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Volume 997 - America the belli

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Wednesday    February 12, 2003 


“If war is forced upon us -- and I say "forced upon us," because use of the military
  is not my first choice. (lying bastard) I hug the mothers and the widows of those who
 may have lost their life in the name of peace and freedom. (He means in the name of oil)
 We will try in every way we can to spare innocent life. (As long as I get that oil)
The people of Iraq are not our enemies.” (But their deaths will make me richer)
    --Dubya, at the Religious Broadcasters convention, 02/10/03

 Sure, every way that doesn't exclude stealing Iraq's oil for the B.F.E.E.
 George, there are two kinds of people who think your oil war is good.
 1. The ignorant
 2. The whores who are being paid to say you're a wise and brave leader.

 If I wasn't for this war, the press might be talking about the economy,
 or your friends at Enron, or the felony convictions of your staffers, or the fact
 that we don't know how many times you've been convicted of a felony

 So George - hug this!

 U.S. Says Tape Shows Iraq-bin Laden Link
  Osama comes thru when his old friend needs him big-time

  Click  Here

 The purported voice of Osama bin Laden tells his followers to help Saddam fight Americans
 even though he is an "infidel," words U.S. officials said showed Saddam's ties to al-Qaida.

 Bush and Osama have the same goal - war with Iraq.
 Osama helps his old friend by coming through when Bush desperately needs him the most.

 How convenient for the Bush boy and his goal to murder Saddam
 It's almost like they're reading from the same script.


 America is deeply divided (although the world is clearly alligned against us) about murdering
 Saddam, so Osama comes to the rescue with another tape and, probably, another spectacular
 attack to sway the undecideds Bush's way so we can "roll" on this war.

 A re-cap of where we are and how we got here:

 Why are we in this war?
 Osama says his premier bitch is that America put troops in sacred Saudi Arabia in 1991.

 Why did we do that?
 Because Bush 41 gave Saddam written permission to invade Kuwait in 1990.
 Afterwards, Bush said we needed to stop the army Bush gave permission.to invade.

 How do we know that's true?
 Because Saddam showed CNN the Telex hat Bush sent him.

 Did Congress look into this charge, that Bush's bungling (or worse) caused that war?
 Are you kidding?  Congress exists to investigate Clinton's sex life, not GOP dirty tricks
 that cause hundreds of our best fighting men to die needlessly in the sand.

 So, the Bush family is directly responsible for causing both wars?
 You bet your ass.

 Why would they do such a thing?
 Bart's Law Number TwoAny time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts
 extra money in their pocket, expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again.
 The B.F.E.E., The Carlyle Group and Halliburton have made hundreds of millions from Saddam
 and a new war with the House, Senate, Supreme Court, the Press and the Democrats helping them
 will make trillions this time instead of mere billions - and don't think they aren't.  Rummy said a few
 days ago they'll need $1.5B per month minimum - f-ing minimum. And where is that $1.5B is
 going every month?  If you ask, Ashcroft will arrest you and you'll never see the sun again.

Nobody can stop us!
God wants me to have that oil!
His will be done!
His will be done!
I'll put something extra in
Osama's envelope this week!

 Quotes of the Insane

"Our friend and brother in Christ."
   --Pinhead's introduction before the National Religious Broadcasters convention

"We're being challenged. We're meeting those challenges because of our faith
  We carried our grief to the Lord Almighty in prayer."
   --Dubya, certain that's he's God's handpicked messenger

 "Liberty is God's gift to every human being in the world."
  -- Usurper, ready to murder Saddam for baby Jesus

"[We] have been blessed by God Himself to have George W. Bush as president."
   --Glenn Plummer, leader of  the National Religious Broadcasters, 02/10/03

 This religiously insane crap stopped being funny a long time ago.

 Muhammed Atta flew into the WTC to please God.
 The Tool-in-Chief is ready to murder Iraq to please God.
 Palestinian suicide bombers murder Jews to please God

 I wonder how God feels about all this?

 Stop murdering your political enemies in my name!

 Bush: The Crude Crusader
   by Richard Cohen

  Click  Here

 [Bill Clinton was concerned with the collateral damage of war.}I know that such thoughts,
 expressed by Bill Clinton when he was president, were sometimes held against him. He actually
 knew the name of a civilian killed by a wayward cruise missile in a 1993 U.S. attack on Baghdad:
 Layla al-Attar. She was a painter. In the minds of some, this made Clinton a softy.

 This is not the case with George W. Bush -- and that he seems so untroubled is in itself troubling.
 It's not that I don't think he is right about Saddam and, if need be, the necessity to deal with him
 through war. It's rather that I see America going to war; he sees us embarking on a crusade.
 His cause is right because he feels right about it.

 This crazy man is allowed to handle nukes!
 He thinks he's on some damn mission from God, like the Blues Brothers.
 I'm considering re-joining the Church.

 Trickle-down works after all
    by Christian Livemore

  Click  Here

"...it looks like the right-wing’s much-loved Trickle Down theory does work.
 Not with economics, of course, but it seems that Bush’s lack of curiosity,
 intellectual laziness and greed, at least, are all trickling down through his administration.

