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Julie Hiatt

Volume 629 - Trickle Down to Texas

 October 31, 2001

  VCR Alert - Enterprise, West Wing and Law & Order - Steve Buscemi on Conan
    Will West Wing have a Julie Hiatt Steele character in their impeachment re-enactment?

 Lots of great stuff over at   including this quote:

 'Invincible' is the proper name . . . I have been the artist with the longest career and
  I am so proud and honored to be chosen from Heaven to be invincible."
     -- Michael Jackson, who else (besides Rush) whould claim chosen by God?

 There's also a kinky report about Mr. Spock on Star Trek.
 Nimoy said Star Trek wrecked his first marriage and that he started drinking heavily
 and then sought "comfort" (cough) from many of the women who starred in the series.

 Spock doing the green-haired ladies?

 Good stuff, Marty!

 The latest from R.B. Ham

 Click  Here

From: Jackmack4@aol.com

Subject: Why Texas?

Am I the only one that wonders why all the horses asses, or most of them come from Texas?
What bigger horses asses are there than Dick (there's a real Dick as per Al Franken) Armey,
Tom (The Bug Man) Delay, Phil (get out of the wagon and help pull) Gramm and last (so far)
and far from least Geo. W (Trust my Boy) acting President Bush.

Jack Mack

Thanks for using my idea for the cartoon showing Grand Pop talking to his Grandson.
It brought me my fifteen minutes of fame.

 By the way...

 When I said I have a lot of mail, that wasn't meant as a request that you stop sending.

 Mail is good.

 Update on Hedley Lamarr

 Click  Here

 Rumor sent by lying Ditto-Monkeys:

"Clinton did nothing for eight years while terrorists got stronger."

 The facts:

 Click  Here

 Osama bin Laden underwent treatment in July
 at the American Hospital in Dubai
 where he met a CIA official,
 French daily Le Figaro and Radio France International reported today.

 Click  Here

 Why did the CIA meet with the man who exploded the USS Cole
 and murdered all those soldiers in the barracks in Saudi Arabia?

 They keep whining about Clinton failing to get bin Laden,
 meanwhile Smirk is meeting with him  secretly  thru Daddy's friends in the CIA?

 This won't instill any confidence in those who think Smirk's handlers set this up
 to give America a reason to rally around President Pinhead, the White House thief.

 MCNBC reports US bombed Red Cross on purpose

 Click  Here

 Meanwhile, new information came forward on why Red Cross warehouses were bombed
 repeatedly last week. NBC’s Miklaszewski said a senior U.S. military official now says they
 were bombed on purpose because the food was being stolen by Taliban troops."

 This was not in the plan.
 Why are we bombing the Red Cross?
 Didn't the Red Cross help John McCain when he was in that North Vietnamese prison?

 If the North Vietnamese didn't harrass the Red Cross, why are we bombing them?

 Anthrax attacks' 'work of neo-Nazis'

 Click  Here

 It seems like every press outlet (outside of the American press) knows
 that the anthrax is coming from our own religious nuts, not foreign religious nuts.

 But the American whore press is too busy writing whatever Ari and Mr Rove
 tell them to write so they aren't running the story everyone else is reading.
 They're so intent on propping up the unelected fraud, they have no credibility
 and they have no independence from the White House spin machine.

 Of course, bartcop.com  readers knew it weeks ago.

 The vulgar Pigboy may still have a futre in radio, but I don't think he'll be
 doing many commercials for the products he's been barking for all these years.

 I heard him to a commercial yesterday for WAHL electric shavers.
 Since he can't hear himself speak, (and nobody will tell him) he's mispronouncing
 a lot of words and that's not real good for a commercial pitchman.

 He mentioned that the shavers were available at "Wohlgreens" when he
 probably was talking about the "Walgreens" drugstore chain.
 He did that on more than a few names, but I was in the car & couldn't write them down.

 Also, and this is half-gross, he needs a signal sent to him to clear his throat.
 It's hard to listen to someone speak when he's got a ball of phlem in his throat.

 Pigboy, you've got your 300 million, why don't you ease up on the
 "I'll shill-for-anything-if-you-write-me-a-check."

 Don't you think it's time?

 Dr. Dre isn't a defender of anything
   by Mitch Albom

   Click  Here

 Hip, hip, hooray for Dr. Dre!
 He sure showed those bullies who is boss.
 He's a champion for the First Amendment!
 A hero for freedom of speech!

 Let's pause for some Dre lyrics.

 "I don't give a fuck about the bitch because I don't give a fuck! And I don't give a fuck!"

 This Mitch Albom guy confuses me.
 Sometimes he's a leftie, sometimes he's not.
 Now he's attacking Dr. Dre for writing and publishing a song
 that has lyrics that he, Albom, doesn't like.

 Hey, Mitch - what's your alternative?

 Get government approval for all lyrics?
 That artists submit their work in advance to Mr Rove and Saint Ashcroft the Insane?

 With a thief in control of the White House, now's not the time to attack free spech, Mitch.
 I like Dr Dre on screen, but I've never bought a CD of his, and don't plan to.
 I think lyrics like that are stupid and counter-productive, but I'm not God.
 I'd fight (but not die for) Dre's right to publish whatever he wants.
 Once upon a time, this was America.

 And this is a fun insight - The Detriot Free Press ran a disclaimer they didn't want to print
 Albom's entire column because it had bad language, but he convinved them because
 he thought what HE had to say was important.

