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Mega links to all things anti-Smirk  Go ahead, it's not what you think.  So sure of his convictions, but unwilling to debate.
                                             He doesn't even list an e-mail address for me to set him straight.  Great round-up of current news  Even tho they employ Christopher Hitchens*/  former CIA operative-babe tells all. Good anti-Rush humor!

http://www.stanleysound.comExcellence in Babbling page

Conservatively Incorrect by RackJite

The RUSH Awards for Conservative Hypocrisy
Religious Humor in the Extreme
Earth Viewer
It's what Superman sees when he's coming back from Rigel 7.

Visit The AnswerSleuthú
This is a big site with link-o-rama.
Killer prank calls, including Pigboy and the Dunkin Donuts call, ha ha
Over 500 parody songs about the Evil Empire.

At Wit's End
My buddy Bob Witkowski's page

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