Volume 369 - The Trojan Hoarse

 December 29, 2000 

 Will Ashcroft (R-Bastard) get what he gave?
  Or will the scared Democratic bunnies roll over, as expected?

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 More than any other venue, Ashcroft used the forum of Senate confirmation hearings to
 act out his political dark side, savaging presidential nominees for sport and political gain.
 In one high-profile case after another, Ashcroft stood out among his peers as a
 conservative attack dog, never afraid to besmirch a career or reputation.

 As senator, Ashcroft zealously assailed nominees who didn't share his extreme-right-wing
 views on abortion, affirmative action, the death penalty and the like. And he always showed a
 special place in his heartlessness for African-American selections.

 Behind Colin Powell's Legend: Part Four
  by Robert Parry  (one of the best)

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 This is really good stuff.
 I hope you're catching these.

 Fiction runs in the Bush family

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 Behind Colin Powell's Legend: Part Five
  by Robert Parry

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 December 28, 2000 

 Watching  FOX News  is sure to create a little stimuli for Ol' BartCop

 Juan Williams, so desperate to be taken for white, keeps talking about
 this amazing "10-year boom" our economy has been going through.

 You know me, ... never one to quibble over math, but you don't accidentally
  talk about 10-year trends in politics, where even Juan knows things work in 4 year cycles.

 Juan was explaining how great the "10-year" boom has been.
 But, how can that be when Clinton's only been in office for 8 years?
 Juan Williams is giving Rupert Murdoch a goddamn handjob under the table as he speaks.
 That's how an eight-year boomed turned into 10 years.

 Even with my Catholic education, I know ten years ago was Christmas 1990.
 Bush was a full TWO YEARS from pardoning his co-conspirators for Arms-2-Terror Inc.
 Just to show I'm giving Juan the extra benefit because he's a brother,
 a full two years AFTER Christmas 1990,  America fired Bush for gross incompetence.
 To hear Juan Williams tell the tale, we were starting YEAR THREE of the big boom.

 Really, Juan?

 The big economic boom of 1990-1992?
 Does anyone remember that golden shower of prosperity?
 Most Americans were still being trickled on...

 Clinton called it "the worst economy in 50 years,"
 and if it wasn't true, why didn't Bush say so?

 But Juan Williams claims it was YEAR THREE of the BIG boom.
 Gee, Juan, just how big was that check Rupert wrote you?
 C'mon, tell us the truth.

 If Rupert write you a check for, say, $4,000,000, we might give you a break.
 You'd still be a whore, but you'd be a goddamn well-paid whore.

 But I have a sneaky feeling that Juan Williams,
 trying to give his kids better than he had it, which was pretty damn good,
 that Juan got an extra $40,000, spread over four years.
 ...so Massa Rupert can "amorize it" a little more to his advantage.

 My sneaky feeling tells me Juan Williams sold out his race for $588 a month.
 Gee, Juan, that'd make payments on that great Lexus you're leasing.
 Whoopie! You made it!

 You're a "top" minority political presence on Fox News and it didn't cost you
 anything more than your integrity and your last vestige of black dignity.
 Son of a bitch.
 Your former people voted 9-1 that you've sold them out to "Big House Rupert."

 Open a newspaper, Juan.
 Blacks all over America gave an overwhelming "No!" to the whites-only hun, but you,
 ...you, ...you, ...you see it "differently" and Rupert bought you a Lexus for "having a good eye.".
 Tell me, Juan, are you related to Uncle OJ Watts?

 Koresh, I can hardly keep it down...

 ...and we're still in the first 5 minutes of Fox News.

 Did I mention REBERT TORRICELLI (D-Turned recently) was hosting?

 Here's the rule:
 If you're a Democrat, and Fox wants to give you an hour of airtime,
 either you're no longer a Democrat or you're as crazy as "Beam me up" Traficante.

 The rats are jumping ship.

 (Cue the Door's "This is the End")

 a shot of Chinaco...

