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Volume 996 - America the cowboy

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Tuesday    February 11, 2003 


"I believe in prayer. I pray. I pray for strength,
  I pray for guidance, I pray for forgiveness."
     -- The Tool in Chief, lying his ass off in a room full of preachers, 02/06/03

 Tell the truth, George.
 You pray for Iraq's oil. You pray for power.
 You pray for money. You pray for verbal skills.

 Top Economists Blast Bush Tax-Cut Proposal
  10 Nobel laureates say Bush's plan blows serious donkey

  Click  Here

 Economists led by 10 Nobel laureates attacked Bush's $695 million tax-cut, arguing that it
 fails to address the problems facing the U.S. economy and will add to long-term budget deficits.

"Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz told the BBC's World Business Report that
 Mr. Bush's plans were "fiscal madness, fiscal irresponsibility".

 Bush's tax plan is a joke on the poor and middle class.
 It rewards the already super-rich and penalizes the poor and the middle class.

 If we want to get the economy moving again, we'd adopt The BartCop Tax Plan
 which puts $3000 in the hands of every working couple, $6000 if two kids are working
 and it's only 20 percent of the cost of Bush's bullshit giveaways for the rich.

 What's in the way?
 Bush isn't about helping American families - he's about getting more billions for the B.F.E.E.
 That's why they stole the election, so they could steal from the Social Security fund.


"You always have a sense with him that he's going to do his best, but that ultimately,
  Bush believes it's according to Thy will, not mine. It makes him brave.
  It makes him confident that if you do the right thing, the right thing will succeed."
    --David Frum, former White House speechwriter

 He's confirming that Bush is not sane.
 Bush thinks the Invisible Cloud Being wants him to have Iraq's oil and
 his single-minded obsession with murdering Saddam is endangering tha planet.

 Our allies aren't with us and we're now hated all over the world
 Bush has been the most effective recruiting tool Al Qaeda has ever had.
 Bush is proving that what Osama said was true, that America wants to destroy Arab countries.

 If Saddam feels cornered and launches a dirty bomb against Israel, does anyone think
 Ariel Sharon will NOT retaliate?  He's already demonstrated that he doesn't care what
 the Bush boy thinks - he's going to do what he's going to do - more religious insanity.

 Will this war end with a mushroom?
 Or many, many mushrooms?

 Iraq Grants Visas to Human Shields
 Welcome to the Titanic, Ladies and Gentlemen

  Click  Here

 50 Western anti-war activists received visas Tuesday to enter Iraq where they plan
 to form "human shields" in an effort to deter a possible U.S.-led attack on the Arab state.

 The volunteers said in the Turkish capital they hoped their presence and the possibility
 of Western casualties would encourage [Bush] to re-think plans to bomb Baghdad.

 Bush doesn't think about things, so why would anyone expect him to re-think anything?
 I wish I was wrong - I wish Bush had a heart or a brain or a conscience, but he doesn't.

 Ron Reagan Junior used to say: "Once my father has made up his mind about something,
 no amount of facts can make him change it."  Bush is the same way.  He makes decisions
 like a ten year old boy at Neverland Ranch and he doesn't look back. I mean - why should he?
 "God's divine hand" is guiding Bush - what's to reconsider?

 I hope these suicides are not televised.


"Ashcroft raised the nation’s terror alert from yellow to orange.
  Or as they call it when they explain it to Bush – changing from Bert to Ernie."

 McDougal is writing a wrong
   by Nicole Brodeur in the Seattle Times

  Click  Here

 Theories abounded. Susan McDougal's favorite: She was in love with Bill Clinton.

 It makes her laugh that Kenneth Starr believed she would serve18 months for civil contempt
 to protect a man she hardly knew. And how he even dispatched an attractive male attorney
 to try to break her silence.

"Only a man would think that would work," she said.

 ha ha


"Why can’t you share your bed?
  The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone...
  It’s very charming. It’s very sweet. It’s what the whole world should do.”
      -- Michael Jackson, 44, on why he sleeps with several children not his own

 TIME Magazine (granted, they can't be trusted) did a thing on Bush's
 plan to cut taxes on dividends.  (I wonder if he knows what that means?)
 Will this proposal help people like you and me? The Tool-in-Chief says so.
 These figures are from TIME's Feb 3 issue.

