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Volume 993 - Orange Alert

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 Friday    February 7, 2003 


"The United States says that after Iraq, we are next,
  but we have our own countermeasures. Pre-emptive
  attacks are not the exclusive right of the U.S."
    -- Ri Pyong Gap, of North Korea's Foreign Ministry

  Full Story

 Now look what that idiot has started.
 North Korea can attack us first, just like Smirky says WE have a right to strike others.

 Can't we do anything about this insane fool?
 Iraq is about to explode.
 North Korea is about to explode.
 The stock market has already exploded.
 Al Qaeda is about to explode something.
 Koresh knows what Israel will look like 30 days from now,

 ...and the unelected idiot is probably spending his time praying.

 Mr. President - we officially have Buyer's Remorse. We want to exchange your illegal,
 bungling boneheaded ass for the guy who won the most votes - he'll know what to do.

 Please resign so Al Gore can clean up your mess.

 UK war dossier a sham, say experts
  British 'intelligence' lifted from academic articles
  They just made stuff up to sell us their stupid oil war

  Click  Here

 Dismissing the gathering controversy as the latest example of media obsession with spin, officials
 insisted it in no way undermines the underlying truth of the dossier, whose contents had been
 re-checked with British intelligence sources. "The important thing is that it is accurate," said one source.

 "We said that it draws on a number of sources, including intelligence. It speaks for itself."

 Oh, so that means parts of it are true?

 They got caught!

 They couldn't come up with any real evidence, so they made some up!
 They got some damn term paper (some of it was before the last Bush Oil War)
 and they brought it to the UN and said, "Here is the proof!"
 But they just made it up!

 It it wasn't for the British press, we'd never know, either.
 The American whore press is protecting the Illegal Fraud.


"Bush is now suffering from a full blown credibility crisis. In the latest CNN/Gallup poll,
  about half of all Americans said they think the Bush administration would present evidence
  it knew was inaccurate. And a whopping 58 percent said Mr. Bush would even conceal
  evidence that went against his position to persuade us to go to war in Iraq. Said Mr. Bush,
  if we could have reached him for comment, I promised in the campaign I wouldn't lie about sex.
  I never said anything about war."
         --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 02/05/03

 Leaked report rejects Iraqi al-Qaeda link

  Click  Here

 There are no current links between the Iraqi regime and the al-Qaeda network,
 according to an official British intelligence report seen by BBC News.
 His [Bin Laden's] aims are in ideological conflict with present day Iraq.

Kill them!
Kill anyone who reads that fake report!
That oil's been promised to me!
It's mine, dammit, I earned it!
We're going in - link or no link!

 In you haven't heard, we're under a new, higher-level of alertness for "Terra."

 Orange Alert

 Ashcroft got out his ratchet this morning, and the first thing I thought of was:
 I sure am glad they fired those federal homosexual Islamic translators.
 One thing's for sure - we can't have some homosexual saving lives.
 We'd rather die under the undermanned but straight translators than
 go on living our lives knowing that some dang homosexual saved us.

 This is the same ditto-monkey logic that the military is accustomed to.
 They would rather their kids come home in a body bag under Reagan or Bush
 than watch their grandchildren grow up underan "immoral" Clinton administration.

 We don't want lives saved.
 We want to please the invisible cloud being and his crooked lobbyists.
 Yeah, I'm talking about Fallwell and Robertson delivering big blocks of insane votes
 if Bush makes enough insane decisions to please them.

 Religious-insanity will be the death of us.
You watch.

 Saddam To Cohost The Man Show
   by  Stephen Sacco
  Click  Here

 Bernstein said he first got the idea to team up Saddam with The Man Show when
 Saddam reportedly said to a UN weapons inspector, "Just bring over some big-breasted
 American women and I'll show you my weapon of mass destruction!"

 Star Search

 Damn, did you see Tiffany Evans Thursday night on Star Search?
 She was like a ten-year old Judy Garland having a good night.

 She not only had the voice, [she could turn on this smoky, gravel-y baritone
 and shake the rafters and a second later go high.] Not only that, but she had drama.
 Bono - look out!
 This kid is only 10, but she already knows how to put on a show.
 That Judd woman (R-witness) said she was "the best I've ever seen."
 That Stein freak (R-bastard) said he wouldn't have believed it had he not seen it.
 That Seinfeld lady was verklempt and Jessica Simpson was in tears.
 Tiffany Evans got a check for $100,000 and I think a contract with Sony.

 I thought the wrong model won, and I thought the wrong comic won.
 That black lady was ferocious, and the white guy just wasn't that funny.

Next Week: Star Search on hiatus, but CBS is giving us the 90-minute Survivor
 premier - this time it's Venus vs mars, and a 90-minute C.S.I.
 As far as Mrs Bart's concerned, this is bigger than the Super Bowl.