 ...for the good times

 ...we did good for a while, didn't we?

 Clinton took Republican wars and recession and turned that
 into Democratic peace and prosperity, like we've never had before,

 We had so many good years with Clinton...
 Clinton did it all, and because he made it look so easy,
 we became accustomed to having it all and America got fat and lazy..
 Christ, Clinton made it look easy while having troops in the field and
 the press, the FBI and Hardon Kenny's hand groping for his cock.


 It's so boring...

 The whore press beast grew hungry.
 Peace and prosperity won't sell newspapers or ads on Fox News.

 ... the American whore press needed a better toy than Al Gore.
 so they propped up the idiot Smirk,  like Don King crowning a new "Champion."

 The voters rejected the Smirk,  but the Whore Court installed him, anyway.

 "This is the End" playing louder now...

 Is this what it felt like,  watching Paris fall?

 Paris was lucky...

 They had Britain and America behind them.
 Who's behind us?

 How racist is Ashcroft?
 The locals know him best.

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From: paula@hedgerow.com

Subject: whora

Heard on the radio some guy went shopping for some games for his kid and saw on the shelf
the "Dr Laura" game. It was the only type of game left and it was marked down for $39 to
$9 and seems was not selling even at that price.

Paul, I've heard of going for less than that.
Six or seven is their cost, so they're doing a major dump.

I've never seen the board game, but I'm guessing it's got the same problem as the
Laura TV show - it seems she's only entertaining when she's mangling some half-wit.

Wacky Pataki Digs Smirk on Drunk Driving

ALBANY, N.Y. (Reuters) - Gov. Pataki (R-Impotent) reopened Smirk's
DWI wound Wednesday while introducing a new state commissioner.

As Pataki appointed Raymond Martinez as DMV Commissioner, a reporter
asked if his choice ever had been ticketed for speeding or drunk driving.

Martinez replied, "Yes, I have a DWI from 1989."

"I guess that qualifies you to be President of the United States,'' Pataki said.

 Ediotr's Note: Did you know Smirk n Dick have FIVE convictions between them?
 But, those crimes weren't considered serious because they did not involve Clinton's cock.

 The Mormons hate Smirk, too.

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 Great Democratic Quotes

 "The enemy isn't conservatism.
   The enemy isn't liberalism.
   The enemy is bullshit."
     --  Lars-Erik Nelson, one of the good ones we lost this year

 Ollie North to head CIA?

 Oliver North mentioned on his talk show last week that he expected to be DCI
 (Director of Central Intelligence) -- when Smirk becomes president.
 And why is Ollie qualified for CIA Director?

 Oliver North has ALL the qualifications for a DCI of a Bush Administration.

 A. He is a convicted perjurer.
 B. He is a known trafficker in illicit narcotics and weapons.
 C. He is a known money launderer and partner in numerous investment scams.
 D. He is involved in the liquidation of those who knew too much.

 Therefore Oliver North would be the ideal DCI in a new Bush Administration.

 From  http://www.almartinraw.com

 Great Idiot Smirk Quotes of 2000

 "Families is where wings take dream."
    -- The installed president select

 Molly Ivins looks back at 2000

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 December 27, 2000 

 CBS: Cock-hunter Ashcroft rented contributor list to Linda Tripp

 As if we needed further proof that John Ashcroft is a religiously-insane cock-hunter,
 CBS News is reporting tonight that during impeachment, Ashcroft rented his contributor lists
 to the most hated woman in America - Linda Tripp.

 Knowing that Tripp and Ashcroft had the same base - the religiously-insane ditto-monkey -
 Ashcroft knew he could make a quick buck and fuck with Clinton at the same time, all the while
 lying in the face of his God that he was "waiting to see the evidence before making a decision.".

 In all the years of  bartcop.com  I've never told a lie that big.
  You do understand that I'm not under oath, right?
 ...and when I do, I don't lie to the God that I PRETEND to love above all else.

