Volume 361 - Strictly Commercial

 December 18, 2000

 Could the person who did this..

 send me some e-mail?


 I have become educated.
 I don't have a bandwidth problem, I have a traffic problem.

 I'm glad that's over with.

 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

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 Have you been to the Adam Clymer Fan Club page lately?
 Damn, it's got a lot of good/funny stuff - BIG time.
 You should check them out.

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Veto Las Vegas

First, The Supreme Court takes away our right to vote and now this:

From: jhardin@sbc-adv.com

Subject: Bad News from Las Vegas


So, I had been in Las Vegas for almost 48 hours, telling anyone who would
listen that I was going to the Venetian and imbibing Chinaco Anejo at one
of the holy shrines of Bartcopism, Taqueria Canonita.

And so it came to pass that my buddy and I were walking through the Venetian  looking
for a place to do lunch, when we walk past a little sign that says "Taqueria Canonita."
It took me a second to register where I was and what I was reading (heavy use of quasi-legal
herbs had impaired my memory) but then we halted and agreed to have Mexican food
overlooking faux Italian canals  (only in Las Vegas, natch).

After being seated "outside" near the water, I left my pal and made a beeline for the bar.
I walked around it, looking for the attractively designed Chinaco bottle. There were lots
to go through, but finally, I saw it; mystical kiss-shaped decanter of ancient Agave spirit...

My mouth was watering. This was going to be good. The bartender approached.
"Can I help you, sir?"

"Yes" I said. "I'd like a shot of Chinaco Anejo, please. Straight up."
This was going to be so good.

"The Anejo?" he asked doubtfully "I think we're out of that."
He turned to the bar and checked the bottles.
"Yep, just the Reposado and the Silver" he said.

Grasping for hope like Rush grasping for one more dollar, I blurted out
"Do you know when you'll get more in?"

I mean, I was only staying a week and here it was on day three but maybe if I got lucky
I could do a shot on the way to the airport or in the middle of the freaking night or
whenever just as long as they got some in before I had to leave come on what do you say?

"We're not getting any more" said the fiend behind the bar. "We're getting rid of all the Chinaco."
I couldn't believe my ears.

"What? Getting rid of it, why?" I implored.

"Because not enough people like you come in here shouting for it" he answered.
Suddenly I had my doubts about  bartcop.com  driving hordes of tourists
into the Venetian to try their tequila.

Still not believing that the cause was lost, I asked him if he could give me something
comparable to the Chinaco Anejo. He just shook his head and said
"I'm not even going to go there. I can't recommend anything because Chinaco has a very distinctive taste."

Maybe so, but it was a taste I could not know at this time and this place, even though I had been
looking forward to it for months. And so I was defeated. Sure, there was a long list of other fancy
agave juices for sale, but I had no heart for them.

I went back to my table and had passable BBQ pork tamales with a $4 Mexican beer.
That was the last time I set foot in the Venetian. And the search goes on...


<smellings salts>

I can't take this kind of news.
Too many bad things are happening at the same time.
This must not stand.

I called Taqueria Canonita1-702-283-3773 and spoke to the manager, Annalisa.
She said the best thing to do would be to call after 5 PM Vegas time and ask for Cindy Ray
(the top manager) or fax a request to keep Chinaco Anejo to 702-414-3874.

I'm having a bad week.


From: genslab@genslab.com

Subject: the server space thing

You're right about folks loaning you server space. It would work for about one day.
This is what would happen: The person who loaned you the space would get an email
from their server reading them the riot act about the spike in traffic and telling them
it was time to renegotiate their deal.

The server could forgive a one day spike but if it became a regular thing, you'd have the
same crisis all over again. So if you need to do a one day deal with someone some time,
go ahead, but make it count...you won't get a second chance.

And BTW, your server stats are definitely not bogus.
The forum got over 35,000 (yup) requests for pages on Friday.

So you want to be an internet star......
You need a dedicated server with enough bandwidth to fry Carla Faye Tucker.


(Ediotr's note: Rob hosts the  bartcop.com  forum)

 Get out the barf bags:
 Time names GW Bush "Person of the Year"
  By Bev Conover

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From: LordStarFyre@aol.com

Subject: Michael, What Gives...

To: mmflint@aol.com
Cc: bartcop@bartcop.com

Dear Michael;

I'm writing today to ask you, What Gives?
I'm referring to the "We Need 3 Electors with a Conscience" letter on your page.
I'll simply link it, because I'd much rather get to the point of this letter.


"There is still one more chance to stop the theft of the 2000"

Michael, It was you and your Hero Ralphie that facilitated this "Theft"!
Your actions, and bountiful statements about Bush not being any different than Gore,
and that it didn't much matter which one succeeded in winning, we were all just
basically fucked, regardless.