 Ain't that a bitch?

 Dr. Dre's not supposed to say what he wants,
 but Mitch Albom should be allowed to print any goddamn thing HE wants.
 Who you trying to impress, Mitch?  Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson?
 Did Dre's lyrics bring down the World Trade Centers, Mitch?

 It's called America, Mitch.
 It's called the Bill of Rights, Mitch.
 It's called the First Amendment, Mitch.

 (We still have those, right?)

 All the shit that's going down in America right now and Mitch Albom
 thinks Dre's lyrics need our attention the most?

 Hey, Mitch!
 What about our lost right to vote?
 What about that?
 Not worth any column inches?

 I got a thunderbolt for you mitch.
 You nothing column might've been worth something before the election,
 but after the election and after September 11th?

 Your priorities are unreal, Mitch.

From: Rochesterjim@aol.com

Subject: Trickle Down Package To Benefit Texas & Cheney

Most of the commentary about the "stimulus" bill passed by the House last week focuses on the huge
benefits it lavishes on giant corporations. But that doesn't tell us much about the specific interests being served.

What's good for corporate America is good for General Motors; it would be hard to devise a bill
that consists mainly of corporate giveaways without giving a lot of money to the biggest companies?
To understand what the bill is really about, you have to look at the big payoffs to not-so-big companies.

For example, it's not too surprising that calculations by Citizens for Tax Justice show General Motors,
with its 380,000 workers, getting a check for $800 million. But it's quite amazing that TXU (formerly
Dallas Power and Light), a company with only 16,000 employees, would get a check for $600 million.

And there are a number of medium-sized companies that, like TXU, are in line for surprisingly big benefits.
These companies include ChevronTexaco, Enron, Phillips Petroleum, IMC Global and CMS Energy.
What do they have in common? Well, they tend to be in the energy or mining businesses; and they tend to be
based in or near Texas. In other words, the person to benefit most from this trickle down package is Dick Cheney.

Jim in Rochester, MI

Smirk and his oil friends are plundering the Treasury while telling children
they should work for free so the Afghan kids don't starve.

Bush was not elected.
He was appointed by friends of his Daddy.
The poor and middle class are paying for the perks to billionaires.


 When the man some call President of the United States said,
 "Give up bin Laden or we send our boys in," what did the Taliban think was going to happen?

 Speaking only for the Taliban rulers, did they not know that an Ezekiel-type fire
 and brimstone storm was going to rain down on their asses with furious anger?

 I agree with El Pigbo

 Rush called Bernard Shaw some names today for refusing to be de-briefed by our military
 in the Gulf War  in 1991 (where the little shit wet his pants hiding under a hotel table while
 John Holiman looked out the window and filed live reports).

 Shaw said he couldn't talk to our military because he was a "journalist" and he had
 "his journalistic integrity to protect."
 Gates doesn't make a font big enough for this "Horseshit."

 Any journalist who got on camera with an erection to breathlessly give minute-by-minute
 reports of the status of Clinton's zipper is nothing but a for-sale whore, and has no business
 holding back anything from our military when we're at war.

 If it was a legitimate newsperson, and not a slut-for-hire it might be different,
 but Bernard Shaw is a whore and he always has been.
 Bernard Shaw has the credibility of a shaking, sweaty crack whore.

 Those sons of dogs who destroyed journalism in this country the last nine years
 should be ashamed of what they did with their constitutionally-ptotected rights then,
 and they should be spanked for being too afraid of Mr Rove to publish facts today.

From: kurt@oz.net

Subject: Re: Homosexual Arabs? I'm aghast!

Dear Bartcop,

From your linked material, I quote:

     "Socially segregated from women, Arab men succumb to homosexual behavior...
     Their sexual outlet mostly includes victimizing younger males - just the way
     they were victimized.  In all of these circumstances, the idea of love is removed
     from men's understanding of sexuality. Like the essence of Arab masculinity,
     it is reduced to hurting others by violence."
             -- Jamie Glazov, Ph.D.

Speaking on behalf of males who have "succumbed to homosexual behavior" (and
thus, if I am to believe Jamie Glazov, Ph.D., on behalf of every Middle
Eastern male who has passed through adolescence) I can tell you that it only
hurts at first, and then it feels really good. One is left not so much with
the urge to ram airplanes into office buildings as with the desire to sigh
contentedly, roll over, and maybe drift off to sleep. But perhaps I am
making too fine a distinction.

Where did you find this penetrating analysis?


 ha ha

 Hey, Kurt, this is getting a lot of attention.
 It was some column that some lady wrote.

 What do I know about Afghan gays?
 I print interesting stuff that people send.
 Don't get me wrong, I'm ready to stand up for what I believe,
 but I don't know Bush about Afghan gays.

 I don't think they should be outcast for being gay,
 I think they should be f-ing dead for helping Liceboy.

 The part I didn't get into was, if women are such third-class worthless crap in those countries,
 then maybe women are only considered worthwhile for their ability to procreate.
 Maybe, hating women because the Koran said so, makes a male a better sex partner.

 I can explain nothing.
 I'm just saying I got some e-mail.

 Remember Popeye's Women Hater's Club?
 Isn't that what the Taliban & the GOP stand for?

 ha ha

They don't respect women.
They don't think women should have equal rights.
They don't like gays, either.
They MURDER gays over there.
They're goddamn Texans is all they are.
The Taliban are oil drilling rednecks working for Exxon/Mobile.

The Taliban has a man in our White House

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