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I'd guess 70 percent of  is related to politics.
But there's a lot of stuff besides politics, too.

We do some sports, some movie reviews, we handicap the new TV season,
we make Emmy and Oscar predictions, and Oh, they love it when I talk guitars!

So if you're new, or if you're not that interested in political humor, we have TRIP REPORTS
Click  Here  to read a recent Trip Report from New Mexico and Colorado.

Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions

We have everyday things, like going to the gym for the first time.

We have short stories, such as the time Bob Dole called Dr. Laura.

 (I'd run a poker game, if I could find one...)

 If you're ever cruising the back issues and read something that seems good,
 send an e-mail to Dave at

 He's helping me archive some of these stories.

 Why am I doing this?

 If someone checks out  for the first time, and the first bit is a comedy piece on
 those wacky Catholics, they'll think, "It's a Catholic-bashing page," which it's not.

 If the first story they see is about fine, luxury tequila such as Chinaco Anejo, they'll think
 the site it about tequila and nothing more, so a "Best of" page might be a good idea.

 So if you see something good, send Dave a note at and say,
 "Add that Impeachment bit from Volume 177 to the "Best of List" so Dave can compile a
 "Welcome" section for newcomers.

 Hey, we were all new, once.

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