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Volume 995 - America the arrogant

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 Monday    February 10, 2003 


"Events aren't moved by blind change and chance. Behind all of life and all of history,
  there's a dedication and purpose, set by the hand of a just and faithful God."
    -- President Tool, National Prayer Breakfast, Washington D.C., 02/07/03

 Is this why Bush takes month-long vacations?
 Because what's gonna happen is what's gonna happen?
 Is that the "mentality" that allowed 9-11 to happen, because it was "in God's hand?"

 We've got to move away from religious insanity and move toward science and logic.
 It would also be nice if we could move away from heartless, brainless and very
 greedy sons of bitches stealing their way into power so they can try to control us

 Bush accelerates his war on the world

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 Many fine, decent, honest and patriotic Americans seem to think that George W Bush is a strong,
 determined leader who's bellicose cries for War on the so-called "Axis of Evil" is because he really
 cares about the freedom and security of the American people. Unfortunately, they are being seriously
deluded by an Administration hell bent to install a domestic police state so they can pursue an empirical,
 militaristic foreign policy designed to insure a global Pax Americana.

 On the Domestic scene, the Justice Department has plans to increase the powers of the Patriot Act
 with  new legislation that will drastically increase their powers. Termed by some as "Patriot Act II :
 The Nullification of the Bill of Rights", it is a chilling, Orwellian document that allows John Ashcroft,
 an unrepentant Christian Reconstructionist, unlimited authoritarian powers.


"I've seen presidents in the past who wear religion on their sleeve as a political gesture,
  but that's not what we're seeing here. Bush has made it clear he feels that Providence
  intervened to change his life, and now he is somehow an instrument of Providence."
   --David Gergen, who worked for Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton

 This is really scary stuff - that Bush thinks God is behind his dangerous motives.
 I mean, if God tells him to nuke North Korea, Iraq and San Francisco, Bush doesn't
 have the brains or the guts to tell God "No." He'll do what the voices tell him.

   Fix!  Fix!  Fix!
  9/11 panel hiring Bush shills

  Click  Here

 A recent report by Time magazine said two of the Democrats on the commission
 were pushing for an "aggressive probe that will include testimony from top Bush
 administration officials."  But Hamilton (Mole-BFEE payroll) was adamant that
 the inquiry would not seek, as he put it, to "put (anyone's) head on a pike."

"The focus of the commission will be on the future," he said.
 We're not interested in trying to assess blame, we do not
 consider that part of the commission's responsibility."

 The fix is in.
 I think Lee Hamilton works for the BFEE - he has for decades.
 Check your history books - it was Hamilton who decided NOT to pursue
 Iran-Contra after taking the Republican's word that Reagan and Bush were
 totally innocent and there was nothing to investigate.

 We can expect another whitewash with Hamilton on the commission.
 I mean, why do you think Bush chose him?
 Because he's a loyal and friendly "team player."

 Like always, Bush has the end fixed before it starts.

  Excellent article from consortiumnews.com 
 Trust Colin Powell?
  The key is to lie first.

  Click  Here

 The U.S. news media (and the Democrats) couldn't heap enough praise on
 Colin Powell's Iraq war presentation to the UN. But there are two historical
 precedents that should give pause:  one about Powell's trustworthiness and
 the other about a prior U.S. case to the UN that proved to be a fabrication.


"Prior to 9-11, there was apparently no connection between a place like Iraq and terror.
  There were concerns about terrorists in Iraq, but no fear about a threat to the American homeland.
  We were confident that two oceans could protect us from harm."
   -- The geography president, who apparently has promoted The Mediterranean to "ocean."

 Last day for this link!


 Be sure and hit "Continue" about 25 times - it's great!

 Rummy to ask for more billions

  Click  Here

 Rummy told a Congressional panel today that the administration would soon request
 additional billions to fight terrorism and for any conflict with Iraq. Rumsfeld told the
 committee that sending forces for a possible war had already cost $2.1 billion and
 that the Pentagon was spending $1.5 billion a month to fight terrorism.

 They're stealing that money!

  Cheney, Rummy and Unka Dick were making megamillions each year.
  You think they gave all that up for some patriotic public service?

