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Volume 998 - Where no flowers grow

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Thurs-Friday    February 13-14, 2003 


“Estrada should be confirmed because he was rated "qualified"
  by the American Bar Association."
   -- The vulgar Pigboy, yesterday

 Butt Rush,
 Clarence Slappy Thomas was rated "less than qualified" by the ABA,
 and you backed him for the Supreme Court.

 What the hell's wrong with you?

 Paranoid party rights 
   from  UK's The Guardian

  Click  Here

 I asked a spokesman for Diebold, one of the largest firms involved, how a losing
 candidate would know they had lost. "Our machines undergo a battery of tests
 undertaken by independent testing associations for logic and accuracy," he said.

 Fine - in theory the machines are perfect: we all have computers that never go wrong, don't we?
 Unfortunately, there appears to be nothing to stop to a corrupt company, a corrupt official
 or a corrupt (or merely incompetent) programmer subverting the democratic will.

 There has, naturally, been zilch coverage of this issue in the mainstream American press
 - because the White House hasn't mentioned it. But conspiracy theorists on the web
 (see, for instance, ecotalk.org and  bartcop.com) are hard at work.


"If you're doing an article about the left in America,
  you'd better hurry up before we're all gone..."
     --  Jay, anti-war protester

 Hey Bart,

 Here are 1,000 pennies = $10.  A penny for each issue.
 Congratulations on this milestone and thanks for fighting the good fight
 against the wartime-deserting, election stealing, court-appointed president
 and the flaming nazi gasbag who supports him (and I don't mean the Hindenburg).

 Best Regards,

 Schmendrick, thanks for that.
 Many of those issues are only worth a penny :)

Please don't let Bush kill me

"Most of my great friends in the world are liberals.”
   --Dennis Miller, Donahue, 02/12/03

 Hey Dennis, your fans were mostly intelligent liberals, too.
 That's why you're not working anymore - because you turned Nazi on us.

 Barry Crimmins

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 The elevation to Orange terror alert meant just one thing: the Court-appointed Bush Administration
 was in great danger of being embarrassed by yet another massive peace march -- this time in New York.
 So it upped the level of alert and brought in New York officials to speak in terms of the local danger.
 When a federal judge ruled that there could only be a rally but no march in New York, the worries of
 Bush being terrorized by honest citizens' concerns abated.

from Letterman's web site

 Mark Crispin Miller Takes Aim at Newspapers
  My good friend MCM says Bush gets an easy ride

  Click  Here

 In Miller's view, America's great independent newspaper tradition is in peril. Scandals fly
 under the radar, (GOP) politicians get off easy, and President Bush garners comparisons to
 Churchill while Miller gets panned in The Washington Post and snubbed by The New York Times.

 That's why Miller, who also teaches media studies at New York University, has returned with a
 vengeance, unveiling a provocative, funny, and deeply disturbing one-man show, "Bush Are Us,"
 at a small New York theater. While the mainstream press still wants nothing to do with it,
 the first three shows have sold out, with at least one more planned for early March.
 Can Miller do for political standup what Michael Moore did for Flint, Mich.?

 Go see this show, then write a review and send it in!


"The price of being the world's only superpower is that its motives are sometimes
  questioned by others. Great strength is not always perceived by others as benign.
  Not everyone around the world is prepared to take the word of the United States on faith." 
     -- Canadian Prime Minister Cheese Fries, who lied when he said "Bush is not a moron."

 It's Valentine's day, so I think we should remember the Valentine that
 Red-Ink Reagan gave the the f-ing Gestapo at Bitburg Cemetary in Germany.


 When they say it didn't happen, tell them to go "F" themselves
 because you saw the proof right here at  bartcop.com

 In all fairness to Reagan, (And what are we if not fair at bartcop.com?)
 Reagan had no idea what he was doing. He was following the orders
 of the real president of the United States, George Herbert Herbert Bush.
 Reagan was a dupe, used by the B.F.E.E..just like Dim Son.


  Click  Here   for an excerpt from KGB


"It's nice being in Europe this week. Almost everyone in Germany and France is in sync
  with the governments. I almost forgot what it's like to be proud of my government." 
   -- actor Edward Norton, at the Berlin Film Festival

 Generation X(XX)
    by Stephen Sacco

  Click  Here

 Some looked to the right (the children of the Reagan Revolution) for comfort only to
 find that your generation was full of slackers who had  succumb to moral relativism
 and "the liberal values" of the sixties.

 Clearly we had the worst of both worlds.  We were hedonist, only interested in sex
 and drinking with no social conscious or moral compass.  Evidently, other generations
 of college students had little or no interest in sex and drinking.  Who knew?

