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Volume 591 - Raining All Over the World

 September 15, 2001          Pt 1

With Respect to the Terrorist Attack ....
  by Marc Perkel


 If we want to fight terrorism and prevent terrorists from blowing up airplanes, let me make
 the following suggestions. First - our unelected president has paid $132 million dollars this year
 to the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan. We have been funding our terrorist enemies.

 Maybe if we had taken the money we give to terrorists and spent it on putting
 a sky marshall on every plane we wouldn't have people flying planes into buildings.

From:  www.left-links.com

Subject: Glass Them???   You little coward


I've read and supported you (not just financially) for a long time.
A lot of times I've disagreed with one or another of your stances,
but you were often the biggest voice out there saying what needed to be said.

Now you say "glass them"? What a cowardly statement.
How DARE you advocate terrorism in my name!
We "glass them" and we're worse than the hijackers.

That's an insane statement.
"Worse than the hijackers?"
You don't subscribe to the "words mean things" theory?

You want to kill 26 million people? Leave me and this country out of it.
We've commited enough atrocities and terrorism. Do it on your own.
Build yourself a bomb, steal some plutonium, fly to India, walk across Pakistan and set it off yourself.
Have the same guts that the hijackers here did. Don't call for indiscriminate mass murder
by pushing a fucking button. I understand you want justice, but war (especially nuclear war)
won't honor the dead, it will just increase the numbers.


I've never called for killing 26,000,00 people. [unless the hijackers have 26,000,000 allies]

Don't be a coward BC.
Join Barbara Lee and stand up to the media and
the snivelling poll-watchers in D.C. calling for blood.

Nick Vogel

Nick, next time you write, include an option other than surrendering,
because the path you are suggesting means giving up without a fight.

...and thanks for staying calm.

From: afinefriend@hotmail.com

Subject: Smirking in Church


When I heard Dubya's In-Church Speech on my radio I thought it was the best speech he
has ever given. But later in the day when I saw the church ceremony I was struck by two things:

1) Even at a ceremony to commerate the death of 5,000 people, Dubya could STILL not keep his
smirk in control. It was like he was saying "See, all you Yale Bullies, look at me in the front row."

2) I was blanketed in comfort each time they showed Bill Clinton on camera.

ps: Yes, Clinton smiled as he greeted others -- but it was an adult smile
-- not an "i am a rich kid and i am in the front row' smirk.

Bob in Oklahoma

Another column, begging America to not fight back.

Read this:

...and once again, "not fighting back" is their ONLY solution?

"If we fight back, they might get mad."

 I don't understand it.
 I don't mind differing opinions - I welcome that.
 But "Please don't fight back" is  NOT  an option any more than
 "Please don't swim" is an option after being pushed into a river.

 I would like to hear from a dove with a solution.
 (Put "dove" in the header, please)

 "Surrender" is not an option.

       by Cathy Burke

Muhammad Ali, in "anguish" over the horrific terror attacks, says that
if the mass killers are fellow Muslims, they're a disgrace to his religion.

"These radicals are doing things that God is against," the 59-year-old Ali
said in a statement written after the destruction of the World Trade Center.

"Muslims do not believe in violence. If the culprits are Muslim, they have twisted
the teachings of Islam. Whoever performed, or is behind, the terrorist attacks in
the United States of America does not represent Islam. As an American Muslim,
I want to express my deep sadness and anguish at the tremendous loss of life."

From: thediehard@juno.com

Subject: "Once we're certain...."

Bartcop, the difference between liberals and conservatoads is that we say, as you did,
"ONCE WE'RE CERTAIN of our targets."  The right-wing hate-spewers just want to kill
somebody, anybody, and don't care if they're innocent or not.  Remember the screams about
"ragheads" coming from the right-wingnuts after Oklahoma City?  Did we hear an apology from
the conservatoads when the mass-murdering terrorist turned out to be one of their own?

ONCE WE'RE CERTAIN of those responsible, I want the Special Forces to go in after them
with everything they have.  Any survivors shall be smeared with sour milk and staked to a fire ant mound.
Whatever is left is to be turned over to the families of the victims.

