"How do they define diversity?
   Having two guys to head the ticket from two different oil companies?"
    -- Rob Reiner, who may be running for California governor

 Promise Keepers, Losers Weepers was the title of Volume 104.

 In the MIRC chat room, a fella told me he still laughs at that issue.

 I went back and looked at it and I was shocked at the language and radical ideas!
 (I was also shocked at the amount of Monkey Mail I was getting back them.
  I got 3-4 MM in that one issue, and had a great time answering them.)

 So if you feel inclined to check out that ancient issue, please keep in mind that I was writing
 for only about 18 people then, and I spoke ...more freely than I do now that I'm read by dozens.
 There are some good jokes in that issue, but my directness and frankness is startling!

 So if you're in a forgiving mood, Click  Here  and see what the hullaboo was about,
 but don't whine about my language and my insensitivity. It was another time - another place.

Subject: Re: Bush supporters

> Folks, I have been a political junkie for a long long time and have never seen
> anything that even closely compares to that, and thats why I'm posting this. I
> am now damn near convinced the Bushies are in a lot of trouble. Has anyone
> else had any experiences with Bush supporters lately?
> Kelley

Bart & Kelley:

I saw my father this weekend - a die-hard Republican (I still love the guy)
who works as a financial planner after years of trading stock on the floor.

I asked him about Boy George: "The best thing for the market now would be for this guy to just resign."
I couldn't have been more shocked if I had found a true statement in Ann Coulter's new book.

The real business leaders out there know the score - O'Niell is a joke, Pitt is a lackey,
Dick's a scam artist and T-Ball hasn't got a clue. It's time to clean house.

Mark W.

  Truly Evil People


 I'm trying a new thing

 You know those old, tired stories to the left of the opening graphic?
 Let's replace those with some flashbacks.  We have 850 issues,
 and buried deeeeep in those issues are some funny, blue-period bits.

 If you're ever cruising the back episodes and see something you think others might like,
 e-mail me and we're rotate some of that impeachment stuff, some Quayle jokes etc.

 So if you see some thing good me and we'll put that up.

 Aroused by the Thrill Of Arrested Censorship
           by Jimmy Breslin, July 25, 2002

  Click  Here

 Dr. Susan Block's Los Angeles sex therapy show, "Sex for Wisdom," has been censored
 week after week on a TV station owned by the Rigas family's Adelphia Communications.
 The Rigases say they are good and she is bad. Yesterday, Susan Block watched the glorious
 sight on television of the whole Rigas family walking around in handcuffs.

 "Why, we had a show on handcuffs two weeks ago, and they wouldn't run it," Susan Block said.
 "Do you think they understand bondage now?"

  If you're strong of heart, check what Dr. Susan Black does to "Dr. Laura"

 Click  Here


"We had seven years of progress toward peace in the Middle East,
  and they tried to blame me for trouble in the Middle East.
  That's just what they do. Republicans have always done that.
  But it's bad form, and it's bad for America, and they should stop it."
    -- Big Dog, showing Bush why he needs to stop lying

 Las Vegas Trip Report
   by a been-there-30-times veteran

  Click  Here

 So this is how the other half lives!   Had asked for strip view but none was available - we both
 got a pool view.   Pools looked really nice but never did find time to go walk around them.
 Called the friend's room right away and told him not to touch anything in the fridge - he said
 he had learned his lesson on that one!  Down to the MGM for another 4 dinner buffets and
 the guys were once again pleased to eat to their hearts content on the shrimp and crab legs.

 She got a hueueuge amount of free coupons from  www.wagerworks.com


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