 Ala. Quadriplegic Wins Extended Home Care 
  bartcop.com  chat enthusiast survives archaic Medicade rules
  ten days before he was to lose vital medical assistance

  Click  Here

 The waiver was announced Monday night. Dupree and his lawyer learned
 about it Tuesday. Dupree said he's pleased with the waiver but has no plans to rest.

 "I plan to keep working on this the rest of my life to make sure that everyone
 can be safe and live in their community and not locked away in a faraway
 nursing home, but be involved in their community," he said.


"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you
  want to test a man's character, give him power."
    --Abraham Lincoln

Nobody can stop us!
I'm King of the World!
I'm hot shit!
God wants me to have Iraq's oil!
His will be done!
I always get my way!
I'm rich and getting richer!

 ...and now, a word from Tom Delay

"I'm nuts about war with Iraq!"

 Gas goes above $2 a gallon

  Click  Here

 Bush is a great president, if you're a gounging bastard who owns an oil company.

Dave again

Therapeutic Bodywork by Rey Guajardo, RMT, LMP
Specializing in Mind, Body, and Spirit Integrative Bodywork
Located in West Seattle at Urban Fitness, on the corner of Alaska and California
First time visits only $45.00!
Call 206-852-3311
By appointment only

Give Rey a call in Seattle
Tell him Bart sent you
He's been a friend for decades.

 Consumer sentiment hits 9-year low in February

  Click  Here

 Bush is a great president, if you're a super-rich bastard who's looking
 for some bankrupted companies to buy for three cents on the dollar.

 Susan McDougal talks to Buzzflash

 Click  Here

 [Ken Starr's] a snake handler. He has a church in his back yard because none

 of the churches where he's from in Memphis, Tenn., are conservative enough,
 or right-wing enough, for him. So he built his own church. And Jim always
 called him the snake handler because he would have these meetings with Ewing.
 And Hickman was always after Clinton for sex stuff.


"I'm tired of liberals running for cover..."
   -- George McGovern, American war hero

 Subject: Susan McDougal has a special message for you
 Hi BartCop,

 Yes, we met Susan McDougal the day before yesterday!
 She signed our copy of her book.

 I had to laugh when I read the inscription; the first thing I said to her was "Bartcop says "hey".
 She is unbelievably gracious and nice. (We brought her flowers; she commented that we were
 the *only people* who had ever brought her flowers at a booksigning! What's up with that?)

 I'll send more of a report later, complete with pictures, but this picture was taken by Amy Strange.
 I knew you would get a huge kick out of this one!
 I hope it's a great weekend, and I'm looking forward to BartCop Radio!


Subject: Nader bashing

Hi, first off, I am a long time reader, and agree with 99% of what you say on your site.


You often will say that a vote for Nader (or anyone who is not a Democrat) is a vote for Bush.
NOT voting for the democrats WILL indeed result in the democrats not winning...but if I dont WANT
the democrats to win then why would I vote for them, why would I ever give up the fact that I am given
the CHOICE to vote for whoever "I" feel is the best choice, who will do the most for my country.

If you don't want the Democrats to win, then you want Bush to win.
You can slice that 600 different ways, but it's always the same.

I think voting for the guy who is most likely to beat the guy you DONT want in power is NOT DEMOCRACY.
Voting the way you suggest is that there will always be 2 shitty parties, and NO CHOICE.

Then Bush wins - no matter how you cloak it.

You constantly dis the democrats for being sheep.
Well why the hell do you support them then?

a devoted bartcop reader,

The Democrats are a pep talk away from winning it all in 2004.
The Greens are decades away from winning anything.
We can't survive 30 more years of GOP fascism.

 TV Last Night

 It started with Survivor.
 Mrs. Bart loves her Survivor.

 They kept playing up the boys vs the girls angle.
 The guys kept saying there was no way they could lose.
 One guy said they'd never lose a single immunity whatever that's called.

 I knew right away that meant the men were doomed.
 The only reason they'd include the "we can't lose" talk if to"shock" us later.
 Mrs. Bart was waaaaay happy when the girls won.
 She was nice to me for the rest of the evening.

 Then came C.S.I.
 Because it's sweeps, Marg Helgenberger went totally out of character,
 (she's usually so cool and calm) she saw a suspect call her daughter a whiney kid
 and rushed into the interrogation room screaming, "I want you dead and in the ground."

 That was the low point - the high point was Grissom having sex with "Lady Heather."
 Lady Heather is a whip-toting dominatrix who runs the kinkiest S&M club in Las Vegas.

 ...in Las Vegas!