 As you can see, the  average  tax cut to these people is $4.300,000
 The super-rich gete theirs, and Mike & Betty (that's you & me) get three dollars.

 THIS is what Bush is doing to America.(Plus the war, the terrorism, tearing up the Constitution etc)
 You and I will get three dollars, and his super-rich contributors and the oil companies are getting
 the millions that we are forced to borrow and passing those big bills to our children.

This is insane!

 Why don't the Democrats stand up?  They should go on Meet the Whore and tell Russert,
"This is insane! We are borrowing money to give
  the rich Nike guy $14,000,000  ...f-ing  why?"

 Why are the Democrats silent on this?
 What's preventing them from speaking out?
 What's preventing them from doing their jobs?
 Why won't they do the jobs they were hired to do?

 Please - don't give any money to the DNC until they earn it.
 If you get a questionaire asking for money and they ask what issues are important to you,
 tell them to stand up like men and do their goddamn jobs ...and then you'll donate.


"I think we're watching the crumbling of a dynasty of liberalism and socialism.
  I've said for the longest time, the left's kooks are becoming their mainstream,
  the left's kooks are who define them - and these people are whacked out.”
     --Rush, the lying vulgar Pigboy, saying the opposite of what's true

 Limbaugh, Coulter, Drudge and Mancow have become "mainstream.".
 Their heroes are Randy Weaver, David Koresh, Linda Tripp and Bob Jones.

 The Eureka Lady beats up Bart

  Click  Here


Susan spoke at the Barnes and Noble in L.A. (The Grove) to perhaps 100 people, 5 Bartcoppers included.
She looked fabulous by the way.  She was an articulate, intelligent, compassionate speaker.
She gave a brief synopsis of the Starr saga and her experiences in women's prisons.
She teared up twice when describing the women in prison and the conditions under which they live.
She's a  very real and caring person.  I could feel how deeply she cares about this issue.

She brought up a couple of  her lawyers for a brief spiel each and they spoke glowingly of her
selflessness and how she was more inclined to talk about the plights of the other women.
She touched briefly on how Jim McDougal made a deal with Starr, lied, and died in jail anyway.

She took questions and answered all beautifully. She talked about Ken Starr as a persecutor
as opposed to a prosecutor. She touched on true Christian behavior as opposed to the sanctimonious
judging done by Starr and the right. She is such a gracious lady and has such lovely manners.
She signed books for a long time. Her sister told me she hadn't yet eaten as she can't before
these events and that she was going to take her out for a meal afterwards.

I brought Bartcop stickers with me.  I gave one to her sister, Paula.  I was seated next to Paula
during Susan's speech.  I gave one to Susan to hold for the pics... and to keep.  I told her about you.
....she had heard of you she knows about you and said everywhere she goes we show up.  I said we
were there because of you.  She said we should have a get together with you and all of us at a
Bartfest in L.A.  It  sure sounds to me as if she's game.

                      Susan's sister Paula

It was a joy to meet her and we did say "Hey from Bart" and that she is our hero!!!!!


Panda, thanks for that and double thanks for the pictures

 Dueling Quotes

"The inspectors are now free to use the American U-2s
   as well as French and Russian planes."
      -- Mo al-Douri, Iraqi UN ambassador, 02/11/03

"The bottom line is the president is interested in disarmament.
   This does nothing to change that."
    -- White House statement brushing aside the Iraqi concession

 Of course this changes nothing.
 Bush doesn't want a settlement - he has to have a war.
 How else can he steal that Iraqi oil without a war?

 Susan McDougal's last scheduled stop this round

 Unchained and talking
 Events: A Double Dipper for Seattle

 Borders Seattle on Fourth Avenue, WEDNESDAY February 12, 2003, 12:30 PM
 Elliott Bay Books in Seattle on South Main Street, WEDNESDAY February 12, 2003, 5:30 PM

 For the price of a bus or a subway ride, you can meet a woman in the history books,
 and she's in the history books for all the right reasons..

