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Volume 994 - America the bully

The best filmmaker I know

 Weekend    February 8-9, 2003         A quick issue now that I'm back in town.  Full report tomorrow.


"The game is over for Saddam..."

"My patience is running thin..."

"Time is running out for Saddam..."

"this is Saddam's moment of truth..."

"Tired of this old movie..."

 It's a good thing President Weak and Stupid has the power of the US military behind him
 because he sounds like such a whining ninny.  Every day, he says something stupid to the effect that,
 "Saddam had better listen up and listen good, Pilgrim."

 He's having fun playing John Wayne.  He sees America's armed forces as his personal toys,
 but he doesn't seem to grasp that real lives will be lost while he's entertaining himself.

 He reminds me most of Secret Agent Maxwell Smart.

"Would you believe you have until Friday at noon?
  No? Would you believe you have until two weeks from Wednesday?
  How about six weeks from the first Tuesday in October?"

 Oh well, at least he's not on his knees begging Saddam like he did with China.

 I never - ever - ever - ever - ever - ever thought I'd live long enough to see
 a US president begging a communist country, saying "We're so very, very sorry for letting you
 shoot our spy plane out of the air. ...we're so sorry - by the way, ...do they have Bibles?"

 Is that why we pay trillions of dollars every year to maintain the world's only superpower?
 So a wimpy Mama's boy can get on his knees and beg the bully not to take his lunch money?
 Imagine - sending your kid to karate class for a dozen years, and then you find out he's been
 paying the retarded school bully $10 a pop not to kick his ass every day of the school year.

 Imagine Clinton on his knees, begging China for forgiveness,
 apologizing for their acts of war like the moronic Bush boy did.

 But, since he's the unelected rich kid who has never worked a day in his life, the uber hawks
 have forgiven him and will probably try to name the Pentagon after his fraudulent, bullshit ass.

 Bush/Ashcroft in huge new power grab
  Patriot Act II destroys a lot more freedom than Patriot Act I

  Click  Here

Generally increases powers under Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
"Wartime" emergency FISA wiretaps won't require declaration of war (103)
New "domestic security surveillance" powers (123)
Easier for government to get credit reports (126)
New "we ask, you can't tell" subpoena powers (128)
More secrecy about government detainees (201)
Return of "use crypto in a felony" sentence enhancement (404)
New Ashcroft power to declare aliens removable as "danger to national security" (503)

 It's as though bin Laden is pulling the strings on the never-elected puppet, getting him
 to destroy America from within, just as they always predicted it would happen.

 Isn't this exactly what America's Founding Fathers were trying to prevent?
 Why have a Constitution if Bush/Ashcroft can just ignore it?

 ...and of course, the Republicans will follow the B.F.E.E. in brown-booted goosestep,
 the press will praise him as the most wise and courageous leader in all of history,
 the courts will bend over for the right-wing like they've been doing since Ken Starr
 and Ted Olson tried to unseat Clinton, the last legally elected president America had,
 and the Democrats will line up to give Bush more Monica and it all makes me f-ing sick.

 Our last hope is that a patriotic Republican will raise his voice.


"You don't hope that therapy will somehow change his evil mind. "
    --Dubya, trying his best to threaten Iraq

 What about the Iraqi translators?

 Saddam: Tell me what he said ...exactly, or I will behead you and boil your family in oil.

 Translator: I swear to Allah, he said a bunch of crappola that doesn't make any sense.

 Saddam: the America dog wants to kill me! What did his latest words mean?

 Translator: It beats the hell out of me!

 Saddam: No, I beat the hell out of you, then disembowel you and scalp your wife.

 Translator: But he said, "You don't hope that therapy will somehow change his evil mind. "

 Saddam: So what do those words mean?

 Translator: Sir, ...Your Excellency...he, ...he uses a language that nobody else can understand.
                    He said something about wishing that therapy would not help those who were sick

 Saddam: But that makes no fucking sense...

 Translator: Please don't kill me.

 Saddam: ha ha, you sound just like Karla Faye Tucker in Texas. Bush giggled and mocked her
                after he murdered her, to demonstrate his power over the others. I must be tougher
                and more heartless than my enemy if I expect to defeat him in glorious battle.

