Volume 368 - Such an Easy Evil

 December 26, 2000 

 This Just In...

 NRA opens new branch office in the Boston area.

 More details as they come in...

 Great Quotes from Civil Rights Leaders

"We should make it clear to the Democritters in the Senate that anyone
   who votes for Ashcroft might as well change his party affiliation."
    -- my good friend Howie at FizzTwo@aol.com

 Go Howie!

 Any Democrat who helps to install this arch-enemy of civil rights
 should go to Smirk on bended knee and beg to join the Party of Installed Fascists,
 because the Party of JFK, RFK, MLK and Clinton doesn't want you anymore.

That snappy Clinton picture came from The Onion:

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 The 26th, we're iced in all over Oklahoma
 Watching a Homicide Christmas rerun and I see Nancy Marchand (Mother Soprano)
 playing a very rich, unforgiving, overbearing, iron-fisted homemaker of a bitch.
 I wonder if this episode caught the eye of David Chase?

 By the way,

 I assume you've caught The Sopranos promos for the third season?
 They show Satriale's Meat Market, where Christopher... well, if you know
 who Richie Aprile is, you know what Satriale's Meat Market means...

 Anyway, the promo is a shot from high above the market, and it slowly pans
 around to the side alley where the dumpster is. All the time, they're playing
 happy Christmas music and then you slowly realize there's a hand sticking
 out of the dumpster - a hand with a red sleeve and a white furry cuff.

 It's Santa!
 Santa's been whacked by the Sopranos!

 ha ha

 "Christmas is coming a little late this year" the announcer says.

 Good promo, guys!

 It's going to be a fun season - Sopranos Season Three starts March 4th,
 which, you know, is the only day of the year that's also a command!

 Did you see the news report over the weekend, might've been on CBS,
 that polar bears are having fewer cubs because their feeding season has been
 shortened THREE WEEKS in the last 25 years due to global warming.

 For thousands of years, they've hunted seals on polar ice, but now the ice is melting.
 Every year, more ice is breaking up.
 Now, they're doing more land hunting, including coming closer to towns.

 Can the polar bears survive?

 What we need is more pollution.
 What we need is more Arctic oil exploration.
 What we need is a total disregard for any environmental concerns.
 What we need is a total disrespect for any science that recognizes global warming.

 In short, what we need is "President-Installed Smirk."

 Click  Here  if you give a damn about the environment.

 Protect the Arctic!

 Please urge President Clinton to reject oil industry pressure
 and permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
 (I think he will anyway, but urging's always good)

 While putting some "Trip reports" together for the newbies,
 I found this - written November last year, from Volume 157:

 Old Business

 Our friendly United States government says Americans are going to spend
 $187,000,000,000 this year on Christmas.

 Last year we spent an amazing $174,000,000,000 on Christmas.
 That means we're spending 13 BILLION dollars MORE this year than last year.

 You know why?

 It's because America has confidence in President Clinton to stoke the
 economy even more than he has, creating tremendous wealth for everyone.

 Yes, what this country needs is a new direction.

 And this year, we have that new direction Smirk promised us.
 They're calling it the worse retail Christmas in ten years.

 Allll because Sandy wants to retire and Scalia is a power-grabbing scumbag.

 Uncovering the Florida cover-up
  by Carla Binion

  Politicians sometimes claim that hiding governmental misdeeds is good
  for the country. They say the public could not handle learning the full
  extent of our leaders' lies and cover-ups. For example, former Congressman
  Lee Hamilton, chairman of the House select committee investigating the
  Iran-contra affair, was shown ample evidence against Ronald Reagan and
  George H. W. Bush, but he did not probe their wrongdoing.

  Why did Hamilton choose not to investigate?
  Hamilton said that he did not think it would have been "good for the country"
  to put the public through another impeachment trial.

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 Prediction: Smirk will reward Hamilton for his "discretion" with a fancy appointment.
 ...and the other Democrats will say that's "proof" we can all get along.

 Great Soothsayer Quotes

 To an old leader will be born an idiot heir,
  weak both in knowledge and in war.
   -- Nostradamus, Century 1, Quatrain 78

 Remember that world-class architect we accompanied on that funny and
 almost-finished trip report to Washinton DC in 1998?
 Everything he produces is a work of art.