 A few years from now, when the Rush/FOX/GOP media monopoly crumbles,
 and the truth once again becomes a fashionable thing to publish, people will
 remember what Susan and Julie Hiatt Steele did for this country. They might
 go down in history as the first two who said, "No!" to this madness we're in.

 Things to do in Seattle Wednesday:

Meet Susan McDougal,
buy her book,
get her autograph,
thank her for kicking Po' Kenny you-know-where
tell her Bart says "Hey."


“What does this say about American pop culture that when I say that
  the Iraqis have allowed U2 over-flights, I get e-mail from people
  wondering if Bono has been allowed to fly over the country.”
    --Rush, the lying Pigboy

 Rush, it proves you have the stupidest audience in America. You don't even care about politics.
 You're so disinterested in politics, you never even bothered to get your fat ass off the couch and
 vote for Ronald Reagan. But you saw that you could make money by leading the ditto-monkeys
 into ignorance, intolerance and racism and that choice made you a very wealthy man. stop whining and complaining about how stupid your listeners are.

 Night in the big city

 We decided to do an OKC thing.
 It's only 90 miles away, but we hadn't been there in 10 years
 except for the times we drove thru it going to Las Vegas.

 First thing we hit the TITANIC Exhibit, so I can stay married.
 It was good, better than the 1999 Titanic Exhibit at The Rio Hotel and Casino.

 It was your usual, really good Titanic exhibit, but in this version they added sounds
 and varying temperatures to the experience and that made it tons more realistic.

 When we walked thru First Class, it was warm and quiet.
 When we walked thru Second Class, it was colder and noisier.
 In steerage, it was as cold as Laura's heart the day her mother died,
 and it was louder than a Kathy Lee sweat shop on Puerto Rican Independence Day.
 The Boiler Room, where the "Black gang" shoveled coal, was loud and hot.

 They closed with a super dark room where you could see all the stars.
 One wall was a giant block of ice shaped like a North Atlantic 'berg
 They invited the crowd to put their hands on the ice, then you read that the water
 the T sunk in was just 28 degrees, because salt water freezes lower than the temp of ice.

 Made you reeeeeel glad you were standing in the dusty plains of Oklahoma...
 So, I gave at an A- because the girls weren't that cute.
 We headed to the hotel to get ready for our 6 O'clock.
 Check me out - Intenet Hotel Rate Sleuth Boy.
 I got us a room at the NW/OKC Hilton for $69.
 You east & west coasters can't imagine how far a dollar goes in the Heartland.

 We had time, so she wanted to watch a pay movie on TV.
 (Mrs. Bart loves any kind of "charge it to my room" stuff.)

 She decided on "The Banger Sisters," starring Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon,  which I
 was OK with because it's about exactly what the name implies, but they weren't really sisters.
 They were known for "rattling" every rock group that came thru LA during their time period,
 which was confusing because it was 2002 and they kept talking about Jim Morison and
 Country Joe and the Fish 20 years ago, but my good Catholic math put it at 30 years or more.

 In a few years, Kate Hudson's kids will watch Grandma in a big hit movie where she
 told Geoffery Rush that she was a ":handjob specialist," and then she "rattled" him.

 Bottom line - it could've been a movie as big as anything, because most of us
 have a few early stories that we'd like to keep away from our children, right?
 Even great-grandma had some wild sexual encounters from the 30's.

 All the promise this movie had was wasted.
 Towards the end, Sarandon (the straight one) has to face her bewildered kids while she was drunk,
 high, dressed like a party girl with pictures of famous penises they'd had strewn all over the floor.

 They switch to a cemetary scene and when they come back, the older girl is graduating
 and both kids have learned their lesson and the movie was suddenly over.

 They were missing an entire scene!  What turned the girls around?
 They just found out Mom was no Pickles Bush, but instead she was a druggie-groupie who
 banged Jim Morrison, so they suddenly decided to study harder and graduate with honors?
 That makes sense?

 For $50, I would've written them a 3 minute scene that explained why the girls turned on a dime
 and that would've made the movie tons more real, but nooooooooooooo.

 Coming up on six o'clock, it was time to meet our host, Oklahoma Bob, and grab some grub.
 He drove us downtown, past the OKC Bombing Memorial, which we saw from the car.