"Show them we're here, vote for Nader in Protest, it won't matter".
Happy Now, Asshole?

We're fucked alright Mikey, and it was due in large part to Ralphie and You.
Just think, for the next four years, we're going to have a President whose
gonna make Reagan look like Einstein!

Just think Mikey, all those wonderful things that the Green Party believes in,
Guess What, you ain't gonna be seeing a one of them accomplished.
In fact, what you're gonna see is the exact opposite.

Michael, we can expect 4 whole years of Reagan-Like Leadership,
brought to us by a vile committee of Reagan/Bush Cabinet Members,
with a Mindless Puppet sitting in the Top seat.

Michael, didn't you think it was odd that the GOP was helping to finance
those commercials for Ralph? Didn't you find the deafening silence of negative ads
against Nader from the GOP odd? Oh, that's right, the GOP didn't criticise Ralph, did they?

Michael, I don't mean to hurt your feelings or anything here, but let's face the facts together,
you were played like a cheap whore. I suppose the biggest Irony of this whole thing, is the
fact that Lucianne Goldberg used your writings against Gore to bolster her "Sheep" FOR BUSH.
Heck, the Lunatics at Free Republic found your writings most inspirational...

Sorry Mike, but I used to be a huge fan of yours, however, I find your recent attempts to enter
the Outrage against this Bloodless Coup soaking in Hypocrisy. Have you no shame?
Your Writings, and your Actions preclude you from entering the frey now.

Thank You, but you've done more than enough!
It would be better now for you to just drift off into the haze of silence irrelevance
that you and Ralph have prepared for yourselves.

I wonder if all those Nice Republicans who showed so much support for Ralph,
are still there offering their assistence now...

So Michael, are you proud of what you've accomplished...
I'm sure President-Elect Bush is Proud of your efforts.


Lord StarFyre

         The Ties That Bind Scalia and Olson
           by Joe Conason

          Appearances matter, on the U.S. Supreme Court as much as
          anywhere else in public life. Appearances matter still more when the
          nation’s highest court assumes the responsibility of determining the
          outcome of a bitterly tied election for the Presidency. Whatever the
          Court’s ultimate decision may turn out to be—and that remains an
          open question as this is being written—the conduct of the Court’s
          leading conservative, Justice Antonin Scalia, has created an appearance
          of partiality and bias that undermines confidence not only in its momentous
          decision to stay the counting of ballots in Florida, but in the Court itself.

          Justice Scalia is known almost as well for his belligerence as for his brilliance.
          Adhering to that profile, his first misstep was his failure to restrain himself when
          Justice John Paul Stevens filed a sharp dissent from the stay granted to Bush.
          Worse, in his brief concurring opinion, Justice Scalia managed to give the impression
          that he had decided the case in Mr. Bush’s favor before it had been heard; that he feared
          Mr. Bush might lose if all the disputed votes were counted; and that he felt considerably
          greater concern about the resulting effect of that circumstance on Mr. Bush’s
          Presidential “legitimacy” than about the possibility that some Americans might have
          forfeited their franchise to a malfunctioning system.

          Aside from his initial outburst, there are circumstances in this case that leave a mild
          whiff of cronyism emanating from Justice Scalia’s chambers. Two of the justice’s
          nine children are connected with law firms that represent Mr. Bush. His son Eugene
          is a partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, the very same firm that houses Theodore
          B. Olson, who argued the Bush case before Justice Scalia and his eight colleagues.
          Another son, John, has just joined Greenberg, Traurig, the firm of Bush attorney
          Barry Richard, who represented the Bush camp in the Florida Supreme Court.

          It isn’t difficult to imagine how greatly the partnership interests of two Scalia offspring
          would be promoted by a victory for Mr. Olson and Mr. Richard (and their firms) in one
          of the most important legal cases in history. And without casting any aspersion on Justice
          Scalia’s ethics, it is easy to understand why that dual coincidence disturbs many Democrats.
          The Republican chorus has been howling for weeks about the supposed partisan “corruption”
          of the Florida courts, despite the absence of any hint of conflicts of interest.

          If one of Al Gore’s attorneys had just hired the son or daughter of one of the
          moderate justices, the Republican crazies would be demanding his indictment.
          If two relatives of a justice were partners of David Boies, that would be regarded
          as just cause for an insurrection.