 Translator: Please don't kill me.

 Saddam: ha ha,     Bring me the American baseball bat, and prepare his wife.


 Subject:  Gore 2000

 Hey, Bart Cop, what is your day job????

 I'm in the financial sector.

 Why, I voted for Nader:  NAFTA, NTR for CHINA,

 I'm not a priest, but I can forgive you if you're truly sorry..

 Yes, the economy is shit, well thats what happens when american
 workers get to compete against Chinese and Mexican workers.
 The Plants Close in the USA and reopen in Mexico and China.

 Thanks a lot
 Clinton/ Gore

 Clinton/Gore, not sure what you're getting at.   Under Clinton,
 we competed with China and Mexico and there was a shortage of jobs.
 If you're trying to use NAFTA as a way of saying Clinton's performance
 was less than stellar, you're talking to the wrong nation.

 We'd give anything to go back to the Clinton years.

 U.S. Will Not File Appeal in Cheney Lawsuit
  Cheney-Enron win another secrecy victory

  Click  Here

 The GAO has decided not to appeal a federal judge's dismissal of its lawsuit
 seeking records of Cheney's energy task force, a GAO spokesman said on Friday

 One of the reason cited was lack of funding.
 Ain't that a hoot?

 The B.F.E.E. has bankrupted America, so we can't afford to investigate B.F.E.E. crimes.
 But with Clinton, we had hundreds of billions of surplus dollars, so they could afford
 700 FBI agents to comb thru Arkansas looking for greedy trailer trash street walkers
 instead of checking on bin Laden's activities, the sons of bitches.

Kill them!
Kill anyone who tries to check up on what we're doing!
That oil's been promised to me and Dick will deliver!
It's mine, dammit, I earned it!
We're going to war - I want my oil!


 I love your site, just played the cartoon and thought
 it was pretty right on....scary as hell too!

Keep up the good work.



 If you haven't seen this, you really ought to go there.
 Be sure and hit "Continue" about 25 times - it's great!

 $83 fugly painting is a Van Gogh

 A staffer of Shinwa Art Auction places a painting of a peasant woman before bidders
 during an auction in Tokyo, Feb. 8, 2003. The painting, valued at $83) days ago by the
 Japanese art house, was purchased for $55,000 by Wood One Museum near Hiroshima
 after being identified as a previously unknown work by the great Vincent Van Gogh.

 Subject: You coming out for Edwards?

 Yo BC-

 Was that a full fledged endosement of the Edwards candidacy that you posted?
 Should we consider the Edwards candidacy Bartcop Endorsed?

 I'll come out for whoever will fight the crooked bastards of the B.F.E.E. the hardest.
 I don't care if it's Al Sharpton - I want somebody to stand up and say, "Stop, goddammit!"

 If your not already there, I think you'll probably wind up in Edwards' camp.
 He lives for the courtroom and loves a good PR battle with a crooked corporation.
 He was weaned on political battles with ruthless corporations and always had to
 play it out in front of Carolina Juries (ie the American Electorate).

 He lives for the high stakes version of the Ditto Monkey Challenge.
 I think he's your boy, Bart.

 Sure, Edwards is the front-runner in my book for now, but will he fight?
 Or will he do like Gore and promise to fight, then lay down?

 Plus, Dean has a lot of appeal on a lot of fronts and his biographical similarities to
 President Bartlett will get him a lot of free media. He'll do well in Iowa and NH
 and I can see him being the kind of flavor of the week that McCain was.
 That should suck a lot of oxygen over to our side.

 Dean, unlike McCain, would also be pleased as punch to take the second slot
 on the ticket, bringing his good will and activist base with him.

 I think Smirk will be vulnerable.
 Rock on Dude


 Slab, your question is based on the premise that we'll have elections in 2004.

 Or, ...what if polls show Edwards leading Bush 60/40 and Bush/Diebold win again?