 After that, he took us to Bricktown, where we ate at Mickey Mantle's.  I almost fainted
 when I saw the prices, but it was cold and Mrs. Bart hates walking around at night in the cold wind,
 so we decided to stay.  This was a real fancy place, so I asked Cubby if they had a tequila list.

 He said no, but they did have Jose Cuervo and Patron Silver.  Yuck City!
 So I ordered a shot of Wild Turkey - they understand whiskey in most places.

 Cubby told us the day's specials, all of which included mussels and a bernaise sauce
 soaked in white wine with super-hot black pepper that would choke Paul Harvey.
 We got a steak (great) and a baked potatoe* (best ever).

 Afterwards we had a nightcap at the hotel - again, no tequila, so I got
 a shot of Maker's Mark, or as James Carville calls it, "Makaz Mock."
 Great dinner, great conversation - it was a great night out - thanks Bob.

 I've never done one of these before, and only agreed to do this one because Bob
 is a BartCop pillar who drove to DC for Juliefest and drove to Las Vegas for BartFest.

 We woke up Sunday morning to find Oklahoma had 4-10 inches of snow.
 Of course, by Monday we had the air-conditioner going - Oklahoma has crazy weather.
 There's a famous Will Rogers quote: "If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma,
 go to hell because the weather never changes there."

 Thanks again, Bob.

We read  every day.
You should too, or something bad will happen.

Marty's E! page
The great Michael Dare
The Razzie nominees
Oscar nominees
Clooney & the dumbing of TV
Stan Lee & Ben Affleck
Dell Dude busted with drugs
The Stones playing China
Tequila flooded sewers in Kentucky
Woo Hoo!
Lisa Marie Presley's first album is coming out
Does she have her Daddy's pipes?
Shakespeare's Globe Theater is coming



"It's unfortunate that they are in stark disagreement with the rest of their NATO allies.
  They're three countries. There are 19 countries in NATO. So it's 16-3. I think it's a mistake,
  and what we have to do for the United States is make sure that that planning does go forward,
  preferably within NATO but if not bilaterally or multiple bilaterals...the planning's going to go
  forward outside of NATO if necessary."
   --  Rummy,  Pentagon briefing, 02/11/03

 Translation:  No power on Earth can stop this war.
                       If the planet were to begin to crack, Bush will still start his war.
                       If the moon went out of its orbit, Bush will still start his war.
                       If the Pope joined the human shields, Bush will still start his war.
                       If Mars attacks, Bush will still start his war.

                       I wish those human shields understood that.
                       Don't people understand anything about the male sex drive?

 If we had a little more of this  we could get one of these 

 and then we could ..and cause great  for the Tool-in-Thief.

 Since we're the majority, the left, we might even end up with President BartCop (shudder)
 Help make BartCop Radio a now thing, rather than a someday thing.

 We gotta have some  quid  to make that happen.
 Help Bart get enough  quid  to start the Radio Treehouse.

 Think of me as Joan of Arc on tequila.
 Let's start the revolution today!

 Is  worth $5 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to get BartCop Radio sooner rather than later


"Welcome to the show! I gotta tell you, last night’s audience was a rough crowd.
  They were so ugly and nasty, Colin Powell linked them to al-Qaeda"

  a pound of God's Chocolate

 She'll never forget the guy who remembered the South's Finest Chocolate.

 Note: The South's Finest Chocolate's page is down, and Valentine's Day is FIVE days away
                 Call them at  (865) 522-2049  and be King of the World on February 14th.


"The California weather has been great. It was so nice at the Neverland Ranch,
   the kids could be seen jumping up and down in a pile of hush money."
      --Craig Kilborn  shut Down!
  Stifling the Voice of Reason

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 Websites which host alternative views, and/or views that contradict U.S. foreign policy
 are no longer tolerated on the Internet and are systematically coming under hacker attack
 and political pressures to "relocate."

 Thanks to Marc Perkel and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

 We got real lucky when we hooked up with them.
 They'll defend BartCop Radio, too.
 Trust me - it'll come under attack.

 Thanks to Pete Fascistan

Ask not...
 what the greedy, nose-picking simpleton can do for America.

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