 State Can Make Inmate Sane Enough to Execute
  Court Rules Practice script makes Bush's Amerika better

  Click  Here

 The federal appeals court in St. Louis ruled yesterday that officials in Arkansas can
 force a prisoner on death row to take antipsychotic medication to make him sane enough
 to execute. Without the drugs, the prisoner, Charles Singleton, could not be put to death
 under a Supreme Court decision that prohibits the execution of the insane.

 Hitting Pigboy where it hurts - his precious wallet
 You'll enjoy this

 Click  Here


 The Armageddon enchanted, bible thumping, certifiable, looting, destroying
 right wing lunatics are already employing Shock and Awe against we, the citizens.

 If they keep up with all of this complete insanity, pretty soon the citizens will
 have no will to fight. We already know this is successful with the Democratic party.
 They were the guinea pigs....




“War is bloodshed, destruction, disaster, and death.
  I heard that the Americans foresee a loss of 15,000 American soldiers."
   --Archbishop Renato Martino, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, on NCR

 The Bush Family could make one million dollars per dead American soldier,
 so in their eyes these losses are totally reasonable and acceptable.

 But why are we distracted by this nonsense?

 What if Clinton is speaking to an attractive woman somewhere?
 Shouldn't NBC and FOX News be covering that important scoop?

       "We will decide what news is important."

  State Dept scolds China for acting like Bush/Ashcroft
  It's OK for Bush to do it, but it's bad for other countries?

  Click  Here   then go to the bottom of the page

 Our embassy in Beijing and Consulate General in Guangzhou have again registered our deep
 concerns over lack of due process and China's refusal to admit observers to the proceedings.

 We also note with deep concern that Mr. Wang's trial was conducted in secret raising questions about
 the nature of the evidence against him and the lack of due process. And we are particularly concerned
 by the charge of terrorism in this case, given the apparent lack of evidence and of due process.

 Subject:  Bill of Rights

 Bartcop -

 I got to ask..You keep saying we've lost the bill of rights.
 Exactly how many rights have you personally lost?


 Oh, that means a post with numbers!
 Click  Here

 Amendment VIII
 Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed,
 nor cruel and  unusual punishments inflicted..

 ha ha
 Being executed on the government's whim sounds cruel and unusual to me.
 Can you make a case that it's not?

 Glick interview on O'Reilly
  by Max Black     CC: Oreilly@foxnews.com

  Click Here

 Who in the hell do you think you are?  You pompous, bloated, miserable little popinjay!
 You show just how little you care for the victims of 9/11, just how little you know about the
 underlying root causes of the terrorist attacks, just how little you are able to actually debate a
 leftist with a few facts at his disposal -- instead you retreat to the usual personal insults, demands
 to "shut up," and actually pulling the plug on the guy instead of standing toe to toe with him.

 Bush and Bin Laden want same thing

 It would seem that both Bush and Bin Laden both want the same thing - war in Iraq.
 Bush is playing right into Bin Laden's hands - goating America into a war without the
 support of the United Nations and dividing the alliance. Seems to me that we should
 be going after Bin Laden rather than Iraq since it was Bin Laden who is the one who
 actually attacted us. But a plan like that would make too much sense for this administration.

 Marc Perkel

 A War of Convenience
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Key parts of Powell's presentation were dubious on their face. That alleged
 al Qaeda base in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq? If it's what Powell says, why
 hasn't it been bombed to smithereens? British and U.S. jets have been conducting
 sorties in the no-fly zone for months. Because it's a dusty outpost not worth
 bombing reporters for The Observer who visited the place quickly saw.


 i am going to put 1 sticker on my new car and i think it should be a bartcop.com sticker.
 so my question is where's everyone getting your stickers?!?!

 can't wait to hear.


 Travis, I've been sending them out with snail mail donations,
 but you don't need to donate to get a few.

 Idea to get Bush out
    by Brannon Wright

  Click  Here

 We all know that Bush stole the election.
 However, I have a couple ideas that may help if we were able to implement them.

Hi Bart,

I got a little dough for my birthday last month (aren't moms great?),
and am giving myself the gift of a bigger hammer.
Your site has brought me so much laughter and friendship...it's priceless.

For everything else, there's paypal.


  A documentary film about the battle for the Presidency in Florida


 I found two old USA Today newspapers in a bag and was ready to throw them out,
 but I glanced at them to see if I might've kept them intentionally.

 Paper #1, January 10, 2000 Financial section

 The Dow was up 269  to 11, 522.

 Economy watch:  A burst of hiring in retail and construction jobs helped
  keep the USA's unemployment rate at a 30-year low of 4.1 percent.

  ...just another peaceful, productive day of the Clinton Miracle.