 The B.F.E.E. and Carlyle and Halliburton now have the biggest cash cow in all of history.
 Take every dollar stolen by the Romans, Gengis Kahn, Napoleon, John Dillinger, Kenneth Lay
 Al Capone, the five New York mob families, plus every bet in the history of Las Vegas and
 multiply it by 10,000 and it still won't come close to what the B.F.E.E. is doing to our Treasury,
 and soon to any country in the world with usable raw materials (Read: oil).

 Who's going to stop them?
 The senate Democrats?
 Don't make me fucking laugh.

 This war will never end because they don't know the meaning of "enough money."
 They can't say where the money is going because that would "Help terra," so they're
 pocketing hundreds of millions for every billion "spent on the war."

 ...and all we can do is lie here and take it.

 Not true, Bart.
 We can help Dubya by voting with him
 on each and every appropriations bill.
 He's our very best president ever!


"It's another attempt cheat and retreat. We have seen this
  game with Iraq many times before, throughout the '90s."
   -- Condi Rice on Face the Whore, blaming Clinton again even though Bush 41 created
       Saddam and left him in power when we already had the troops and equipment over there


 My buddy who was on the floor for the Philly Stones show I saw told me
 when they took their final bow, Charlie Watts's false teeth fell out on the floor.

 Ron Wood pointed at them and laughed his ass off.
 Charlie picked them up and put them back in.

 Rude Rich

 The Secret Diary of President George W. Bush

  Click  Here

 Dear Diaree; this waiting is brutal.
 War is so close I can taste it and it tastes good. War tastes like a fresh Angus burger
 just off the grill and onto the bun with lots of mustard, ketchup and pickles. Yum!
 Those Iraqi bastards won't know what hit them. Dickers says I get to authoritize using
 that new bunker buster bomb that is really a 'you-know-what.'  Can't wait to see that
 on CNN.   Donny says that it will make Herosheema look like Cinco de Mayo.


"Basically most of the groups I speak at are conservative. Democrats can't afford me.
  Conservatives love to hear that, it makes them feel rich. I make them laugh. Then they pay me."
   --Al Franken, NWU Chicago, 02/07/03, who I heard gets $30K per appearance

 Susan McDougal's West Coast schedule

 Unchained and talking

 Barnes & Noble in Emeryville (in the East Bay), MONDAY February, 10, 7:00 PM
 Borders Seattle on Fourth Avenue, WEDNESDAY February 12, 2003, 12:30 PM
 Elliott Bay Books in Seattle on South Main Street, WEDNESDAY February 12, 2003, 5:30 PM

 Go and meet Susan, buy her book, get her autograph,
 tell he she's a hero, and tell her Bart says "Hey."

 Getting Away With? Well, Everything
     by Houston Wade

  Click  Here

 Now that the congress is solidly Republican they see no problem with
 the Executive Branch getting away with what could be one of the most
 heinous and brazen crimes in history. Crimes that may have already led
 us to one war in Afghanistan and is setting our footing for a second in Iraq;
 all of this in less than two years.

 Bartcop is the greatest site!

 Just wondering, though, what BFEE stands for.
 I figure it must be something like 'Bush Family something something',
 but I'm just wondering what the two somethings are.


 Ed, you are correct!
 It's the Bush Family Evil Empire

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"Look, if Hussein were to make a threat or flaunt his weapons -- like, say, North Korea --
  let's drop the first bomb on his head. But we're on the verge of starting World War III
  without having gotten close to last resorts, and without having discussed whether such a
  war puts us in greater danger, rather than less. I don't care how many canisters Powell
  can point to in a photograph. What I still want to know is why now, why Iraq,  how will
  we pay for it, why are we in such a hurry, and what will it cost each and every one of us?"
     --Steve Lopez, Our Rush to War in Iraq May Backfire, latimes.com

 If we had a little more of this  we could get one of these 

 and then we could and cause great  for the Tool-in-Thief.
 Since we're the majority, the left, we might even end up with President 

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 Iraq is a Diversion from the Bush Recession

 The idea of more military mite being assembled to invade Iraq is a diversion
 to keep voters' minds off the Bush recession.

 Everyday voters are reminded of the Bush administration's position that time is
 running out for Saddam to comply or face a U.S.-led military invasion.