 Toting the Casualties of War
  Estimating Iraq's war dead gets you fired

  Click  Here

 Beth Daponte was a Commerce Dept. demographer in 1992, when she publicly contradicted
 Dich Cheney on Iraqi civilian casualties during the Gulf War. In short order, Daponte was told
 she was losing her job. She says her official report disappeared from her desk, and a new estimate,
 prepared by supervisors, greatly reduced the number of estimated civilian casualties.

 After a reporter included her estimates in a story about war casualties, her boss informed Daponte
 that she was being dismissed for releasing "false information." A Commerce spokeswoman denied
 that the cause of Daponte's firing was retribution, saying the information had been released prematurely.

 Oh well, at least the BFEE just got her fired, instead of killing her.
 You don't mess with the BFEE's when they're earning.
 It's like trying to take a doberman's newborn puppy away while it's nursing.

 Dear Bartcop

 I literally can not get through a day without logging on to your website. I will be paying  a $5
 subscribers fee monthly for your wonderful service.....I AM SORRY I can not afford more,
 you see my household expenses (gasoline, heating costs, groceries, drugs and medical) are
 sucking up more of our income and we just need a TAX BREAK.

 My heavens keep up the good work.
 Cathy in Louisville

 Cathy, if you're not super-rich, no tax break for you!
 (Sounds like the soup Nazi, doesn't it? No tax break for you!)
 Thanks for the kind words.

Marty's E! page
Bill Maher had more viewers than Jimmy Kimmel
Billy Bush says he didn't inhale
Howard Stern rest stop in New Jersey closing
Jesse Ventura got a weekday MSNBC gig
Metallica, Limp Bizkit & Linkin Park are touring, together
Adelphia cable finally welcomes Playboy
Australians are seeing the Virgin Mary in fence posts (with picture).
And, a repug congressman thinks internment camps are a good idea


 Subject:  Michael Jackson

 After watching the Michael Jackson special on ABC last night I have one question.

 Why aren't there 10 MILLION calls to Child Protective Services this morning?
 The number is (805) 367-0166.

 antiBush web log at http://ht4e.blogspot.com

 Damn, I missed that.
 There was a hot curling match on satellite last night.


"I never cared about money. But, I needed it. I had big legal bills to pay and other expenses
  when I left office. But I'm grateful for what I have and I think we should pay our fair share.
  We're supposed to be fighting terror. And the only people not asked to sacrifice are the
  people who benefited most from the American dream. It's not right."
     --Bill Clinton, last night's Larry King Live


 Everybody Loves A War Thug
  On the verge of Bush's brutal war for oil, the US.
  proves its arrogance, and the world is disgusted

  Click  Here

 We are going to war with another impoverished, petty country for largely fabricated,
 faux-patriotic reasons.  "Let's roll!" smirks Shrub during an appallingly vague SoTU address,
 sending in 180,000 U.S. troops and gearing up to bomb the living crap out of a country that
 is no direct threat to us whatsoever. Do we not see?

Kill them!
Kill everyone in San Francisco!
That oil's been promised to me!
It's mine, dammit, I earned it!
We're going in - ...damn fags...
I'll show 'em how a real man acts.

 If we had a little more of this   we could get one of these 

 and then we could    and it might result in a lot of these  for Usurperboy.

 And if it caught on - with the majority of Americans, the left, we might get President 

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 Help Bart get some bling.

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  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

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 Subject:  Er ... Bart ....
 Pryor wasn't in Blazing Saddles ...
 You are probably thinking of Clevon Little.


 John, true Saddle-ites know Richard Pryor wrote the "negro" jokes for Blazing Saddles.


  State of the Union Pictures contest winners - alert.
 It was pointed out to me that all three prizes are pretty equal in value, so why don't each
 of you sent me your choice and your  info at that special e-maill address and we'll get
 those prizes right out to you. You have your choice of:

 Susan's Book!          a pound of God's Chocolate      u-pick 1 from the Bart Store
  Note: The South's Finest Chocolate's page is down, and Valentine's Day is a week away
                  Call them at  (865) 522-2049  and be the big hero on February 14th.

 White House Opinion Line on Iraq War

 Smirky McWarhardon has an "opinion" line for you to call.
 Whether you oppose or approve of murdering Iraq, give them your opinion.
 9-5 EST., Monday thru Friday.



"It is not credible that there would be such a strong push for war if there were no oil in Iraq.
 Oil is power and this is in significant measure a struggle over that power." 
     -- Ralph Nader, Washington, D.C., 02/03/03

 But Ralph, this is your boy!
 You help elect this monster because you said Bush and Gore were two peas in a pod.
 But that's not true, is it, Ralph?
 Have you apologized to America for what you did, Ralph?

 Gore wanted a country without oil. That's why Bush HAD to have the White House,
 because the oil billionaires want their bloody oil niagara to continue.