I can't countenance nuclear attack, because of its harm to all life on Earth.
And because the innocents include, for example, the women trapped in the Taliban regime,
who did nothing to deserve being turned into slaves with less rights than a dog.  But we damn sure
ought to be hunting down the stray nuclear material from the breakup of the USSR.

We know that Bin Laden was trained, armed, and funded by Bush daddy's CIA with poppy's own
complete approval.  We've known for years that the Taliban are despicable, evil people.
Women's and human rights groups have been begging for sanctions and action against them.
What does the illiterate coward do?  Sends them OUR TAX MONEY.

If Bin Laden is truly behind this senseless murder and destruction, and the Taliban is harboring him,
then the Bush family will have to shoulder some of the responsibility.


 "We may laugh again, but we'll never be young again."
   -- Patrick Moniyhan,  Novermber 23, 1963

 Chicago Firefighters Respond to NYC


 Do I understand this right?
 Knives of  four inches or less  were allowed on all flights?

 Why does this sound like a macho-Texas-GOP thing to me?

 "I don't go anywhere without my knife..."

 Every box cutter blade I've ever seen was less than four inches long.
 Christ, a half-inch blade will cut a carotid artery in someone's neck in an instant.
 Why the hell was this allowed?

 I don't carry a knife, so the idea never occurred to me,
 but why the hell didn't it occur to airline security?

From: joeb@buckeyeinet.com

Subject: Hope it turns our way

Hi Bart
Friends and Family members have sons and daughters of age to fight this Evil.
Just wish something would go our way (as far as getting him) but see no easy answers.

Bart I hope the greenie Naderites are reeling with W.S. in charge.
"Gore and Bush are both the same" my ASS.

Well I hope we can get that FUCK and wipe him out it won`t stop the religously insane
but at least move them to a crawl. Then stay on top of it let them never know when we
might lob some missles on them whereever they are.
Let there be no safe place to plan their holy war
What kills me is we have em here also and they are in charge.

This is a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!

 Denounce Falwell

 "We probably deserved this."

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From:  Christian Livemore

I haven't really wanted to write anything about this, and to be honest
I still don't, but a lot of folks have been e-mailing me wanting to know
why I haven't written anything, so I wanted to just send a few lines.

I'm trying not to think about September 11 anymore.
It's outside the door everywhere you go.
It's inside on the TV 24 hours a day.
Everything is being said.

I just now asked my friend for a bandaid for my toe, which I broke a
few weeks ago and on which I just reopened a nasty cut, and he looked
at it and winced and said, "I don't want to see anything else that hurts."
I think that sums it up right now.

So here's what I have to say:

Do something to help, it'll make you feel better.
Bring some clean socks and bottled water down to the rescue workers.
Light a candle.
Say a prayer if you're a believer.

And then go hug your kids.
Tell your husbands and wives you love them.
Go for a drive.
Have a picnic.
It may sound like a cliche, but it's the truth.

Do it in honor of the 5,000.
Mourn death, but celebrate life.
Because if you don't, hate wins.

Peace be with all of you.

Christian in Brooklyn

Notes on the past week
  by Tom Tomorrow

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Margaret Shemo
 One of our best writers

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Breaking News

 "American officials now have evidence of how bin Laden is trying to
   finance his terrorist cells. They're saying that bin Laden invested heavily
   in a sell-short position on the insurers of the World Trade Centers
   in the days just before the planes destroyed them.  It's well-known that
   bin Laden plays the American markets and it appears he was looking
   for a big payoff using this insurance scam."
   -- Andrea Mitchell, NBC News

 Note: That's a rough quote, but that's enough proof for me.
 If bin Laden bet heavily that the insurers of the towers were about
 to lose big, and we have hard proof,  then that's a fatal mistake on his part.

Brace Yourselves
 It's going to get worse before it gets better

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A New York City firefighter takes a break
near the site of the World Trade Center

 Already underwater
  by Rich in NY

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Continental Airlines to cut flights, furlough 12,000 employees.

 The whole world is watching


 Check it out

Ann Coulter Calls Christian Soldiers to Arms
Fighting religious insanity with religious insanity

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Ann Coulter can safely take the prize for the most hateful reaction
to appear in print. Her column, which appeared on the right-wing
National Review Online, ostensibly is a tribute to her friend Barbara Olson


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