 We know what the Bush Administration trying to do. They are just stringing this out,
 hoping the Bush recession will just go away. Their biggest fear is that Saddam will
 comply completely with the weapons inspectors thus ending any chance of conflict.
 Without a conflict with weak Iraq, the voters will focus like a laser beam on Bush's
 failed economic policies.

 The Bush administration can't afford to have voters come to realize that we have a
 record budget deficit, record unemployment, record losses on Wall Street, record
 incidents of corporate corruption, a record crime rate, record homelessness, Also,
 without all the attention on Iraq, it won't be long for voters to start asking what ever
 happened to Bin Laden? Whatever happened to Ken Lay, the guy who single handedly
 wrote this Administration's energy policy? Where's the commission report on 911,
 as far as what did this Administration know and when did they know it?

 So it becomes obvious that this Administration can't ever let up on the saber rattling
 against the most evil person to have ever inhabited this planet, Saddam Hussein.
 If they ever did, they would be unable to answer any of the aforementioned questions.

 Jim in Rochester, MI

 Click and learn how we can help you win!

  a pound of God's Chocolate

 She'll never forget the guy who remembered the South's Finest Chocolate.

 Note: The South's Finest Chocolate's page is down, and Valentine's Day is FIVE days away
                 Call them at  (865) 522-2049  and be King of the World on February 14th.


"The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights grants the American people the right
  to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.  The rights are the same for the
  average citizen as they are for the politicians who are sworn to protect them.
  If "President" Bush wants to ignore a bishop in his own church and urge Americans
  to pray for, among other things, a war on Iraq--that's fine.

 If Sen. Biden--ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee--
 wants to praise Colin Powell for making an "irrefutable case before the Security
 Council" despite the fact that both British intelligence and the FBI and CIA don't
 believe Powell's claims--that's fine.

 More at http://www.michaelmoore.com/

 What are they paying Biden to play ball with them?
 Is Biden moving into a new job with The Carlyle Group, too?
 Why can't Biden act like a Democrat, and represent his party and his constituents?


"I stand with the Germans and French to block Bush's war with Iraq."
   -- Bad Vlad Putin, George's "soul mate"

 Great Britain says NO to war with Iraq
  Between 750,000 and one million expected Saturday
  Will the story make the pro-Bush American media?

  Click  Here

 'Even the police, who are notoriously conservative, admit that this will be the largest gathering
 of people in London since VE  Day in 1945,' said Andrew Burgen, of the Stop The War Coalition.

 'This is the most serious issue facing the country and on the course of war Blair has been unable
  to persuade the electorate. He may carry on for a while but his political capital is spent.'

 Tony don't need no stinking political capital.
 He's got a job with the Carlyle Group. He's a billionaire walking.

Worst Resort Name Ever

Minnow shots?
What's that? Cuervo with a wiggle going down?

Thanks to Carol's sharp eyes...


“It is nuts, stone-cold nuts. And they’re not nuts, and they’re not stupid. They’re
  smart people, and they know what we know, that the deficit will explode when
  federal expenditures peak. And that’s when I had this revelation: the only rationale
  for what they’re doing is that they plan to fundamentally gut Social Security and Medicare.”
  -- Kent Conrad, ranking Democrat on the Senate Budget Committee,
      reacting to President George W. Bush’s budget.

 I wish I had a staff, because I think Conrad voted for all of Bush's budgets so far.
 What's changed, Kent?

 On a diet?
  Lose a half pound in less than a minute.
  Read what the 13-year old swore to, as seen on  thesmokinggun.com

 He said, he said:

 What Michael said:
 "When you say 'bed,' you're thinking sexual. It's not sexual,
   we're going to sleep. I tuck them in...It's very charming, it's very sweet."

 What the 13-year old swore to:
"Michael Jackson rubbed up against me in bed.
  The next step is we would lie on top of each other with erections.
  Michael Jackson then masturbated in front of me.
  He masturbated me many times with his hand and with....."

  It gets a lot worse.

Ask not
 ...what the Bush Family, Halliburton and Carlyle Group can do for America.

 Ask what America can do for the Bush Family, Halliburton and Carlyle Group.

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