 Paper #2, February 8, 2000 Front page

 Top Headline: Tech surge hits record yet again
  Nasdaq rockets 78 points tp 4322

 Headline: GOP assails Clinton budget, "too much spending"

 That Clinton was amazing, with his peace and prosperity

 Headline: (still on front page) Tiger Woods wins 6th in a row

 ha ha
 There's a headline we'll never see again, unless Tiger meets my demands

 Yes, those days are long gone, with the Illegal Usurper stealing his way to power

 Susan McDougal's last scheduled stop this round

 Unchained and talking

 Events: A Double Dipper for Seattle

 Borders Seattle on Fourth Avenue, WEDNESDAY February 12, 2003, 12:30 PM
 Elliott Bay Books in Seattle on South Main Street, WEDNESDAY February 12, 2003, 5:30 PM

 For the price of a bus or a subway ride, you can meet a woman in the history books,
 and she's in the history books for all the right reasons..

 A few years from now, when the Rush/FOX/GOP media monopoly crumbles,
 and the truth once again becomes a fashionable thing to publish, people will
 remember what Susan and Julie Hiatt Steele did for this country. They might
 go down in history as the first two who said, "No!" to this madness we're in.

 Things to do in Seattle today:

Meet Susan McDougal,
buy her book,
get her autograph,
thank her for kicking Po' Kenny you-know-where
tell her Bart says "Hey."

 Desperate Times: Duck and Cover

  Click  Here


"Unless and until we can make a judgment as to whether there is
  underlying deterioration going on -- and my own judgment is I
  suspect not -- then stimulus is actually premature..."
     -- Alan Greenspan, saying tax cuts are a really bad idea

  Full Story

 From: connie mays

 Subject: your web site

 To Whom it may concern:

 Well, I talked to an FBI agent and he said your web site
 is already under surveillance since Aschcroft ordered it.
 You sound like you are in hot water and I like that.

 You can not get away with a pro-terrorist and
 subversive web site any longer.

 Connie Mays

 Connie, blow it out your ass.
 I speak for the majority of Americans, the ones who want their votes counted.

 If you can't stand to hear the truth, listen to Rush Limbaugh.

 Kurt Vonnegut vs. the !&#*!@
  My good friend Kurt does an interview

  Click  Here

 Q:  Based on what you’ve read and seen in the media, what is not being said
       in the mainstream press about Bush’s policies and the impending war in Iraq?

 A: That they are nonsense.

 Q: ...do you have any ideas for a really scary reality TV show?

 A: “C students from Yale.” It would stand your hair on end.

Marty's E! page
Nick ('Nick's Crusade') Dupree won a major victory for continued home care services
Woo Hoo! Go Nick!
A complete list of Oscar nominees
The universe's fate is to expand forever
American Stranger will be on satellite (& online) 
on the John McMullen Show at 7pm (est) - tonight

Clinton & the Arkansas Symphony
New memorial for Jimi Hendrix in Seattle
The Simpson's 300th episode
Pepsi boycott averted (and I'm grateful)
Willow Bay (Iger's wife) is gone from CNN
'The Other Ones' are now 'The Dead'
Rand McNally filed for Chapter 11
Ted Turner thinks Connie Chung is awful
("Murder by Mercedes?"
She should be banned for life for Poviching the news)
Warhol at the Bellagio in Vegas
BartCop! Come to Vegas!  BartCop! Come to Vegas!
Keith O is back at NBC for the Olympics


 If we had a little more of this  we could get one of these 

 and then we could ..and cause great  for the Tool-in-Thief.

 Since we're the majority, the left, we might even end up with President BartCop (shudder)
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"We have the big Westminster Dog Show in New York this week.
  Usually the only thing rolling over and playing dead in town is the Knicks.
  Dogs from all over the world are here – except for the French Poodles and
  the German Sheppards. They are both refusing to participate.

 There was already some controversy with the dog show.
 They disqualified a Yorkshire terrier. Turns out it was just a blow-dried rat.

 It's fashion week and the Westminster Dog Show going on this week.
 I tell you, the city has been overrun by temperamental bitches.

 Iraq Adventure Helps bin Laden
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The sudden reappearance of Osama bin Laden is suspiciously timed—particularly because
 the Bush administration’s allegations of cooperation between Al Qaeda and Baghdad are so
 wispy and unconvincing. If the report of a new statement from Mr. bin Laden is accurate,
 it is reasonable to wonder whether the Al Qaeda chief might be eager to provoke warfare
 that will enhance his prestige in the Arab world and attract more recruits to his movement.

  a pound of God's Chocolate

 She'll never forget the guy who remembered the South's Finest Chocolate.

 Note: The South's Finest Chocolate's page is down, and Valentine's Day is FRIDAY.
                 Call them at  (865) 522-2049  and be King of the World on February 14th.

 From: Jeff


 Every time I'm about to send you a donation, you go back to blaming Nader.

 ha ha
 I'm getting one of these a day, now.
"I was gonna, ...but now I ain't, and here's why...".

 And why didn't you Dems get out and vote in the Midterms?
 Because you KNOW that your candidates are fake, lazy, and weak.

 I can't argue with the truth.

 The GREENS are not going to change.
 In fact, we got more votes than ever in the last midterms.

 So you helped Bush again.
 I wish you'd stop that..

 Keep up the mostly good work...

 Jeff (Green voter since 1992)

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