 Dave was a hoot Friday

 Friday is "cape night," where some big star comes out and helps Paul Schaffer find his way back
 from the despair and "the wilderness" of lost love, and Friday, the star was James f-ing Brown.


 James Brown on Cape!
 James Brown on Cape!
 James Brown on Cape!

 The place went ape-shit.

 They've been doing this James Brown homage for 10-12 weeks,
 and here was the man, cape in hand, coming out to rescue Paul.
 The crowd let out a hueueueuge roar when they recognized him.
 The Ed Sullivan Theater was buzzing like the old days.

 It'll certainly be a repeat (Koresh knows Dave loves his time off)
 so watch for the show with Brendan Fraser and you'll catch it.


"A tax cut is really one of the anecdotes to coming out of an economic illness."
      --Dubya,  9/18/00, too stupid to be a "Fry Captain" at Wendy's

 Susan McDougal's West Coast schedule

 Unchained and talking

 Barnes & Noble in Emeryville (in the East Bay), MONDAY February, 10, 7:00 PM
 Borders Seattle on Fourth Avenue, WEDNESDAY February 12, 2003, 12:30 PM
 Elliott Bay Books in Seattle on South Main Street, WEDNESDAY February 12, 2003, 5:30 PM

 Go and meet Susan, buy her book, get her autograph,
 tell he she's a hero, and tell her Bart says "Hey."

Smokey hates it when  bartcop.com
isn't available until Bill gets home

Marty's Sunday E! page
Roberto Benigni's 'Pinocchio' with subtitiles
750 Aussie babes get naked for 'No War' (with picture)
Liberace's place in Vegas for sale
Aimee Osbourne has jewelry
MSNBC paying Jesse Ventura $2 million
Fred Durst, Britney Spears & Colin Farrell
ABC/Michael Jackson 'special' had 27 million viewers



"'God Bless America' would be blasphemy
   if there were a god concerned with humanity."
      --Poet Marilyn Hacker

 If we had a little more of this  we could get one of these 

 and then we could and cause great  for the Tool-in-Thief.
 Since we're the majority, the left, we might even end up with President 

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 If your position on an issue is such crap, that Larry King can put you in a box
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  a pound of God's Chocolate

 Guys, ...trust me.

 She'll never forget the guy who remembered the South's Finest Chocolate.
 If you're going with some gal, and she's playing her cards "close to her vest,"
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 Note: The South's Finest Chocolate's page is down, and Valentine's Day is FIVE days away
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 White House Opinion Line on Bush's illegal oil war



"Is Bush overshadowed by Colin Powell? George Bush is so confident
  and so self-assured, he's not afraid to surround himself with people who
  are smarter than him, people with more expertise to give him good advice."
      -- Bill Schneider, formerly-honest CNN pollster, now full-time Bush toady

 ha ha

 But Bill, Bush is always the stupidest guy in the room.
 You're such a paid-for whore to suggest anything else is the truth.
 He better not have a problem being surrounded by smarter people
 because that's how it's been ever since about ...oh, ... about 1968

 Schneider is such a tool's tool.
 Four years ago, he was trying so hard to make shit about Clinton, he said,
"Clinton has so disgraced himself and his presidency, not very many
  parents are naming their children 'Bill Clinton' anymore.

  ha ha

 What a moron!

 Invisibility cloak
  by Der Voron, author of book Starcraft

  Click  Here


"I want justice. And there's an old poster out West,
  I recall, that says, 'Wanted: Dead or Alive.'"
     --Dubya, 10/17/01  - Would you let this moron paint your porch?

 Dueling Quotes

"Saddam Hussein has the motive and the means and the recklessness and the hatred
  to threaten the American people. The dictator of Iraq is making his choice."
     ----Dubya, 02/06/03 - too stupid to pour piss out of a boot.

"Smirky McWarhardon has the motive and the means and the recklessness and the hatred
  to threaten the entire world at once. The dictator of America is making his choice."
     -- BartCop, 02/09/02 - just slightly smarter than the dim-witted Bush boy

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Kill them! Kill everyone!
Under Patriot II, I don't need a reason!
Kill everyone just because I said so!
That oil's mine, dammit, I earned it!

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