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Volume 999 - False Profits

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Weekend    February 15-16, 2003 


"In the end, I think we are just tired of being lied to. Tired of being talked down to,
  of being bombarded with Second World War jingoism and scare stories and false
  information and student essays dressed up as "intelligence". We are sick of being
  insulted by little men, by Tony Blair and Jack Straw and the likes of George Bush
  and his cabal of neo-conservative henchmen who have plotted for years to change
  the map of the Middle East to their advantage."
      --Robert Fisk, independent.co.uk

 Millions Stage Anti-War Protests Worldwide 

  Click  Here

 More than four million protesters took to the streets around the globe on Saturday to send
 a message to President Bush (R-Warmonger) not to attack Iraq and to give peace a chance.

 In a huge wave of demonstrations not seen since the Vietnam War, anti-war marchers in more
 than 600 towns and cities from Canberra to Cape Town and Chicago called on Bush to back off
 his hawkish stance toward Iraq.

"This war is solely about oil. George Bush has never given a damn about human rights,"
 Mayor Ken Livingstone told reporters in London, where at least half a million people
 marched in the biggest peace demonstration in British history.


"The 'collateral damage' of Bush's war drive is mounting daily - the cohesion of NATO,
  the chimera of a common EU foreign policy (and Blair's fantasy of being at the heart of
  Europe) and the post-1945 structure of international law included. All of this seems
  merely to be whipping the US political class into a still greater frenzy of bellicosity.
  How long before France is officially designated a "rogue state" and Gerhard Schröder
  becomes a card-carrying member of the 'axis of evil'?"
    --Andrew Murray , No mandate to go to war, guardian.co.uk

 Does anyone remember Afghanistan?
    by Joe Vecchio

  Click  Here

 The bush administration, budget laden with goodies for people who already
 have more than any human needs, deserves, or can morally earn, has either
 forgotten or deliberately left out millions of dollars in needed aid to help build
 Afghanistan into a functioning society. In short, they have screwed the people
 of Afghanistan just as they are screwing the people of the US, and as they're
 planning on screwing the people of Iraq, and probably Iran shortly thereafter.

Keep up the great site!
Thanks for the lifeline for us expats!

Protest in London's Hyde Park


"Judging the Bush regime purely by the data, only one conclusion is possible:
  It's an abject failure. And, in all ways that the president has sworn under his
  oath of office to perform, Bush himself is a disaster. F grades are nothing
  new for him, of course, but they are new for the American people.

 Shouldn't Bush be held back a grade, perhaps downsized to Texas governor,
  or sent back to the Air National Guard to complete the commitment he made
 but never honored there?" 
    --Alan Bisbort, Did someone say "impeachment?", hartfordadvocate.com

Subject: My daughter's best wishes

 Hi Bart
 Just wanted to let you know that my daughter is a big fan (she can't wait to read the next issues).

 We are all hoping BartCop Radio will come soon, and eagerly awaiting the bashing some of these
 nazis are going to get with the truth.  Keep hammering on them Bart, it may be a long fight but it's
 for the best cause I can think of.  The BFEE is pure evil.   Bush's own church won't support him!
 Also, remember that over fifty percent of the Iraqi people are under fifteen years old.
 What does that make the BFEE?


 Hmmm... I'd say child molesters and baby killers.

Over a half-million in London

Thanks to Angel for the picture


You almost had my money... :)

I was gonna give you some money so I did.
Then I saw Jeff's email and decided I'd give you some more.

Here ya go - some more donated in the name of Jeff the Green.

BCRadio - let's make it April instead of July.
James Cudney

James, good attitude!
I like April better than July, too :)


"Journalists are much tougher on Democratic candidates then they are on GOP
  candidates. If you don't admit that the media were much tougher on Al Gore than
  they were on George Bush then you're just not an honest person. There was no contest,
  if you look at the numbers of stories that were done and the lies that were told about
  Gore's positions and the idiotic nature of the coverage  ...these stories were blown up
  and repeated thousands of times. And in the meantime, George Bush deserted his
  National Guard post, he may or may not have been guilty of insider trading, he was
  cleared by a friend of his daddy's, and none of these stories showed up."
    --Eric Alterman, interview with Jesse Oxfeld, mediabistro.com

 My good friend Eric was being polite, leaving out Bush's abortion, his cocaine troubles,
 his mystery number of arrests, his failure to work a day in his life, his drunken rages
 at Al Hunt from the Whore Street Journal and don't forget his incredible stupidity,
 his secret child and what about that perjury he committed in Funeralgate?

