minute!

 When the Supreme Court voted, we counted ALL their votes.
 If we threw out the votes cast by Scalia and Slappy,
 the two judges who personally had horses in the race they were judging,
 Gore would've won 4-3.

 The Supreme Couyrt is saying it's not important when the PEOPLE vote,
 but when THEY vote, by God, they count every damn vote,
 even the votes cast by judges with a personal stake in the outcome.

 That's horseshit!

 Bill Maher had a few fun quotes last night

 "If George Bush was anymore retarded, he'd be on death row in Texas."

"How is it that thousands of blacks didn't get a chance to vote but Clarence Thomas did?"

 That's true.
 George W Bush won 100 percent of the black vote
 of crooked judges on the Supreme Court

 Great Democratic Quotes

I'm thinking about how uniquely ill-suited the U.S.Supreme Court is to decide a
question like this, really through no fault of its own. But the personal conflicts of
interest are so strong. Rehnquist wants to retire, but probably feels he couldn't if
a Democrat is elected. So he's thinking,

"If I decide one way I get to go home and play golf at my golf club that's
 restricted to white people, and if I go the other way I have to work for four years."

With O'Connor, it's the same thing on retirement. So it's like,
"A month from now I can retire and just relax and have a life."

She can go back to Arizona or wherever she wants to go. Scalia wants to be chief justice,
and he's thinking, "If I decide on Gore's side, I can't be chief justice."

This isn't like they own stock and they have to decide based on that.
This is about their entire life, what their life's going to be like in the next four years.
And that's all forgetting Scalia's two sons working for law firms where Bush attorneys work,
and Thomas' wife working on the transition.

I mean, it's ridiculous. You couldn't get people less disinterested.
So that would be a reason for them to try to craft some solution that doesn't necessarily
make it where they decide. But to send it back with two hours to go -- that's like chicken shit.

 by Al Franken on Salon.com

 From: cbix@home.com

 Subject: That hate mail from teamkmart.com

 Went to the team Kmart site and found that it's (SURPRISE)
 the site for the good ol' boy, stock car team that KMart sponsors!

 Wow, what a shock.
 The only thing they'd like better than Shithead in the Whitehouse would be Daryl Waltrip.

 ha ha

Paul Begala Shoots the Bull

The contest is over and George W. Bush will be President.  The first thing for any
responsible American to do is to honor and obey the ruling of the Supreme Court.
Its ruling is final and I know Al Gore will respect it and abide by it.  I don't agree with it,
and plan to fully exercise my First Amendment right to criticize the court, but one of the
reasons I have that constitutional right is because in our democracy we accept court
rulings as authoritative and binding.  So it is with this.

I wish I could be as confident my friends on the right would be as committed to honoring
the outcome if it had gone against them.  What's been most distressing about this whole
period is how casually and cavalierly our friends on the right have trashed any decision,
any outcome, and any process that did not favor them.  They used thuggish rhetoric
-- as when Tom DeLay called a ruling of the Florida Supreme Court "judicial aggression",
and James Baker said a court ruling was "unacceptable", as if he had an option as to
whether or not to obey it.  And they exhibited thuggish behavior -- reportedly deploying
Hill aides to lead intimidation actions that resulted in violence.  They shamefully trashed
the counting of votes as "stealing the election."  They never once articulated a scenario
under which they would recognize the legitimacy of a Gore victory.

When Chief Justice Rehnquist administered the oath of office to President Clinton in 1997,
he had recently heard the arguments that led to the ruling that Paula Jones could sue the President.

After Clinton finished the oath, with the traditional "So help me God,"
Rehnquist said to Clinton, "Good luck."

Some have taken that comment to be an ominous warning; others a mere pleasantry.
I doubt Rehnquist will say the same to Bush.
You don't need luck when it looks like the game is rigged.


