BartFest2002 - Party at the Rio

 Make your own hotel reservations.


 Update - we have 4 tickets left

 The Rio has agreed to rent us a nice room for three hours.

 Friday's pre-bus ride Tequilafest at the Hard Rock.
 Sadly, Mary is no longer managing the Pink Taco, but the sure-to-be-lovely Teri is in charge.
 I talked to her Wednesday and we worked this out:

 For the bus ride, we will meet at the Pink Taco between 6-6:30.
 We have a special table reserved for 12 luxury tequila taste-testers.
 How exclusive is this table?
 Mrs. Bart is not invited, nor is Christian or even Marc Perkel,
 because they don't drink shots of 100 percent pure agave tequila!

 I thought of a way we can do this and I get to stay married.
 The whole point of that table was to simplify the bookkeeping.
 But hey, I'm a sharp guy - I figured something out.
 All we gotta do is pay cash for each round - bada bing!

 Here's the plan: The Pink Taco has agreed to sell us their best tequila in 1/2 shots.
 What I think would work best is to get a shot of Chinaco Anejo as a "base."
 We can order as many half shots as we want, or whatever brans you pick from the menu.
 It's really nice.

 If you're ever going to try some fine tequila, this is the time.
 We could even buy some really expensive shots and split them four ways.
 You've always wanted to taste $35-a-shot tequila, right?
 (Herradura Selecion Suprema!)
 Well, a $35 shot split four ways is just $9 - what the hell, it's Vegas!
 Besides, it'll make you appreciate the cheap-by-comparison Chinaco Anejo even more.

 Sipping super-luxury tequila with a boatload of cool Democrats in Vegas is one of
 those memories that you'll be able to enjoy loooong after you've paid your Visa bill.

 Remember, this is Friday night, so we'll be kicking off the Party of the Year in style.

 The plan is NOT to get hammered, but we'll no doubt have a slight buzz for the bus ride.
 So if YOU are in for a taste-testing of the world's best tequila, or beer, wine, whatever,
 meet us at the Hard Rock's Pink Taco between 6 and 6:30.

 We're gonna sip the finest agave leaves on the planet.
 The bus leaves at 7:30 sharp, then we cruise The Strip on our new bus for an exciting hour,
 then they dump us back at the Hard Rock where we might continue the tequila assault or
 split up and gamble, play poker in someone's room - the options in Las Vegas are endless
 - and it's still just Friday!


 What about Saturday?

 If you get up before noon, that means you didn't do Friday as well as you should.
 Vegas doesn't come alive until dark, and they party all night. Just don't be so hungover
 that you can't enjoy yourself at The Party of the Year!

 There's a gambling option to consider:

 We need 38 people to make this work.
 The plan, if we can pull it off, is for everyone to gather at a Rio Roulette Wheel
 before the party starts, say at 6:45 Saturday. Now, if 38 of us each put $10 on a different number,
 then the Wheelmaster will give it a spin and one of us will win $350. The house keeps $30
 Since this is Vegas and there's no way to "fix" the bet, I get to play, too. :)

 The bad news? It won't work with 37 people, because I guarantee the white ball will land on
 the one bet that isn't covered. The house always wins - unless we cover every number.

 It's kind of a fun-nothing thing to do, and it guarantees that someone at the party
 will have won a decent sized pot while the rest of us will just lose $10.
 Those with gambling fever can bet more, or make side bets (even/odd etc).
 It might be a fun way to kick off the party. It will also guarantee everyone knows
 what room we're in since we can all go to the party after the group Roulette spin.

 Once the Roulette spin is over, we head upstairs and the party starts!

 So I thought to myself, "Screw it! (Actually, I said "fuck it") If this is the last BartFest,
 I want to lose money in style, so let's kick out the jams and do this first class."

 But you see, in Las Vegas, when you say, "Let's do this first class,"
 they have no trouble accommodating, but, pays for first class in Vegas!.

 ha ha

 We're going to party like P. Diddy!
 ...but with fewer drugs, probably
 ...and fewer guns, certainly
 ...and fewer cops, hopefully

 Like a girl who saves every penny for seven years for her perfect wedding,
 we're going to blow everything on this BartFest!

 We have 4 more spots to fill.

 Tickets are still just $75

 If you've been waiting for the last minute to get in - this is it!

 Just 4 days ...and counting
 (Oh, Lord, I've already lost my ass on this, so just let the party rock!)

 Isn't it exciting????

 When this is over, there will be a ninety people saying,
 "Damn, let's do this again next year."

   Rented for BartFest, but only holds 100

 September 28th -  Tickets for sale!

 Special Exclusive

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    by  George Backus

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