          Yet the ties that bind Justice Scalia and Mr. Olson represent the affinity of a
          like-minded, very powerful clique rather than any old-fashioned, county-courthouse
          back-scratching. Both men are stalwarts of the Federalist Society, a nationwide
          association of conservative lawyers that grew into a virtual hiring hall for federal
          jurists during the Reagan and Bush administrations. Both have an ideological interest
          in maintaining Republican control of the judiciary. No doubt Justice Scalia—who
          reportedly grumbled last spring about quitting the bench in frustration if Mr. Gore
          becomes President—would be delighted to see Mr. Olson don the black robe
          himself someday under another Bush Presidency.

          None of the above, however, is nearly as troubling as the shared eagerness of these
          Federalist brethren to prevent the counting of any votes that might threaten their
          political aims. That impulse apparently trumps even their own hallowed principle of
          state’s rights.

          How ludicrous it is now to hear them appeal to federal authority in defense of
          “equal protection” for Florida voters, when so much conservative jurisprudence
          over the past 40 years was designed to deny that same kind of protection to black
          voters in the South. If the Republicans truly had any commitment to equality for all
          citizens, they might utter a word or two against the dilapidated voting machines that
          are concentrated in counties where minorities and Democrats live, while
          Republicans enjoy the comparative accuracy of optical scanning equipment.

          When a few Democrats proposed to disqualify absentee ballots from certain
          counties because of illegalities in the application process, Republicans replied
          indignantly that those errors were not the fault of the innocent voters. (And a black,
          female Democratic judge agreed with them, as did the maligned Democratic
          appointees on the Florida Supreme Court.) When Democratic voters are victimized
          by faulty equipment, without violating any law, the same Republicans smirk that it’s
          just tough luck. The implication that all voters are equal, but some are more equal
          than others, is impossible to ignore.

          And that is the appearance which will really matter, long after all the little links
          between Justice Scalia and the conservatives litigating for Mr. Bush are forgotten.

 Profile in Courage

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 Not so Great Republican Quotes

 "I like Bush, but why's he hiring all those niggers and pepper-bellies?
   What's he going to do next, hire nigger queers?"
       -- Vic at work, Bush voter

 Do you get the feeling this country is going backwards?

From: wle@networkresources.net

Subject: Fuel for the fire.   Never forget Gore Won

"I am angry that so many of the sons of the powerful and well-placed,
and so many professional athletes (who were probably healthier than any of us)
managed to wangle slots in Reserve and National Guard units"
 -- Powell, in his book "My American Journey" (Newsweek).

Al Gore won the popular vote by 540,435 votes, according to todays Philadelphia Inquirer

At Paul and Carol Laxalt's Wednesday night Christmas party in McLean,
Dick Cheney joined Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Anthony M. Kennedy
(two of the five who voted to stop manual vote-counting in Florida).

We hope the vice president-elect gave the jurists his heartfelt, gracious thanks.


Anti-Semitism, Racism and a Bush Family Organization
 by Carla Binion

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From: BoundsD@AllStatesTech.com

Subject: Pardon moi, but it's not bandwidth

Live, streaming audio or video, now that could be a bandwidth issue.
Cartoons, no.

Perkel sent out 2.4-2.7 gigs.
Picture moving vans loaded with ballots.
Loaded up, moved out...gone, bye...down the road.

As opposed to all your readers running into and out of the moving vans,
reading ballots, then putting them back, over and over. This interactive,
back and forth would eat up bandwidth.

Doug Bounds

Doug, I tried to call you, they said you weren't in today.
We need to get to the bottom of this because my credibility is at stake.

If a man shoots me, and I'm laying there bleeding, and I say,
"I've been shot by a revolver," it doesn't help if someone leans over and says,
"It wasn't a revolver, it was an automatic."

Either way, I've been shot, right?

I have expressed dozens of times that I don't know the technical stuff, but if you're
telling me I don't have a problem, maybe you and Stacey could finance bartcop.com
since you two say there is no bandwidth crisis.  I'm not trying to be a smart-ass with my friends,
but as I told Stacey, it's no fun hearing Perkel use the word "bankrupt" and then have readers
tell me "there is no crisis."

Why are people writing to tell me this isn't a problem?
If "bandwidth" is the wrong word, tell me what the proper word is.

Maybe this is my own fault for saying things like,
"Election night, I almost reached 700 hits."
I was lying.
I was joking with the people who click on the works-sometimes counter.
It was 7,000 hits and we've grown a lot since November 7.

Is that what's going on?
Is that why I'm not being believed?

Try to understand my position, and PLEASE write back and explain
in more detail why I have nothing to worry about.

I'd like to resolve this today.


 I hardly publish anything that's forwarded to me, because I hate to print
 what every other political site already has on their page, but this is pretty good:
 Plus, if I print it, people might stop sending it :)

 The Liberal Media Myth and the Supreme Court

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 We've all had a tough six weeks.

 How'd you like to feel  real proud  of your current president?
 It reads like a good episode of West Wing.