Religious hyprocrites make me vomit...

 Rush's Dirty, Infected Butt

"Yet, for all his father's patriotism, and deep rooted fear of
 Communism, Rusty (Rush) did not enlist to preserve those ideals.
 The official explanation, David Limbaugh believes, is that Rush had a
 student deferment and, like his father, had a pilonidal cyst which
 qualified him for a medical deferment."

 "Rush", by Michael Arkush, 1993, Avon Books, p. 29.

 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

 An Open Letter to Congress

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 Ashcroft Once Hailed Confederates
  By JOHN SOLOMON, Associated Press Writer

 WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. John Ashcroft, (R-Monstrosity) Smirk's pick for AG,
 once hailed Confederate war heroes as ``patriots'' and suggested they shouldn't be
 portrayed as having died for ``some perverted agenda.''

 The Missouri Mulesexer also has advocated an increased role for charities while
 opposing federal money for drug treatment, saying government assistance shouldn't
 further the ``lowest and least'' conduct.

 And a decade ago he refused to sign a presidential panel's report that concluded
 America was falling behind in efforts to bring equality to minorities, calling it too negative.


 Great Judas Quotes

"The cardinal thing you remember Clinton for was what a selfish politician he was
   from the Democratic Party's point of view. He lost it all except for himself."
   -- Believe it or not, Ralph (Here's Smirk) Nader

 You know Ralph, if your losing ass had a smaller ego, Clinton would've been
 remembered as the first Democrat since Roosevelt to give us three terms of progress.

From: joe-prince@usa.net

Subject: Ask Bartcop!

Yo BC!
I was wondering...

Once Hillary is safely away in the Senate and Our HERO is finally able to
enjoy the pleasures of oral sex again, who will become the nation's new
bogeyman for the conservative right?

I am guessing that it will be the LIBERAL MEDIA!!!  I am already hearing the
ratchets getting tightened...and any honest appraisal of the idiot will be
assumed to be a vicious attack by the LIBERAL MEDIA.

For example, did you hear about Smirk talking about the "Marshall Tax"??  He
was reading a text about reducing the "Marital Tax" and got confused…the man
does not even know what he is talking about or even planning to do and anyone
who points this out will be portrayed as a socialist (at best)!

I wish I could enter a coma for a few years…

Your #1 fan from CT,
Joe Tom

They'll pick on whoever Rush tells them to, but since there are no powerful
Democrats anymore, maybe besides a certain freshman senator from New York,
I agree - they'll go after the media.

Gee, who do we root for?
The Nazis or the lazy, sell-out whores?


 I voted for George W. Bush because I like his stand on guns.
 There are times when a fellow needs to seriously get hold of a gun.
 Sometimes a man needs an automatic rifle and it just won't wait.
 ...and we don't need any liberals restricting our freedom to get guns.

 Bush understands what real gun freedom means.
 When it comes to guns, there can be no limits to freedom.
     -- Michael McDermott, Wakefield, Mass

From: jomann61@hotmail.com

Subject: limbaugh


I am pretty sure that limbaugh escaped the Viet Nam draft by having a pilonidal cyst.
Or as I refer to it as merely a "cyst on his ass".

Anyway, my point is to educate morons who feel they need to idolize limbaugh.
All I need is verfiable sources on cysts, unemployment, etc., etc.
Can you help me with my information campaign?

respectfully submitted,
J. A. Bedell

I don't have a URL or anything for you, but several times I've heard Rush admit his
infected ass (jeepus rottus) "forced him" to forego the physical that would've allowed him
to join that "most noble of all wars" that he wanted to join sooooo much. Funny, Rush admits
his daddy used the same (my dirty ass is infected) excuse to escape armed service, too.
His longtime listeners know this, and have forgiven him.

Plus, I'm curious as to where you're going with this...

Jesus Christ, we just had a wartime deserter installed as President against our will.
A stroked-out radio Nazi who forgot to wipe his ass is small potatoes.