     The People's President........................The Appointed President

 No matter who the American voter wanted for president,
 Big Oil, Big Tobacco, and the NRA have decided to install President Smirk,
 and the incestuous, all-white, Supreme Court-for hire agreed to do the job.

 Today is the first day of the Failed Smirk Presidency.
 Failure One - Failure to get enough votes to win the election.
 Failure Two - Failure to unite a country that he, himself, tore apart.

 Clinton gave us eight years of peace and prosperity, but Smirk
 has promised "to get this country back on the right track"

  By the way, Governor, what's that Mickey Mouse glove doing on your right hand?

 December 12, the Day Democracy Died

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From: Progdzn@pacbell.net

Subject: A funny thought


Maybe Eric Rudolph will come out of hiding if Bush promises him a job
in his administration.  Let's see...how about Surgeon General?
Ha ha


Ediotr's note: Eric Rudolph is the Republican maddog-bomber of abortion clinics,
also wanted for setting a second bomb to go off an hour later to kill cops and emergency
medical techinians helping the first bombing victims, and the Atlanta Olympic bombings.

Another thought:  Will Smirk pardon "Clinton political prisoner" Tim McVeigh?

 Paul Begala  was so upset yesterday, his daily "Equal Time" column
 had some paragraphs that ended like thi

 Most Democrats have decided to wait and hear from Al Gore before saying anything
 but Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Surrenders too soon.) told reporters
 "This is checkmate. Gore should resign as fast as possible."

 Meanwhile, Sen Torricelli (D-Traitor) said "Gore should bend over and grab his cheeks
 so it would be easier for Smirk and his band of thieves to steal our remaining freedoms."

 Let's see, ...Moran and Torricelli - we'll remember those names.

 We won the last three presidential popular votes,
  so how did we lose the House, the Senate, and the White House?

 ...and how did they get the press, the Supreme Court and the military under their thumb?

 Tom Delay must be dancing with glee.

 Reaction to Smirk's theft is starting to come in...

"You can go straight to hell, George W."

 From: joe@teamkmart.com

 Subject: sick

 You are a very sick person.
 I have trouble believing there are people like like you walking ( or crawling ) around.

 Joe Carver

 Joe, two things:
 Isn't the KKK guy on Howard Stern named Carver?

 Is that you?
 Or maybe your dad?
 That would explain a lot.
 I'll bet you voted for the thief.


 Does K-mart REALLY want you to use their name
 when sending hate messages to a humor site where it will be posted
 so a lot of people will see it - and then possibly respond to you?

 Oh, well, maybe you're the store manager and nobody can stop you.

From: daveymitch48@hotmail.com

Subject: Democrat weasels


What's the deal with the NJ Senator, Bob "The Torch" Torricelli?
Even before this election fiasco, I've seen him on many an interview.
He's consistently come across as a self-important, irritating prick.
This time he's really done it with calling for Gore to concede from Day 1.
The Dems don't need a weasel like this.

I don't understand it, either.
We act like we don't want to win.

Gore started out agreeing to debate rules where he wasn't allowed to ask Smirk anything.
This left all the questions and all the follow ups to Smirk's personal whore press.

For a year, we assumed Gore would stomp Smirk in the debates,
but Gore castrated himself before they even got on the stage.

What Gore could have asked:

Debate One: "Governor, why can't women be trusted to make their own reproductive choices?"

Debate Two: "Governor, I've never done cocaine. Have you?"

Debate Three: "Governor, where were you those missing two years of National Guard duty?"

If Gore didn't want to fight - why did he run?

 I don't care how pretty the beauty contestant looks in a swimsuit,

 If her Daddy is the only judge, it's not fair when he picks his daughter.

 Has there ever, in American history, been a more appropriate use for ther word, "tainted?"

 The official death warrant for democracy, for history to record

 Click  Here

From: mkregel@apple.com

Subject: Why Are the Dem's Caving?

Bartcop -

Why is Al Gore caving in and conceding?  This is nothing less than a
partisan coup d'etat - and if this happened in any other country,
the UN would have sent in Jimmy Carter and a 100-man brigade.