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 I can't wait to shake his hand.

 Bombshell Quote:

 "This is terrible."
         - Sandra Day O'Connor, when they called Florida for Gore election night.

  Click  Here  for the story that should make America sick.

 Oh, you just gotta go here.


From:  (withheld)

Subject: Problem with your math

2 gigs would be enough.
I know this because I do web QA, load, and stress testing for a major web company.
HTTP is a stateless protocol, meaning that the browser makes a GET request from the web server.
The request is served and the connection is severed.  This means that what you're looking at is now
cached on YOUR hard drive.  In order for the scenario you are discussing to happen, all of those
people would have to hit the server at the same time.

Now, I love ya, but you're not getting THAT much traffic.
Take the offer.




If I wasn't in such a good mood,
I'd think that you just called me a liar, a cheat and a fraud.
Oh, and since I'm asking for donations, that'd make me a thief, too.

With all due respect, how could you know what my traffic is?
You can't go by my counter, because it stops when we get busy.
Do you know where I can get a dependable counter?

I've seen the server logs, if that's what they're called.
Last Saturday, Perkel's server sent out 2.4 gigs.
Monday, it was 2.7 gigs.
He's pulling his hair out.
He doesn't want  bartcop.com  to end/change either.

Sure, if I was on the witness stand I'd have to allow for the possibility
that Perkel fabricated the logs for.....whatever reason I can't imagine.

Since you speak that language, you could write to Marc at marc@ctyme.com
and explain to him what you've explained to me, then file your report on the
bartcop.com  forum.

Understand this next sentence comes from stress, but it's no fun staring at web-death
and then have someone say, you're not getting THAT much traffic.

But I am glad you brought it up.
If you think you're being hosed, certainly others think so, too.
So when you file your report on the  bartcop.com  forum, everyone should feel better.

 Molly Ivins

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 Bad Language Alert

 Going thru the BIG stack of papers I never got to read,
 and I saw this, from waaay back on July 22, 2000.


 This was the report of the Danforth Commission's report on Waco.
 The first two paragraphs, directly quoted:

 St Louis - The blame for the catastrophe at Waco that killed 80 people
 rests solely with cult leader David Koresh, a former senator said Friday
 after a ten-month independent investigation. It was the second time in a week
 that the government (meaning Clinton) was exonerated.

 John Danforth concluded "with 100 percent certainty" that federal agents did not
 start the fire or shoot at members of the Branch Davidian cult during the 1993 inferno.
 The government also did not improperly use the military, and did not engage in a
 major cover-up, Danforth said.

 Yet here we are, six months later, and a day doesn't go by where some lying prick
 like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or Paul Harvey or some other lying son of a bitch
 doesn't fan those flames and accuse Clinton of murdering those children.

 If somebody wants to search this, you have the date, and the St Louis paper is
 the "Post Dispatch."

 The republicans are such lying bastards, they continue to blame Clitnon for ordering
 the assassination of Randy Weaver's wife, when any third-grader with a calendar
 could tell you Clinton wasn't president in early 1992.

 Smirk's daddy gave that order, if one was given

 If you're lucky enough to be in a position to FORCE a Republican to look at the facts,
 they'll backtrack and say, "Well, then, it was an honest mistake."

 So why couldn't it have been an honest mistake if Clinton WAS involved?

 Everybody's old enough and wise enough to know how the game is played. You look for
 your opponent's molehill and call it a mountain, but until the vulgar Pigboy came along,
 we didn't fabricate outright lies from nowhere, and then pound them home hour after hour,
 day after day, week after week, year after year, administration after administration.

 Until the vulgar Pigboy came along, we didn't accuse our president's of murder.
 We didn't accused our presidents of rape, or selling secrets to the Chinese,
 or selling the graves at Arlington - no - that all lies at Rush Limbaugh's feet.
 If he hadn't made $100,000,000 being a irresponsible radio whore,
 the others (Liddy, Laura, Hannity, Medved) wouldn't jump in with dittoes.

 It's all Rush's fault.
 Every fucking ugly turn politics has taken since Reagan has been Rush's fault.

 Great Republican Quotes

 "I don't feel so bad about losing,
   because I didn't want to be president all that bad."
    -- Ronald Reagan, lying his crooked ass off, 1976

 This untruthful hypocrite wanted to be president so bad he made a secret, illegal deal
 with Iranian dictator Ayatollah Khomeini to hold those hostages an extra 50 days.

 ...and people call Clinton a liar for saying he didn't have sexual relations with Monica
 (as tho Clinton's cock was any of our business in the first place)
 when the dictionary and the wording of the DC laws back him up.

 Read the  Previous Issue
 It was full of passion and eloquence.

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