 Something Strange is Going On

 Is someone fabricating photographs at the Washington Post?
 Or is our selected President not quite human?

 Look at these pictures.

              Condi and Gonzales

 Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post says there are FIVE photographs
 where Smirk is standing there, frozen behind whoever Cheney said to hire,
 where he's got that exact same expression that never changes.

 Click Here  for proof this isn't a gag.

 Maybe a frozen Smirk is the best kind, but the Post is speculating
 that Smirk may not be human, that he may be some kind of machine.

 Senator John Ashcroft (R-Taliban) is a real piece of work.
 So far, not one Demo senator had said publicly that he intends
 to vote AGAINST this monstrosity for Attorney General.

 I'm white, male, straight, middle-aged, healthy, employed and agnostic.
 I don't have that much to fear from this monster they call Ashcroft.

 if you're not white
 if you're not male,
 if you're not straight,
 if you're very young
 if you're retired,
 if you're not in good health,
 if you're not able to work or
 if you have faith in the existence of a Supreme Being,
 you need the Democrats right now more than you've ever needed them.

 Once Ashcroft is confirmed, his religious insanity will control all federal law enforcement.
 Jesse Helms is the only senator who has said, "No" to progress more often than Ashcroft.

 Don't you understand what you're about to lose?

 We both know the Whore Court will back up ANY religiously insane ruling Ashcroft makes.
 This court is bought-and-paid for and it's impossible for them to be stopped.
 If they could be stopped or overruled, the upcoming president would be the one we voted for.

 Ashcroft has close ties with Religious Right leaders, and has received 100 percent
 approval ratings from the Coathanger Coalition and Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum.
 Conversely, the National Organization for Women, the National Abortion Rights Action League,
 the Human Rights Campaign and the League of Conservation Voters rate Ashcroft  0 percent.

 Ashcroft is about to become the principal enforcer of our nation's civil rights laws
 and he holds a diploma from Bob Jones University.  If you're Catholic, you might want to
 take a picture of your church and hide that picture where nobody else can find it.
  Do you think "Mr Zero Percent" is going to allow Catholics any "wiggle room?"

 The time for the Democrats to stand up and grow some cojones is now.
 We can't wait another generation, another decade, another term or another year.
 The damage is going to be done right away.

 Swear to Koresh, the time to fight is right now, but we're in trouble because the only people
 who can block this monstrosity from taking over are the too-scared-to-fight Democrats.

 I hope you're not too attached to your religion, because your religion
 is going to become Ashcroft's religion - and he worships Bob Jones.


 I'll be OK.
 I'm white, so his hatred of minorities won't affect me.
 I'm male, so his "women should subjugate" views won't affect me.
 I'm straight, so his "The Bible says I must hate you" horseshit doesn't affect me.
 I'm middle-aged, so his "let the elderly eat cake" views won't affect me.
 I'm healthy, so his "treat AIDS with leeches" mentality can't affect me.
 I'm gainfully employed, but then again, his boss hasn't pushed the first Domino yet.
 and I'm agnostic, so Ashcroft has no chance of taking my God from me.

 So I'm doing pretty good.  I don't have that much to fear from the Ashcroft monster
 until he decides that free speech on the Internet is "a clear and present danger,"
 and the Whore Court backs him up.

Oh, ...if only there was an opposition party to the Republicans...

From: efestag@mail.alac.org

Subject: Trashing Bill Clinton

It's the day after Christmas and Rush Limbaugh is trashing Bill Clinton
Isn't this typical of the man?

Unlike Ebenezer Scrooge, there is no hope of redemption for Rush Limbaugh.
He will have to face St. Peter and watch as that gatekeeper produces two books:
 one of Rush's lies and insults, another of his truths and positive statements.

The first book will be the thickest,heaviest tome in the history of the world,
while the second one will be pathetically slim.

St. Peter will then ring for the devil to bring up the elevator
that will transport Rush to the depths of hell.

Eckhard Festag

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