 Dear Bart,

 Enclosed you will find a check.
 This is the first installment of the money I promised you in the chat room a few months ago.
 Sadly, things have gone gut-wretching awry since that day, however one's word is one's honor.

 The remaining money will come as quickly as I can muster it up.
 Keep the hammer growing,


 Randy, you don't owe me anything. Keep that maney, take care of yourself and put some
 food on your family. Down the road, if things get better, maybe throw me a few sheckles.

 Besides, there should be a 24-hour do-over period for promises made in chat rooms :)

Can we all agree to bounce Lieberman
in the first primary so he'll go away?

 Bush Lied About Space Center Visit
  It's OK for Bush to lie - he wasn't elected.

  Click  Here

 President Bush is no longer so sure he's been here before.
 A day after telling reporters that Bush had visited Johnson Space Center
 as governor, Ari Fleischer backpedaled from that assertion.

"I think right now it's somewhat murky," Ari said aboard Air Force One.
 It may not be so murky after all. Fleischer's boss, Dan Bartlett, said, "I have no
 record of him going so I'm telling you in my judgment he didn't go as governor."

 Remember in one of the debates, Gore said he went on some trip with the FEMA dudes?
 Turns out Gore took 27 trips with FEMA, but wasn't there the time he said he was.

 NBC's Tim the whore said that was proof that Gore was a serial liar.
 he got a fax direct from karl Rove and ran with Rove's script.
 Why? Because Russert is a whore for sale.
 Write a check and Timmy sees things your way.

   It's all I think about

 But when Bush gets caught lying about ever having been to the Space Center,
 (there's only one space center in Houston - how could even an idiot forget?)
 the good puppy American press doesn't even think to call him on it,
 especially not Tim the lying whore, who is paid to prop up the Illegal Fraud.
 Russert is employeed by NBC, a partisan network of whores.

 Thanks to Kip S

    Unka Dick, can I ask a question?

    ...wait, now I can't think of what it was...

   I know it had something to do with oil...


"I believe that [Bush] has taken the events of 9/11 and has manipulated the grief of the
 country and I think that's reprehensible. I don't think that the reasons we have been given
 for going to war are the honest reasons. If they are saying it's about the fact they have WMD
 and that gives us the liberty to pre-empt and strike because we think they might hit us, then
 what prevents Pakistan from attacking India, what prevents India from attacking Pakistan?
 What prevents us from going into North Korea? I believe that this war is about what most
 wars are about: hegemony, money, power and oil."
     --Dustin Hoffman, last night in London at the Empire Film Awards

 Susan McDougal's West Coast schedule

 Unchained and talking

 Borders San Francisco in Union Square, SATURDAY February 8, 4:00 PM

 Barnes & Noble in Emeryville (in the East Bay), MONDAY February, 10, 7:00 PM
 Borders Seattle on Fourth Avenue, WEDNESDAY February 12, 2003, 12:30 PM
 Elliott Bay Books in Seattle on South Main Street, WEDNESDAY February 12, 2003, 5:30 PM

 Go and meet Susan, buy her book, get her autograph,
 tell he she's a hero, and tell her "Hey" from Bart

 Blair-Powell UN Report Written by Student
   by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

 The revelation of this data could conceivably come to do significant harm to the Bush administration's
 attempt to assemble a "Coalition of the Willing" for an attack upon Iraq. Tony Blair and Britain have been,
 since the beginning, the most fundamentally important members of whatever international coalition Mr.
 Bush is able to assemble.

 This report could shake Blair's standing with his government and his people. Blair's relationship with
 his own party, and with the British citizenry, has already proven rocky on the subject of his alliance
 with the Bush administration over this conflict. If Blair's ability to stand with Mr. Bush becomes
 undermined, Mr. Bush would find himself almost completely isolated on this issue.

 Clinton lied about a blowjob and we called him "evil" and crucified him.
 Bush lies about men dying in battle and we call him "honest" and f-ing salute?


"For NASA, space is still a high priority."
   -- Too stupid to be president, during the 2000 campaign


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"The reason this concert is important is that the old energy economy that's
  cheating us as a planet is very well organized, highly centralized, rich as can be
  and very well politically connected. (The BFEE)  And the new energy future is
  decentralized, entrepreneurial and needs people like you to say, `Give me a
  clean car, give me solar shingles to put on my roof ... Give me a clean future."
     -- Bill Clinton, opening for the Rolling Stones last night in LA

  Need a job?  Need to hire?

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"Only a more savage nation can survive. Not a more compassionate nation.
  This country will not survive if we keep wallowing in this false compassion.
  We're not going to survive by being overly compassionate to our enemies.
  Most Americans will agree with me, except those in Hollywood on crack."
      -- Rush wannabe Michael Savage, getting rich on the ditto-monkey dollar

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