Thanks to Christine

 Subject: Report on New York anti-war march
 Yes, you read that subject line right. We had a march. A helluva march.
 I went to the anti-Bush rally at St. Patrick's. 300-500 people.
 I went to the first U.N. anti-war rally (to see Mark Crispin Miller)
 Today's rally BLEW that one away.

 The police are admitting there were 500,000 people.
 The real estimates range from a million to 1,250,000.
 To put that in perspective, Martin Luther King's famous March On Washington drew 250,000.
 It was one of the most thrilling days of my life.
 You DO NOT tell a New Yorker what he/she can or cannot do.
 We "can't have a march"?
 Yo, we marched up the middle of 3rd Ave. blocking traffic from 49th to about 59th
 and then we marched down 2nd Ave. 1st Ave. was full from about 42nd to 72nd and
 there was spillover on Lex.

 It was one of the most exciting days of my life.

 WBAI (99.5FM) broadcast the speeches/performances for the million or so of us who couldn't
 get near the stage. Probably the greatest contribution-drive move in history.
 They had Daniel Ellsburg on and say they are making a documentary.
 It would be worth it for Sharpton's speech alone. He was on fire.


They came out in Austin

Thanks to Jackie


"I respect the right of Democrats to filibuster a nominee, but I differ on this particular nominee.
  I think that at a time in this country when we're under orange alert and we have advice on
  stockpiling water and buying duct tape and who in the heck knows what's going to happen in
  North Korea and Iraq, that this is not a time that we should be filibustering a nominee who
  has been called well qualified, and has received only outstanding job evaluations in every
  category of his work in the solicitor general office's. I think if we don't like him, you have
  the right to vote against him but I think we ought to go ahead and vote."
    --Sen. John Breaux, (D-Traitor), doing all he can to help Mr Rove get footage of Democrats
       voting against a Hispanic so they can play it ad nauseum thruout the 2004 campaign.

 Friday Mail

 From: The Vidiot

 I live in Brooklyn, NY and I just got home from dinner and on the way home, not a block
 from my apartment was a busload, and I shit you not, a BUSLOAD of national guardsmen
 armed with assault rifles. They didn’t look under siege or anything, but it was truly disturbing.
 Are we a third world country now?

 What has happened to the United States?  I’m going to the rally tomorrow and I’m glad
 I’m taking my large, bald, physically capable boyfriend with me.  Damn them.

 As I walked by, I asked one of them, What’s up? What’s going on?
 And he said “We’re here to assist.”

 And I said “Oh really? Posse Comitatus? Anyone?” and I looked at the lot of them

 No response.

1000 issues of BartCop! Congrats!

Thanks for all the entertaining commentary and
being an oasis of sanity in Bush's Amerika!

Shot of Chinaco to ya!


Cary, NC

Waldus, thanks for that.
Tell the new wife I said Hi, too.

Buck sent this self-portrait from LA.

Whatever doesn't get you arrested makes you stronger, eh?


"What we have in this country is socialism for the rich, and free enterprise for the poor."
      --Gore Vidal


Screw the poor!
They just don't wanna work.
They didn't vote for me, anyway
I'm rich and getting richer!
I got mine my hard work!

Wallace sent this from Canberra, Australia

 A thousand thanks

 Now I finally understand "a thousand points of light."

 Keep swinging the mighty hammer.


 Snabby, thanks for that.

 Tons of New York rally pics


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Give Rey a call in Seattle
Tell him Bart sent you
He's been a friend for decades.

New York - thanks to Sooty

 Subject: Tony Blair's Pity Party

"I ask the marchers to understand this: I do not seek unpopularity as a badge of honour,
  But sometimes it is the price of leadership and the cost of conviction."
     -- Tony Blair, Glasgow, February 15, 2003

 Wrong, Tony.
 Your unpopularity is the price you are paying to support a corrupt and illegal American
 administration and its warmongering policies. As we like to say here in the States, wake up
 and smell the coffee, brother. Drop the self-pity and self-righteousness, and find the courage
 to just say no to Bush and this war nobody wants, or needs.
 Ann from Philly

 Saskatoon - The Day Of Peace That Shook The World


  Click  Here


"I don't need the approval of powerful people to define my success.
  I proudly wear the badge of class warrior and stand up to the
  greatest class warrior of them all, George W. Bush."
     --James Carville, Crossfire, 02/13/03

I found this in my picture file, from Dan.
Thanks Dan, is there a story that goes with this?

 Bush Offers Turkey $6 Billion To Support Iraq War
 That's small change to what the BFEE will make from this war

  Click  Here

 The United States is offering Turkey an economic aid package that includes about $6 billion
 in grants and up to $20 billion in loan guarantees in a bid to secure Ankara's support for an
 invasion of Iraq, sources familiar with the offer said on Saturday.