 Koresh knows the "Cruel to be kind" heights they reach in Sin City!
 Meanwhile, Grissom is the President of the Nerd's nerd club, and here he was slamming
 the First Lady of the Pleasure-and Pain Association. (Bob Livingston - call your office!)

 ha ha

 Or. maybe he was just gathering some DNA?
 Grissom, he's all about the job.

 The next morning Lady Heather was making him coffee and, right in front of her, he called the
 office to request a warrant to search the places he hadn't explored the night before.

 I'll bet Grissom never gets any the rest of the show's run.

Marty's E! page
A Michael Dare special
Earl Scruggs on the Walk O'Fame
Arthur Miller and dissident poets
Lots of Jedi's in England
Mary Ann & the Vagina Monologues
Where's Ginger?
Denzel gives a million
Dr. Phil on Dave Monday
ha ha
Wind created snow rollers in the midwest



"...they have a much better media machine than we do. They worked on it for 30 years
 and they've got it. They've got everything from the Heritage Foundation to sympathetic
 newspapers to sympathetic cable programs that are heavily-weighted in their favor...
 there are five people in America with more than two hours on radio. Who are they?
 Howard Stern. [who is] not political. Don Imus who's more Republican than Democrat
 and the other three are Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity who are very
 outspoken, on the right wing of the Republican party. We don't have that.
 So it means we have to be more disciplined, more clear, more focused."
   --Bill Clinton, Today Show 02/12/03, wishing Bartcop Radio was up and running

 Help make BartCop Radio a now thing, rather than a someday thing.

 Is  bartcop.com  worth $5 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to get BartCop Radio sooner rather than later

 Protest march may break records
  Saturday's Don't Attack Iraq march could be the biggest protest march
  Britain has ever seen - a crowd well in excess of 500,000 is expected....

  Click  Here

 I wonder if Bush's good puppy press will even cover it?


"In my experience '[Blood] on his hands' applies especially to those who
  have had no personal experience of war, like Bush, who managed not to
  serve in Vietnam, and the effete Tony Blair. There is about them the
  essential cowardice of the man who causes death and suffering not by
  his own hand but through a chain of command that affirms his 'authority'."
    --John Pilger, Tony Blair is a coward, arabnews.com


 Subject:  Dems, greens, Libs, etc..
 Bartcop -

 In reading your site, I see a common theme. Seems that everyone wants to be chief, and no one
 wants to get behind a common candidate. The greens blame the dems who blame both the greens
 and repugs for stealing votes. See what I mean? I support you not because I believe you, but because
 you keep my side on its toes. You're a fair man. But everyone in the republican party got behind Bush
 whether we liked him or not. It was for the common good, thats why our side won.

 Theres too many factions on your side to pull together for a victory. Too many on your side want their
 agenda pushed, and everyone else can kiss off. Until your side can unite for the common good of the party,
 the votes will continue to be bled off by several candidates who think they have the answer.
 The answer is, one candidate. What you think?

 B Carrigan

 For some reason, Democrats doesn't want it bad enough.
 If a fight starts, we give in and say, "OK, let's do things your way."

 Gore refused to fight in 2000, and we refused to fight in Florida.
 We refused to fight when Bush nominated Ashcroft and Olson.
 We're a party of scared ninnies, skittish wimps and terrified sheep.
 I wish things were different.
 Jesus, the best guys on our team are Jeffords, McCain and Larry Klayman.

 That's why I drink so much.

 Fun Spam

 No Pumps! No Surgery! No Exercises!

 Finally!! A medical breakthrough in science has enabled a team of
 doctors and sex experts to create a pill that is designed to enlarge
 the male sexual organ by length and width. Our tests show that out of 1,500
 test subjects, the average gain after 4 months on DP-RX was 2.94 Inches!

 ha ha

 There's a pump?
 How much for one of those?

 Subject: I have an idea!

 Since Bush has thrown out so many amendments to the Constitution, you think we could
 get him to throw out that presidential term limits one so we could get back to good ol' Clinton?

 Let's drink to brighter days...surely they can't rig the elections forever, right?
 Right, Bartcop?


 Tamara, they would fight to protect the 22nd Amendment more than the Second.
...and they're willing to die for the Second.

 The GOP will continue to rig elections until the Democrats tell them to stop,
 so we may be in for a long haul.

 What rigged elections?
 Dubya would never cheat.
 He's MY president.

 Subject : REAL freedom of the press


 I'm totally disabled and on social security Bart, but I can no longer stand by and not do SOMETHING.
 Here's a little something to help make bartcop radio a reality, I wish I could do more.

 The fact that I'm on disability and donating "their" money to you should get the ditto monkeys screaming.
 Fight on Bart.

 Gary S.

 P.S. If you could send me a couple of those "way cool" bartcop stickers I'd love that too.

 Gary, thanks - stickers are on the way

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