Al Gore has the full right to have all votes counted - why is he caving in and letting the
proverbial tank roll right over him?  If the tables were turned the repubs would still be fighting,
despite the Supreme Court decision.

I wish I knew.
I'm sure if we could force an answer out of Gore, it would be something like,
"I want to be a gentleman and do what's best for America," which is the kind of
attitude that will keep us out of power for a long, long time.

If Gore didn't want to fight, why did he run?

 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

 Click  Here

 You know, when this is all over,

 Katherine Harris will get her ambassadorship,
 Scalia will quid pro quo be appointed as Chief Justice when Penzance retires,
 Slappy's wife's gonna get a cushy "important" job in the Smirk administration,
 Daddy's old gang moves back into the White House to finish the arms sales that
 were interrupted by that pesky 1992 election process thingy that's now been fixed,

 ..and the Democrats are going to lie back and just take it, because we have no courage,
 we've forgotten how to fight and we have no stomach for a fight.

 ...can't we at least appoint Bill Clinton head of the DNC so he can be on Crossfire
once a week and straighten out some of these issues that so befuddle our top Democrats?

From: satherman@earthlink.net

Subject: Bush Throwing Presidency in '92

Dear BC:

I just finished reading your take on why poppybush lost in 1992.
I remember bush pardoning people, but I don't remember it happening on Christmas Eve.
On Christmas Eve in 1992, I was giddy with excitement over my first born's first Christmas
and probably glossed over this detail (just like poppybush planned!).

Can you imagine if the parties involved in this were reversed
and a Democrat had issued 6 pardons on Christmas Eve?

I believe in my heart that the bush family is one of the dirtiest, crime-ridden families in America.
What makes it more disgusting is that they stand atop the mountain looking down on everyone else
preaching about how honorable, dignified and upstanding they are.  I can't tell you the number of people
I know who voted for juniorette just because "his father is a good man" or "he comes from a good family".

The American people should wake up and open their eyes to see what the bush family is really all about.
They live by one set of rules while demanding that the rest of us live by another.  They would stop at
nothing to accomplish their goals if they thought they could keep their crimes hidden from the public.

I think your theory is entirely believable.  poppybush seemed to be bored with running for re-election
from the get-go.  Your theory on how juniorette got where he is makes sense, too.  Had jebulah won
a governorship first, he'd have been the nominee this year. The only good thing to come out of the Florida
swamps this year is that the political lives of two bushes will be over in one fell swoop of an election.

If juniorette pulls this off, he and jebulah will go down in flames in 2004 and 2002 respectively and the
bush dynasty will be over.  I only hope they take a hoard of their fellow Republicans down with them.
They're a sleazy bunch.

One question for you - do you think the bushies talk about or plot their crimes over family dinners,
or do you think they have convinced themselves they are innocent - much like OJ has convinced
himself that he's not a murderer?

S. F. H.

From: (withheld)

Subject: unashamedly gushy fan mail

Hi Bartcop!.  I used to read your stuff 2 years ago when I worked at Xerox
but took 2 years off to do my MA - I only just started working fulltime again
& thus have time & free internet access to check out your site.

I've gotta tell you, it has improved beyond measure - I am so impressed!
The links, the cartoons, the articles; it's extraordinary, you're so committed.
I just want to say you have been a HUGE comfort to me during this whole
disgusting travesty of an election - I think I'm about the only person in
Australia who still cares about the election.  I'm a dual US/Australian
citizen & I'm planning to head to the States in about 6 months to do a Phd
in American Politics.  The election fiasco has only inspired me to hurry up
& get my ass over there, American liberals need everyone they can get!

Anyway, that's about all - I really hope you can continue to produce the
excellent material that has characterized your site so far.  (I'm planning
to make a donation as soon as I finish paying my - goddamn exorbitant!! -
grad school application fees!)

Love & Solidarity,

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