 This is a scan of a gift he wrapped for me.
 Check out those production values!

 From: edvoves@infi.net

 Subject: what burns me.....

 ...besides everything else of course) is Capital Dems giving Smirk and
 Smirk's agenda so much more verbal support than they EVER gave Bill's .
 Smirk has gotten more "I'll help ya !" from them in the last two weeks than Bill got in 8 years!

 Capital Dems never stood beside Bill much less behind him.
 Thanks, guys


 Amazing, isn't it?
 They're so afraid someone might call them "unenthusiastic" about Smirk's legitimacy
 they're forgetting how many Republicans refused to accept Clinton as president.

 Smirk has gotten more "I'll help ya!" from them in the last two weeks than Bill got in 8 years!

 That is so true!!
 All the Democrats can do is kiss Smirk's un-elected ass.
 It makes me sick.

 If the Democrats rallied behind Clinton's Health Care plan
 they way they're rallying behind the un-elected thief from the enemy camp,
 we would've  PICKED UP SEATS in 1994  instead of losing the House and Senate.

 I know I'll take some hits for this, but...

 Click  Here

 Tired of the Democratic bendover?

"I do not intend to lead a fight against him.
  I intend to make sure that he is given a far more fair hearing
  than some have been given in the past."

  E-mail Senator Patrick "No-balls" Leahy


 Hey, I have an idea:
 Leahy and Hamilton could open an office to advise Right-Wing Republicans
 how to get around the last few Democrats who might try to stop them.

 ...and Breaux and Torricelli could sell tickets!


 Magic provided by Chris at cbix@home.com

 The Right-Wing Coup SHAMES America

 Click  Here

From: e-Beth@corning.net

Subject: women

Oh, jeez, BC, stop saying that, "The women of America didn't want control
of their reproductive rights."  That's, to use your vernacular, horseshit.

Some women don't, and some women don't associate abortion with other rights, (although I do).
But you wrote, "They stated their intentions clearly when they voted for Smirk."
Nope.  60% of women voted Gore,  while 60% of men voted Bush.

Approximately 90% of blacks voted for Gore, and 94% or so of black women voted for Gore.

I agree with you that the black Democrats are the major non-wussy consituency within the party.
But clearly white men are the ones who got Bush elected, both with their votes and with the old boys' club.
It's time to wish you were black, or female, again.
Go visit NARAL or NOW if you think there aren't women fighting for their rights.



Beth, your numbers seem to disagree with you.
60 percent of the women voted to keep their rights
90 percent of blacks voted to keep theirs.

Clearly, women didn't feel the same urgency the blacks did.
And it's  horseshit  if I point that out?

     From: ReligiouslyInsane

     Subject:  the hell? Do I not know what a pardon is?

     Geez, I wake up and find 62 Clinton pardons. I also read
     "Before Friday, Clinton had granted 196 pardons and 22 commutations."

     Do presidents routinely toss out pardons like snotty kleenexes?
     Where the hell have I been all this time?
     Why are these things on page 30 of newspapers?
     Is Clinton 10 times more crooked than Bush Sr?

     ha ha

     Did Bush, Reagan, Carter, etc fling out hundreds of the damn things too?

     I always thought pardons were these ultra-rare things that invited the wildest speculation of
     evil conspiracies. But Clinton's name list seems to be all these minor doofuses getting favors.
     I still say friends or no friends, you let them do their time.

     The only difference I can see is that Clinton's pardons are after the trials,
     while Bush's big 6 were before the trials and thus the truth there will never be known.

     My world-view has shifted a couple millimeters, and I'm trying to jiggle it back in place.

     ha ha

     RI, you're pulling my leg, right?
     You need to write and send more stuff like this.

     "The only difference I can see is that Clinton's pardons are after the trials,
       while Bush's big 6 were before the trials and thus the truth there will never be known.

     I'll bet if you thought about it, you could come up with more differences than that,
     but you're right,

     Before or after getting the truth makes a difference.

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