 Sick SNL

 I felt so bad for Jennifer Garner last night.
 It was the unfunniest SNL I've seen in a looong time.

 It got so bad, I started watching the clock.
 The first laugh came about 25 minutes into the show when Jimmy Fallon
 and the always hysterical Horatio Sans did an Osama/Saddam skit.
 ...and the only thing that made it funny was Fallon kept going off-script
 so they started f-ing around, trying to make each other laugh.
 The Weekend Update, generally the high point of the show, was met with
 awkward silence followed by outright groans. A good WU is when they
 ridicule somebody or something, so when it sucks they deserve the ridiculing.

 One skit that went nowhere had Jennifer and Rachel Dratch as joined twins
 and Rachel had a baby arm growing out of her head.   It had promise, but it
 just didn't have any jokes so it fell flat like the rest of the show. Then they did
 a Michael Jackson loves to climb trees thing that had all the potential in the world
 but they just didn't write any jokes for it.

 Do you think they sat around all week and said, "This show's gonna suck?"
 Or did they think they had a winner on their hands?

 The cast is fine - they just need writers.

by JFA


 Keep pounding the unelected thief.
 You're one of the very few with the stones to bash him like he deserves.
 Believe me, you speak for many, many people in this country. I just got back
 from the NYC rally, and saw a few BartCop signs there. Great rally!

 I heard there were 500,000 - 1,000,000 in London, over 500,000 in Madrid
 and over 2 MILLION in Rome. Bush's buddies Poodle Blair, and butt-suckers
 Aznar and Berlusconi must be shivering in their boots (or at least feel something
 warm running down their legs).

 Keep the hammer going, Bart; we're going to WIN.

Marty's Sunday E! page
We expelled an Iraqi journalist
Iraq responded by closing the Faux bureau in Baghdad
Oprah gave $5 million to Morehouse College
Barbara Walters will interview Robert Blake
Will AOL Time Warner drop the 'AOL'?
Man wraps house in duct tape
PBS will have commercials
Hokkaido, Japan, has a 'Marijuana Mystery Tour'
A Drake plate turns out to be fake


'In state after state, Republican governors are being forced to raise taxes to balance budgets 
 that are deep  - caused by the Bush recession and stupid tax cuts. Well, now I have a better idea.
 Why don't they follow their own philosophy in the central tenet of modern conservatism?
 If they want to raise revenue, cut taxes.
 That's supply side economic gospel being preached by Bush
 and the whole right wing freak show. Hallelujah. I'm a convert."
   --James Carville, Crossfire, 02/14/03


 I read a lot about polls. But there are polls that I don't see in the press anymore
 that used to be common questions. So - I would ask everyone these two questions:

 Are you better off that you were 2 years ago?
 Do you think the country is heading in the right direction?

 If the answer to these two questions is No - then lets change the direction of this country.
 Regime change begins at home.
 America is too important to be in the hands of an incompetent government.
 Marc Perkel

 Help make BartCop Radio a now thing, rather than a someday thing.

 Is  bartcop.com  worth $5 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to get BartCop Radio sooner rather than later


 You HAVE to watch this video, "Surfing the Apocalypse"

  Click  Here.

 It is an absolute must-see!!

 Don't let the music at the beginning disuade you, it changes throughout the video
 and about halfway thru it is so hysterical you will be laughing out loud.
 (Bush, juxtapositioned with the banjo-playing "Deliverance" boy - it is priceless!)




“I don't think anybody doubts that the United States could vanquish the
  depleted armies of Saddam Hussein. But the reality is - here we are 58 years
  after World War II. The United States still has troops in Japan and Germany.
  Fifty years after the end of Korea, the United States still has troops there.”
    -- Mark Shields, Capital Gang 2/15/03

 We'll have men dying in Iraq long after the voters fire the never-elected Bush crook.


"Bush and Blair are now playing Osama bin Laden's game. He, more than anyone, seems
  to be looking forward to the war as a chance to replenish his ranks. He knows that every
  shot of Iraqi children being pulled lifeless from the rubble will send hundreds of recruits
  flocking to al-Qaida's banner."
    --Andrew Murray , No mandate to go to war, guardian.co.uk


The majority of the population of Iraq is under fifteen years of age.
Bush's own church is now running antiwar ads.  The BFEE has lost every shred of perceived credibility
they ever had all over the world.  It may turn into a long fight, but I can't think of a better cause.
Our lives, our quality of life, our freedoms.  This is a hostile takeover by enemy forces from within.
We have nazis in the white house. At least much of Europe is sane, and the majority of us.
The legislative branch and the judicial branch are silent.
Only the people in this country are going to be able to save it.
Sometimes I think the BFEE wants WWIII; but then who will they sell their stolen oil to?

David B

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